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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2009
I will go on record and say that this book is the best out of all the gotrek and felix books so far, something i wouldnt think i would be saying about one of nathan long's versions but it really is that good.

This book has 2 totally different tones to it. The first is showing a gritty side to life in the empire, alongside some psychological profiling of gotrek by felix. Although nothing new to any warhammer book this helps set the foundation of the story very well.

The interesting part happens later on when the dark elves appear. The dark elves are probably the major player in the warhammer world right now, with malekith's fingers in just about every evil pie on the planet. They make a good enemy here, and ou get to find out of lot of stuff about dark elf culture you never read about anywhere else. Be warned those of prudish nature, as the druchii themselves are very nasty and also sexual perverted creatures. Probably not a good book for younger readers, although the sexual references arent too strong.

Overall the writing quality is strong, with the action fast paced, and felix being in more types of impending peril than ever before. Max Schreiber also makes a welcome reappearance which helps flesh out the characters. With Malakai and Ulrika appearing in the last book, and max in this one, im willing to guess Snorri or another character will be turning up in the next one.

If you like the gotrek and felix saga so far you will not be disappointed by this.
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on 23 November 2013
Like the later Shamanslayer and Zombieslayer, this is a different Felix and Gotrek, Felix has started to cringe (about five times in the book) and feel guilt a lot. He wavers a lot, and a lot of pages are taken up with inward monologues about his feelings of guilt and doubt.. He's also not much of a fighter any more, spends a lot of time on his back being rescued.
Plot OK, anything with [Spoiler! Avert Eyes] dark elves is always good - thank you Malus Darkblade series. The ****** technology is impressive, like "Thanquols Doom" the rate of technological advance and industrialisation by ****** and ******** alike means that the Empire should have been swept away decades ago. Come back William King all is forgiven. I read new ones out of loyalty now, hoping for return to form.
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There aren't many fans of the Warhammer world that don't know of the exploits of Felix and Gotrek that's been thrilling fans since its original release in 1999 (although the tales that appear in Trollslayer were released in the 80's). If you haven't heard of the duo then Gotrek is the biggest failure as a Slayer known to the dwarves (basically because he's still breathing) who has battled everything from Trolls to Daemons, the Greenskins to Undead along with Dark Elves and Dragonkind. Here in their latest adventure (written by Nathan Long) they fight the Dark Elves who seek to retrieve one of the lost treasures of the elves and bring about the fall of the world. Wonderfully written with cracking dialogue it shows that whilst Nathan is relatively new to the characters, he has a made them his own bringing them to a new generation. As usual with Nathan's writing, its bolshy, its combat packed and above all it's a gripping ride to the last page.
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on 18 April 2012
Another enthralling tale of the warrior poet Felix Jaegar and the mighty trollslayer Gotrek Gurnisson.

I had my fears about Nathan Long series from William King before 'Orcslayer'. But over time he has established himself as quite the author and has settled well into the writing of the continuation of the series.

For me this novel brought together many elements of the Warhammer world that love and enjoy. In this novel, Gotrek and Felix are pitted against the Druchi (Dark Elves) of one of the dreaded 'Black Arks' - a city of ancient Nagrythe that had been cast adrift by in the aftermath of 'The Sundering' of Ulthuan - the High Elves ancestral homeland.

Aided by Max Schreiber and a host of new allies, Gotrek and Felix seek out a sunken elven city to find a lots artefact of war of the Sundering that drove the High Elves and Dark Elves apart millennia ago. But their path is dogged with dangers anew and of foes from their past.

For me personally this book has been a wonderful edition to the series and I highly recommend it to those that have followed the series.
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Felix Jaeger has been the companion of Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson for most of his adult life. During that time Felix has battled alongside the dwarf to defeat trolls, dragons, skaven, daemons, orcs, and so much more. Gotrek was never more happy than while in battle, hoping for the glorious death in which Felix has promised to write up and publish for all to know. The pair had traveled a great distance to battle evil, only to learn that they were too late. Since then, Gotrek seems to have done what Felix thought was not possible. Gotrek has given up. All the dwarf did now was drink horrid-flavored, weak beer and mope.

The pair travels to Marienburg to fulfill the death wish of Felix's father. Felix is to retrieve a letter from Hans Euler, a blackmailer. While doing so, the pair runs into their old companion, the wizard Max Schreiber. Max and a beautiful seeress, Claudia Pallenberger, have been sent to investigate evil portents off the north coast of the Empire. Gotrek agrees to join them even though it meant sharing a ship with a high born elf and his men. This begins the duo's most dangerous adventure to date. In the Sea of Claws they must battle dark elves, skaven, and an ancient weapon that the druchii will use to cause earthquakes, tidal waves, raise valleys and lower mountains into the sea bed, utterly destroying their elvish cousins in Ulthuan and all humans.

***** Author Nathan Long has done a terrific job since he took over the series a few books back. The only difference I have really noticed is that Felix has become way too nice. Here is a book you CAN judge by its cover. The story is as wild and adventurous as the book's cover suggests. Dark elves, sea dragons, black magic...the works! Highly recommended reading! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on 25 February 2010
When one author takes over from another writing such popular characters then criticism from many fans is inevitable. This is because change is inevitable and people are afraid of change.

The first couple of Gotrek and Felix books by Nathan Long were adequate continuations of the saga, I feel it is only with this book that Long truly relaxes into writing these novels and is able to bring much needed depth and realism to the characters and the series. As a fan of all the Gotrek and Felix novels I feel that Long has 'turned on' something in his writing that perhaps he had held back from in his previous Gotrek and Felix publications, perhaps this represents his personal evolution as a writer but I think it more likely that the writing talent was there already and it was simply a matter of building momentum with the series. That and not wanting to shake things up too much out of respect to the fans and the original author.

Without giving anything away for those who haven't read it, Elfslayer sees our heroes embroiled in an adventure the scale of which rivals previous efforts, there is no shortage of action here! The ending is second to none in the entire series and the humour used throughout really adds to the depth of story telling.

If you are not already a fan of the series but like fantasy novels with a heavy emphasis on action I think you will enjoy this book but I would recommend getting one of the omnibus books as they are effectively three books for the price of one and you could start at the beginning of the series. For fans of Gotrek and Felix, I think this novel marks a turning point as the first of the Nathan Long novels to really leave a lasting impression on me. I had planned to save Shamenslayer for a few weeks but was so impressed with Elfslayer that I read them back to back and it seems to me that Long continues to produce the magic.

Nathan Long, if you are reading this (sorry about the adequate comment earlier) please keep writing the Gotrek Felix novels, your prose is excellent and improving plus I love what you are doing with the character development, I think you have got the formula spot on. Thank you.
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on 4 October 2008
I finally received Elfslayer yesterday and finished it today, and I can only say that this is one of the best of G&F I have read so far! Extremely atmospheric, dark and gritty, and the Dark Elves were definitely one of the most interesting foes to date.

All of the characters in this book was lively and wellwritten. I particularly enjoyed Aethenir cos of the character's dimensions - he was a pain in the arse and yet he was, in different situations, a very welcomed character - just the fact that he's not the typical kind of elf. Actually he's just the picture Gotrek would spell out for an elf - Superb character!
I also really enjoyed the awkward relationship between Felix and Claudia - the different situations throughout did many times indeed put a smile on my face. Especially cos of Felix's ambivalent aproach to her and her guardian - his former friend/rival Max Schreiber.

overall this book made me read the whole afternoon yesterday and this morning nonstop without eating anything except some noodles and butter cookies - what a thrill!
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on 30 April 2010
One of the best Gotrek and Felix books out there!

Sadistic slavery, backstabery, gore & some of the best escape or die scenes ive ever read! + SKAVEN RETURN could you ask for anymore? no you couldnt!
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on 29 July 2013
I love Gortrek and Felix - just for the fun of them. This tale took a while to get going, mainly, I think, because Gotrek was so out of sorts at the beginning.
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on 12 January 2013
This is my favourite fantasy book! I don't want to give too much away so I shall simply advise you to give it a shot.
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