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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 7 May 2007
Taking its inspiration from Channel 4's popular F Word series, Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food: Recipes from 'The F Word' has over 100 delicious recipes that are quick and easy to prepare using top quality ingredients.

Gordon launched his Sunday Lunch campaign last year as a 'lack of time', was the excuse most people gave for not cooking opting for seemingly quick alternatives such as ready meals and take-aways.
He argues that it is time to re-define the concept of fast food and prove that anyone can prepare speedy meals in less time than it takes to get a pizza delivered.
Many of the dishes can be prepared and cooked in 15 minutes (none take longer than half an hour) and 'the menus' take 30-45 minutes from start to end.

255 high quality matt pages split over chapters:

1. Light & healthy
2. A taste of Morocco
3. Country cooking
4. Viva Italia!
5. Fast fish and chips
6. Outdoor eating
7. Mexican flavours
8. Easy for a crowd
9. Tapas spread
10. Cheap & cheerful
11. Summer special
12. Indian spice
13. Thai feast
14. Speedy Sunday lunch
15. Fast drinks party

plus an introduction, 'Store-cupboard Essentials', a 'Basics' section and a concise index.
At the front of the book is the added bonus of a quick reference 'Recipe List'.

Each recipe is clearly laid out with a title and number of servings, a list of ingredients and the method.
The majority have a photograph(s) and often a helpful note, e.g.:

A small taste of the recipes within:

* Leek, Potato and Smoked Haddock Soup
* Grilled Aubergine with Tahini Dressing
* Spiced Pan-Roasted Apples and Pears
* Easy Tiramisu
* Roasted Vegetable Panini
* Baked Egg Florentine
* Peppered Lamb Steaks
* Fresh Lemonade
* Beef Fajitas with Soured Cream and Guacamole
* Penne, Runner Beans & Goat's Cheese
* Mussels in an Aromatic & Coconut Broth
* Easy Lobster Thermidor
* Easy Vegetable Curry
* Sticky Lemon Chicken
* Caramelised Banana Split
* Venison with Sweet & Sour Peppers
* Prawn Pilau
* Yam Pak Salad
* Pain Perdu with Raspberries & Ricotta
* Mango Fool
* Chocolate Fondant
* Blueberry & Pomegranate Fizz

Double-page spreads provide 'tips', such as 'Fast Ways to Cook Meat, 'Quick Flavour Hits' or 'My Favourite Time-saving Tools', and throughout the book are handy observations or notes such as mixing 1 tsp curry powder to 2 tsp sea salt to add an extra kick to fish, shellfish, chicken & pork.
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on 17 May 2007
I bought this book after being impressed with the new series on channel 4 at the moment - and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of recipes in this book. Nice colour pictures, detailed recipes but not too detailed enabling your own enterpretation of the recipe. The 3 Recipes I have tried so far have been well recieved by my family, and they are a perfect, healthy and natural alternative for what passes for "fast" food - and don't take long to cook. I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone that is even considering it!
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on 7 May 2007
I can't believe that a BRAND NEW book, published only last week, is on such a GOOD price here and in the bookshops in town.

There is nothing I can add to Amazon Reviewer's superb review - just buy the book - NOW - you will not regret it.

My only criticisnm is that the introduction is a bit hard to read being white on a mid-shade of blue but maybe that is just my age, or my eyes!
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on 16 June 2007
This is a great book from Ramsay but I have to criticise some of these other reviews on here - there is NO swearing in the book!

Whether one likes this side of Ramsay, or not, the book is the book and the TV series is just that - I don't thik the contents of latter should be aired in a book review!

A lavishly produced book which is easy to read, persuse and cook from......FAST!
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on 15 June 2007
This is a great book to have in your kitchen - excllent variety of recipes, stylish presentation and one very polished cookbook. Love The F-word - love this book. Well done Gordon
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This is a great book with loads of recipes as featured in 'The F Word'. They are all easy to make and can be prepared and cooked in under 30 minutes, and the selected menu ideas can be put together in about 45 minutes. The recipes are easy to follow and are very clear, i've tried other book and got lost at times, but you get none of that with this book. The photography is great and really shows the food well. You occasionally get pictures of the food in it's pre and post cooked state so that you can see how it should look before and after and acts as a great guide. I've used this book (as well as Jamie Oliver's latest) to help me try some new recipes and to add some new ideas to my usual selection of meals I make on a routine basis. This is perfect for that goal, as each recipe is perfectly timed to get it prepared and cooked when i've got in from a busy day at work. The food tastes great as well, what more can you ask for? Well worth a try to expand your cooking skills and recipe knowledge.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 12 January 2010
This is a great book and fantastic ideas.....

However my disappointment really relates to the fact that it is the same as the earlier "Fast Food - F Word" book, even though the ISBN number, Publication date & publishers are different. I thought I was buying a newer version of the previous one instead I get an identical one just with a different cover.

Beware if you already have previous "Fast Food - F Word" this isnt a newer version just the same with different cover
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on 7 May 2016
I have read mixed reviews on this book but I always believe it's down to personal opinion so I decided to give it a go. Im more of a baker and enjoy baking cakes and sweet treats but the family cant live of them so i try normal food every now and then. The book itself is visually appealing with its sleek cover and overall quality. Ive always been a fan of gordon ramsay and had high hopes for this particular cook book.

The main problem i found with this book is that it had a poor layout with muddled recipes, it flicks between quick recipes and then desserts with no particular order. I compare these recipes to more fine dining then everyday meals or takeaways. This also features a lot of fish and to be honest I'm not a fish fan but for people who do then great! i consider myself to be a basic cook although i will give anything a go from cook books but i found this complicated. There are certain ingredients such as smoked trout and quails eggs that i wouldnt normally eat or keep in. I think some people would find this amazing and totally get it but it wasn't for me I'm afraid. I think I will just stick to watching him on t.v instead
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on 15 July 2007
Do you know any interior designers? You look at their interior wall and go, "Golly Gosh! How did you think of *that* colour!?"

It's not that it was complicated. Just that they have the technical skill to know exactly what shade of what will look stunning where.

The rest of us tend to rely on inspiration, experience (or bad experiences) and advice from friends and 'how-to' books. But someone who has spent 3yrs getting a degree in interior design can rarely explain their decisions to plebs like us. The best we can hope for is that they will tell us how to make our particular living room look wonderful.

Maybe the trouble with many cookery books is that they look very nice but appeal to good intentions rather than practicality.

There's exceptions of course. Absolute classics. But many never get used to the full.

Delia writes like she's giving you a correspondence course. Nigella appeals especially to women who identify with her social skills. Or men influenced by her bosom. Some of Ramsay's books over-use technical terms or highly skilled techniques. These are one step above useless to most lay-people. And then there's recipe books that are written by people who haven't got a clue beyond their own kitchen. Or ones trading on a celebrity name. Or that recommend ingredients you can import from Khazakstan. Or just sound nice. Or sound inspired. Substance sans communication: or photoshop-enhanced photos.

But I'd like to recommend this one to experienced foodies and also to people who struggle to impress the odd guest with simple home cooking.

'God Gordon' has finally decided to write for his readers instead of the cooking intelligensia. He has written a book that can be easily followed. One that will give you a result before the end of even a limited attention span.

I picked it up and immediately decided I would do his excellent baked nectarines. Each time I opened it there was an idea I could use. Or one that I could improve on an existing intention with.

There are so few cook books that do what they say on the cover. At least with any degree of expertise and honesty. This is one of them. Fast food that is awesome. Simply awesome.

No previous experience needed.

Fast Food, by Gordon Ramsey.
(May even keep you away from the M&S ready-meals aisle.)
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on 4 May 2008
I bought this book and received the Silverspoon as a gift.
I ended up making more from this one and sold the Silverspoon.
It's a great book. I tried many recipes and they are really tasty, easy to make (no exotic ingredients difficult to find as in others book) and overall quick. Believe me, I am italian and food must be tasty for me.

I went from starters to pudding and all was up to expectations. I recommend this book to anyone and will buy more from Gordon. He's is the n.1 in UK.

Buon appettito!
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