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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 19 April 2010
I was hoping for the best from the best - a comprehensive collection of savoury and sweet sauces. I was certainly not disappointed.
The recipies are clear and straightforward - even the more sophisticated sauces don't feel daunting and all are accompanied with variations and serving suggestions which I found most helpful.
The book has a clean, modern layout with step by step and colourful illustrations which even as a competent cook I find inspirational.
This is a must have present for my gourmet friends as well as any novice cook.
I'm sorry it took me so long to buy such a gem.
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on 13 July 2010
Sauces, an essential part of the culinary process in my view, have always puzzled me! I end up doing the same old thing - so why not refer to the master in such matters. Michel Roux has produced the answer to my prayers in his book of sauces, a recent, updated publication. The sheer variety enables one to put the correct sauce with anything - savoury and sweet, with an invaluable section on matching sauces to food. From basics like stocks to thermidor sauce via all the classics; chutneys and salsa's are also included.
A user-friendly book - I particularly like its size. I wish I'd had it years ago when it was first published.
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on 31 December 2009
This book is a fantastic reference guide to have on your shelves. I love the reference table showing which sauces to try with different meats. For the keen cook.
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on 29 March 2015
This is a lovely book and works as well in the kitchen as it does just for a bit of interesting reading (if you're into this kind of thing of course). Michel Roux Snr creates wonderful books full of his decades of experience as one of the world's top chefs. I would say there is little hand holding here - we are not in Delia or Nigella territory. Michel is very much a chef and perhaps doesn't always make allowances for those of us who haven't been using traditional French cookery techinques every day since we were 12. And be warned - veal stock. Many, perhaps half of these sauces are based on the stuff and of course Michel provides an easy to follow recipe for producing it, but first you have to source your veal bones and also somehow lay hands on a calf's foot. I'm shopping at my local Tesco, Michel, where even ready made veal stock is an unlikely find, and my best chance of getting a calf's foot is to break into the nearest farm and saw one off. So you have to adapt these recipes a bit and not worry too much about what kind of faces Michel would make at you. For sauces to serve with chicken, for example, I've replaced veal with chicken stock (sacré bleu!) and been very pleased with the results. I also don't often pay that much attention to Michel's common instruction to serve these sauces 'at once!'. Often, if ordinary people are attempting a fancy sauce, it's for a special dinner, and in the absence of a handy sous chef in the kitchen we've got one too many pots on the go to worry too much about our coulis hanging around for ten minutes or so before serving. I've even (whisper it very quietly) frozen some left over sauces from this book and used them a week later without causing myself or my loved ones any great injury. So as long as you don't set yourself up to match Michel's michelin star standards every time, this is a fantastic book for the dedicated and adventurous home cook. I just love the 'matching sauces to food' index at the back - a brilliant idea that makes the book so wonderfully useable. Roux senior's books are always a real treat. To date, not one of his books that I have bought has ended up at the charity shop - something I can not say of his nephew - but that's another story.....
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on 20 December 2012
this book is brilliant traditional cooking at his best. The thing that spoilt it ever so slightly was him changing it to adapt to the new healthy modern dietary advice low fat etc and i wonder what his original book was like (better I imagine but I havnt read it yet). However he does provide full fat alternatives for those who don't believe animal fat was put on this earth to give us heart attacks. I personally leave the fat in for the sauces where he suggests to discard it use as much butter cream etc as I like. Has Monsieur Roux not heard of the french paradox (french people eat lots of animal fat and have low heart disease)? In conclusion great book and thanks for the tips Michel but go back to the way you used to cook and your ancestors cooked, u and your readers will be healthier for it. I would also suggest not using peanut oil/groundnut oil as it is prone to rancidity but I would suggest replacing the peanut oil in the recipes with an appropriate animal fat which will be much more stable I havnt read the original book but i would hazzard a guess that this is what he did.
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on 17 March 2010
There is a sauce for every dish in here. It is a fairly serious read - not a microwave in 5 minutes in sight, but if you want to know how to make sauces properly then this is a great book. It will take me years to get through them. There are some ideas I would never have thought of but will be trying soon.
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on 23 July 2014
This should never have been issued in a Kindle edition. It is probably wonderful as a full-colour coffee table book but loses everything when viewed on the Kindle. It can only be read in tiny print since when the font size is increased the text does not fit the page and the page does not re-size to fit the Kindle. the large number of black and white illustrations end up as greyish blobs and don't make you want to try the recipes. It probably contains lots of wonderful sauces but I am unlikely to bother reading the Kindle with a magnifying glass to find out!
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on 22 December 2011
This is one of the best and the most comprehensive cookery books for a cook with some experience. Full of mouthwatering suggestions for sauces and accompaniments, both savoury and sweet. A great pity this wonderful manual, nicely illustrated, seems to be available only second-hand, it deserves a reprint.
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on 8 July 2015
I love Michelle's books but this Kindle edition is very dissapointing. No way it can be read, is a constant manipulation of trying to increase and decrease the letters and moving left and right to be able to read a line. I want my money back.
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on 28 May 2013
this book is bigger and thicker than id expected. the index is good, it has recommendation bubbles on each sauce like 'goes well with beef' for example and anything it refers to in the recipe that is also in the book it give you the page for the thing it referring to so its very clear and easy to follow. the step by step pictures are big as well which helps of coarse. it also has a bit at the front telling the equipment needed and explaining the effects and reasons for things such as whisking, blending, thickening, reducing and enriching sauces. stocks and marinades are also covered.
the reason i didnt give it 5 is because some of the sauces need specific ingredients that arent just lying around the average kitchen but his isnt a huge problem for some people i suppose if you are serious about cooking and like to stock up and add new stuff to the larder. some of the recipes are beyond me but from what ive seen so far there are plenty of well achievable little sauces in there as well that im looking forward to tasting.
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