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on 25 March 2017
I refuse to pay such an over inflated price for a download book. Pure greed. I have been and still am a fan of Dan Abnett but this is far too much.
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on 18 June 2010
I was hooked on the Ghosts books from the founding and the series has never failed to deliver.

I find a lot of books predictable in that you know who will die and who won't but with the Gaunt series no-one is safe. I always liked how you never know whats going to happen in these especially with the deaths of some of the more high profile members of the first and only like "try again" Bragg and Colm Corbec.

This one ties up a few loose ends for me about what happened to certain characters especially Agun Soric after he was taken to the black ships. It was nice to find out what happened.

The story itself was gripping and about half way through you didn't know if any of them would make it out alive. Gaunt himself seems to be blessed with the luck of the devil having survived what could have been his final book. I wonder how he'd cope without Ezrah now.

The only thing missing for me from the Ghosts books is a final conclusion from Armour of Contempt. I really want to know whats happening with Mkvenner.

But on topic this book delivers an awesome atmosphere and a feeling of despair and isolation for the ghosts. One stand out point for me was the taost Larkin and Rawne shared. 2 characters who hardly communicate, as 2 of the few remaining Tanith born, have a drink together in what they believe could be their final days.

To any fan of the ghosts i'd deffinately read this and if you havent read any of this series i'd advise picking them up.
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The men and women of the Tanith First-and-Only, a.k.a. Gaunt's Ghosts, knew that this would not be an easy task, but when are they ever easy? Trouble is what they do. Now they are on Jago, a fortress world built along the trailwards salient of the Cabal System. As others are thrown into areas where the fighting is already intense, Gaunt's Ghosts' objective is Hinzerhaus, a labyrinth house full of hidden passages, surprises, and possibly something supernatural. Though no one has set foot in Hinzerhaus for decades, if not a couple of centuries, the lights are still on. Dim, but on, the lights pulse as if in rhythm to its own heart beat. The Ghosts are to find, secure, and hold it. They are to deny any attempt by the enemy to enter or pass through the area.

Each member of the team begins hearing odd sounds. Echoes from people that do not exist. Ghostly footsteps seem to come up from behind them, pass, and then continue on down corridors. Teammates, long dead, show up to offer tactical advice, give a heads up on incoming fire, or leave small gifts. To make matters worse, the enemy seem to know all the hidden passages and use the information to set up ambushes. Lack of water is a major problem. Snipers keep attention to the areas and nowhere seems safe choppers to land and deliver the much needed water or ammo.

Commander Ibram Gaunt does his best to keep his people alive as the situation continually worsens. Dalin Criid, the first son of the Ghosts, has Hinzerhaus as his first mission. He has to do more than prove himself. It just may be up to Dalin to save them all.

***** This is probably my favorite of the Gaunt's Ghost series. Not only is this story well planned and executed, but the strange happenings seemed to have no credible explanations. There were scenes that sent cold chills down my spine. The story starts out unnerving and keeps getting worse until the very end. For perfect effects, read during a storm at night. Military warfare meets paranormal in this Ghosts installment. Absolutely wonderful! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on 8 October 2010
Best so far? Hardly! Bit of a disappointment for me. Although the setting is quite good, and different to previous books, I just could not get on with the spooky stuff at all. Lots of things just didnt seem to add up for me. Bit of a let down from the previous books such as Traitor General and the Armour of Contempt. Still difficult to put down though!
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on 15 July 2013
This is the last book in the Lost arc of the Gaunt's Ghosts series. It is still a strong piece of writing, but it lacked the same flair that earlier titles had. Worth reading if you like Dan Abnett, 40k or this series, but otherwise give it a miss.
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on 10 April 2009
Typical Gaunt's Ghosts fare which I usually enjoy but I think this does not have the drive and involvement of his other books and Gaunt only appears in half the book. Not sure why he bid that. Still good but not the page turner I had expected.
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on 3 July 2009
Another great story from the master. With the surprise re-appearance of some old friends, a really good read.
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on 3 March 2016
Great item, exactly as described. Good delivery
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on 31 March 2016
Great book, past affects haunt the ghosts.
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To be honest after some of Dan's last few offerings I was starting to wonder if he'd had his day and was just jumping on an established bandwagon allowing his name to sell the product rather than it being seriously talent driven.

Certain Gaunts Ghost's books have sadly let perhaps the most famous Imperial Guard down amongst the readers so it was time Dan did something that helped pick the unit up and reunite reader faith with the series. With this title he did getting back to classic Abnett action blending the human struggle and emotional aspect of the First and Only's characters with the epic war that they're continuing to fight for the Emperor.

Great read and a chance to remember some of the fallen as this tale really does give the readers an epic adventure that doesn't stop until the last page not only reaffirming my continued faith in this author but will definitely be a tale that will vie with readers to become their favourite book of the series.
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