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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 February 2007
This book will change your life. By carefully and lovingly taking you through a 28 day programme, which involves daily tasks, all of which are very enjoyable. There are three different daily levels, each one taking a little longer, and you can choose which fits into your lifestyle. Level one need only take 15 mins, Level two may take an hour, Level three takes as long as it takes. The purpose of the programme is to De-clutter your life, your body and your soul, in order to be able to access your inner knowledge. It really does work! It is great fun and definitely becomes a major turning point in someway for all who take part in the programme. There are also a set of cards, which I highly recommend to use alongside the programme. If you feel you would like further support there are professionally trained Soul Coaches across the World, accessible from Denise Linn's websit.
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on 23 April 2010
Highly recommend, but i would suggest doing it over a 28 weeks instead of 28 days unless you have plenty of time on your hands.
I did over 28 days and still feel the benefits, the only problem is you don't get as much time to really do all the clearing out that you may want to do.
Enjoy though it is well worth doing.
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on 5 July 2012
I have always loved Denise Linn's book "Sacred Space", and found her autobiography "How my death saved my life" both entertaining and inspiring, so as I was feeling very confused and in a bit of a crisis after many years of severe ill health and financial difficulties, I decided to try this book.

I completed the 28 days yesterday and have found it both more demanding than I anticipated (she really does leave no stone unturned!) and more enjoyable. It has given me insights and a feeling of things shifting within me about emotional patterns I had been aware of and struggling with for years, and also - as she promises will happen - various synchronicities have occurred in my life. These include some major financial help coming completely unexpectedly and in a really nice way on the first day of the programme just after I had set my need for such a new source of income as a major objective!

She stresses that you can invest as much time and energy as you want in the programme and to do it in a fun way: some days I didn't complete even the basic level excercise, and others I kind of picked and mixed from the three levels. I had committed at the beginning to doing something every day, even if only one minute, so whatever I did felt fine, and the fact every day was so different made it easy to keep on with it.

Altogether I would recommend this programme to anyone who wants clarity and change in their life. I also feel I will keep the book to dip into and maybe repeat certain days' excercises as I feel led, using it a bit like a divination tool.

Thank you so much Denise. It has made a real difference to my life!
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on 29 September 2013
Since five years I have been working with the Soul Coaching program, so beneficial it is for me. Each week is dedicated to one of the Four Elements, the ancient cosmological wisdom they withhold in our bodies and world. This was an absolute revelation to me. It made me aware of the air I breathe, the fluids in my body, transformation and dynamic fire-energies, and the final grounding and strengthening of the physical self with Earth. Clearing mental and emotional debris, detecting and healing inner shadows in my spiritual self...What beauty...
Being guided to de-clutter my home, relationships, even thought patterns - was new to me and has made me understand that I can create new space for positive shifts which have been waiting to come in. Completely new was the NON-JUDGMENTAL approach to myself - after decades of self-criticism and never feeling good enough.
Each of the 28 days includes a short, personal letter from Denise, an affirmation (they really work!!), a daily focus, and three levels of exercises for the day. These enable everyone to work accordingly to their own inclination and available time. Even if you dedicate 10-15 minutes/day you will get results. Signs and synchronicities have often shown me that even if I don't have time for a few days the program works's magical somehow...
The diverse tasks - about a hundred at your choice - include lists for self-assessment and questions for journaling, days dedicated to Gratitude, Going slow, our true values, `energy juicers and -suckers' - to name just a few. Amongst my favourites are creating a vision board collage and the JOY Journal.
The book is your inner dialogue between whom you perceive to be me, and your truth, soul, and purpose in this life.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels committed to looking deeper into their soul-being and finding joy, truth, wisdom and beauty of who we really are.
For more info on Soul Coaching®;
All my Gratitude to Denise Linn and hayhouse publishing house!
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on 27 February 2009
Done the programme. You can spend as much or as little as you want. Fabulous. Easy. Enjoyable. Rediscover your self.
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on 2 December 2010
An amazing day to day book on examining how to improve your life. There's quizzes, emotional and practical healing. There's also ideas on what gives you energy - going for a walk, working in the garden, drinking hot tea while watching the sunrise. Not a preachy happy-clappy self-help book but a practical guide that works.
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on 7 August 2009
I have only just begun to read this book but so far there are some useful tips on soul clearing /healing. A very important one to start is that of clearing out the junk in your everyday life, which I have done and
this is a very powerful start to the journey inwards, amazingly refreshing. I am looking forward to completing the tasks. I can be assured that this book by Denise Linn will prove very useful and a good choice in my journey to a more nourished soul.
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on 4 June 2016
I worked through this over the recommended 28 days. I followed it to the letter, even when some things were very uncomfortable. I skipped a few tasks but went back to them, committed to complete the program as designed. I had some great insights and breakthroughs. I highly recommend this book. It's really easy to work through and even has 3 levels for each day depending on how much time and/or energy you can commit.
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on 20 January 2012
If you want a bit of direction in your life but don't want to spend lots of money on professionals get this book. It cheap as chips & worth every penny
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on 13 February 2015
Truly amazing this book! I generally think more people should read this book or books like this. I have just finished it and I'm so grateful I read it. For changes to happen within yourself and your life read this book and follow through on the activities - it can only benefit you! People who don't enjoy this book generally have not followed through, trust me its worth it!
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