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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 24 June 2017
The problem with big named chef books is that seldom do they offer much that even a middling cook can do. I think there's a few recipes in here that I might manage, albeit with some ingredient miss outs or simplifications. the problem is maybe he's a master and wants to show it, but maybe that's not much help to us
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on 26 June 2017
Love this book. Made many recipies within the first two weeks of having it and may I just say how lovley the food is. The recipies are well later out, with the mother very precise. A joy to cook with
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on 15 December 2009
GR returns with a selection of his favourite recipes from 'world cuisine' with a personal 'tweak', to help simplify and encourage the cooking of them in our own kitchens.

And with the 'sample recipe selection', provided by Amazon (please see above) it is easy to peruse a selection of the actual recipes and the general format to get an idea of the degree of difficulty and whether this is one's 'type of cookery book'.

In this latest GR offering we find recipes for the more well-known dishes such as 'Moussaka', 'Lemon Soufflé', and 'Seafood Risotto', mingling with less familiar and intriguing titles such as 'Spanakopita' and 'Cinnamon Kulfi'.

And, from the opening note for that aforementioned 'Lemon Soufflé':-

'It is really not that tricky to make a soufflé and I'm determined to prove it!
Those of you who shy away from them, please give this recipe a go. The secret lies.......'

One cannot help but admire the genuine enthusiasm GR wants to transfer to the reader, with a good level of success, if my experience is anything to go by!

GR decorates the dust-jacket of this publication, as usual......but if you'd rather he didn't......a bright red hardboard cover opens to 256 pages, split into main chapters:-

1. French
2. Italian
3. Greek
4. Spanish
5. British
6. Middle Eastern
7. Chinese
8. Thai
9. Indian
10. American

sandwiched between an introduction and a comprehensive index.

Each chapter opens with a double title page showing a simple, relevant ingredient on the left and a relevant paragraph on the right, then follow the recipes. The relevant 'cuisine' is also clearly shown in capital letters at the bottom of the pages.

Each recipe is clearly laid out with the title, an opening note, the number of servings, the list of ingredients and the method, finishing with serving ideas, if applicable.

Typical GR chatter throughout, e.g. from the opening recipe:-

'Brandade on Garlic Toasts
This is my take on the classic brandade. Instead of salted cod, which calls for lengthy soaking, I gently poach fresh cod in olive oil to achieve a tender and succulent result.
For a delicious starter, serve the brandade and garlic toasts with a lightly dressed mixed salad and chilled crisp, dry white wine.'

And....for starters....that will do me nicely, thank you!

A small taste of the other recipes contained within the covers:-

* Navarin of Lamb with Spring Vegetables
* Chocolate Crêpes with Chantilly Cream
* Griddled Courgettes with Prosciutto
* Spinach and Feta Filo Rolls
* Falafel with Tahini Sauce
* Tabbouleh
* Pappardelle with Rabbit Ragù
* Marsala Roasted Figs with Zabaglione
* Red Braised Pork Belly
* White Bean and Vegetable Soup (an even simpler version of this recipe is shown in the video clip!)
* Taramasalata with Home-Made Pitta
* Tortilla (Madrid-style)
* Paella with Chicken and Chorizo
* Cod with Romesco Sauce (featured in the sample recipe selection)
* Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
* Fish Pie with Leeks and Prawns
* Pad Thai with Prawns
* Spicy Stir Fried Vegetables
* Onion Bhajis with Spicy Green Sauce
* Chicken Madras
* Chicken Pot Pie
* Barbecued Short Ribs with Coleslaw

With a brighter, maybe even fresher finish than of late, this book generally has a less 'rushed-to-publication' look about it -almost more 'up-market', if one is able to say that about the product of a several Michelin-star chef!
It is more than generously interspersed with super photographic work - one of all the finished dishes - and the usual smattering of GR himself, but in less 'ad hoc' situations with this book portraying a more culinary-based, albeit casual picture, such as GR showing sometimes harder to grasp techniques, e.g.:-

* Preparing and Pan-frying Scallops
* Shaping Ravioli
* Shaping Dolmades

It also has Gordon's popular 2-page '5 ways with' ('quick-glance' recipes), e.g.:-

* 5 ways with Steak
* 5 ways with Chinese Greens

My overall favourite recipe, to date, is - (the simplified but just as aromatic) 'Lamb Biryani', from pages 218/219

followed by

'Amaretto and Chocolate Torte', from pages 56/57, very accurately described as an 'irresistible chocolate torte'!
It can be made in advance and popped in the fridge to emerge at a later stage, with that 'one I made earlier' air!

And....with Christmas just around the corner (at the time of writing), I am really looking forward to using my inevitable leftovers and trying 'Celery and Stilton Soup with Stilton Toasts'!

Overall, an ambitious sounding book which aims to 'up the ante' in the home cooking and entertaining front:-

'....I hope that the recipes will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new every week.....'

(From the introduction:-
'Any ingredient that is not found at a major grocery chain may require a trip to an Oriental, Middle Eastern or Asian food store, but think of these sorties less as an inconvenience but more of a route to discovery......')
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on 12 June 2010
I was moaning that I was fed up of cooking the same things week in and week out. Every time I suggested something different, at least one of the 4 children would moan. My eldest daughter came up with the idea that we should pick 2 countries each, write them down, place them in a hat and draw out one each week. Saturday night is now 'Country' night, and the person whose country was drawn out has to come up with an idea for a meal from that country. World Kitchen has provided inspiration, the recipes are easy to follow, and I am getting a new enthusiasm for cooking as I am creating from scratch, not just opening a jar or a packet. Tonight is seafood paella, which I am really looking forward to, even though when I was looking for a head of fennel, I had no idea what I needed!
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on 9 January 2010
After watching GR latest series of the F word and liked most of the dishes I purchased the book. Although not all the recipes are in the book, I think there is a good varied selection from each country featured, and as with all his books they are easy to follow and the outcome is always good. I can't wait to try all the dishes from the book, but the dishes I have tried have been amazing.
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on 11 January 2010
There is an exciting range of recipes to be cooked every day - From Chicken Hot Pot and Gammon with Pease Pudding and parsley sauce as well as Family Occasions and Informal & Formal Dinner Parties - Stuffed red mullet with roasted new potatoes, Paella with Chicken and Chorizo, Fish Pie with Leeks and Prawns, Chicken Madras

The desserts make your mouth water - Boston Cream Pie, Deep-Dish Cherry Pie, Mississippi Mud Pie, Crème Catalane, Amaretto and Chocolate Torte, Lemon Soufflé and Mango, Lime and Coconut Rice Pudding.

In this book there are selections of his favourite recipes from around the world, clearly laid out recipes, from ten different cuisines

FRENCH - Guinea Fowl braised in cider with caramelised apples
ITALIAN - Sea Food risotto
GREEK - Moussaka
SPANISH - Cod with Romesco Sauce
BRITISH - Rack of Welsh Lamb with samphire
MIDDLE EASTERN - Spinach and feta filo rolls
CHINESE - Five Spice Roast Duck with Plum Sauce
THAI - Chicken in spicy coconut broth
INDIAN - Lamb Biryani
AMERICAN - Maryland Crab cakes

An ideal gift this has to be my favourite Gordon Ramsay Book. An excellent collection of world recipes and beautiful photos to inspire.

Can't wait for the next book!
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on 24 January 2010
I thought that the book was going to be filled with ingredients that you have to search for but iwas suprised that most of the ingredients you can get in your local supermarket. The recipies are easy to follow, and the results are nearly as good as gordon's, lol.
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on 1 November 2009
Say what you will about Gordon Ramsay, he has done a bang up job with this book. Not least because of the photography (I'm a big fan of Christopher Terry's photography), but because the recipes, albeit they are recipes for very typical fare from 8 countries/regions around the world, are good and done obviously with attention to detail. Yes, I do think that braising ribs before grilling them is CHEATING, but I don't have another option at my house, so I'll settle for his way of doing it.

This is a book for anyone who wishes to have a good collection of recipes from around the world in one cookbook (all the dishes you'd crave if you've only experienced the cuisines in a restaurant) with beautiful photography.
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on 13 November 2009
I consider Gordon Ramsay the top celebrity chef in the country and all of his books provide top quality recipes coupled with clear and easy to follow instructions.

What I particularly like about his dishes are that they never contain even one unnecessary ingredient and those that are there complement each other perfectly.

This latest book is packed with a delicious range of recipes from all around the world and is a bargain at Amazon's discounted price.
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on 5 November 2013
We have literally gone around the World with Gordon Ramsey and enjoyed every minute! I have tried so many of the recipes - a different country theme each weekend - and haven't been disappointed with any. Favourites have been the Thai and Spanish sections. My first Gordon Ramsey cookbook and I will be buying more.
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