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on 28 November 2014
Lovely illustrations have been put to this classic real life story set at Christmas time in the awesome trenches of World War 1. Amid the sound of gunfire, suddenly there's a silence and carols start to be sung by the opposing enemies -- the same tune, but one with English words, the other in German. Miraculously a soldier from the German side emerges putting his arms in the air as if to surrender. An English soldier does the same to the cries of 'Don't do it, its a trick!', but both meet, hands are shaken, and then a hug. Then as a real gesture of goodwill and friendship, 'luxury' goods like chocolate and cigarettes are exchanged ... suddenly, war has ceased and they all play a friendly game of football in muddy no man's land, and yet the very next day, it was back to bullets, bayonets and yet more bloodshed. Miraculous that Christmas Day may seem, but such is war. It all seems so pointless, and its 'a game' that nobody ever seems to win after literally millions have been massacred. However, my 10 year old grandson has been to see the story enacted on stage as part of the school curriculum. He loved it, and hence this purchase, which proves that a good read is better than a computer screen any day, but doubtless he'll want the DVD as well!
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on 5 July 2017
As described.
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on 19 March 2002
War Game is about four boys who went to join up for the First World War.Their names are Billy, Freddie,Lacey and Will.
One day they went to sign up for the World War to Honour their Country. They were disappointed when the went to training camp because they did not get training clothes they had to do it in what the were wearing. When they moved from England to France they walked through the town and got lots and lots of cheers! They were very proud! As they went through a town in France (in a windowless bus with little holes you could peep through) That was already blown to bits, Freddie thought it looked just like fireworks! When they got to the discusting, muddy trenches Will and Freddie were first to be posted as sentries. By the time it was dinner they all felt like not having any dinner because they had to eat rats, slugs (YUK) beatles and rock, hard biscuits. They all thought war would be over by Christmas but it wasn't. On Christmas Eve the Germans and English kept singing songs to each other. On Christmas day they had a nice cooked breakfast and after that a sudden but very exciting game of football happened. Then straight after that blackness fell and the was over.
I think this is a great book and I definitely would read it again.I would give it FIVE out of FIVE. The plot is just great. I would recommend this to eight years and over. My best part was when the Germans and the English had a game of football. I thought there is no negative parts in this story.
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on 20 October 2010
We found the book War Game absolutely amazing. Michael Foreman is a genius writer.
The book is about four teenage boys who after a game of football on the village green decide to join the army to fight in World War 1.
The boys believe that it will be a short adventure, where they will have lots of fun.
Unfortunately, the adventure lasts several years and the highlight for the four friends is a memorable game of football played against the enemy on no-mans land.
We whole heartedly recommend this book to you to read. Not only was it a quality story, but it helped us with our learning about the world wars.
We think that you need to be over 8 years of age to understand the story.
It's a book that we will never give away and that we talk about a lot.
We found parts of the book quite emotional and our teacher nearly cried when she read it to us.
Definitely a 5 star book, but we would like to give it 10!

Mrs B's Literacy Group. Richmond Hill Primary School Doncaster
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on 2 September 2009
If anything ever displays war as the tragedy it is,this true story of the First World War shows it above all others.It is movingly told and all the more potently and memorably because so many of the author's relatives were killed during it in the flowering of their manhood while the dew of youth was still on their brow.
Now in the ranks of death and now only names inscribed in marble in some sad shires it breaks the heart to know these same young men sang songs together and played a game of football across no-mans land before the rifles,cannons,and machine guns rattled out death to hundreds of thousands of them on both sides.My grandfather was killed at Ypres,my father was badly scarred and lost the right side of his face,his nose and right eye in the Second World War at Cassino and I was slightly wounded myself when I saw service with the Argylls in Berlin during the so called Cold War.The tears sprang to my eyes while reading this book,I could not stop either sobbing or reading,at its end there was both.Dulce et decorum este pro patria Mori.What gross untruths that sent innocent men to their deaths.
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on 18 April 2002
War game is a book about four young country lads going to war. They set off with the idea that going to war would be a bit of a game. In basic training they began to find out what it was really like when they didn’t even have a uniform. They set of in high spirits for the front. The fun continued as they rode in London buses across France, being cheered all the way by French people.
They arrived at the front, and were sent into the trenches, to spend the next three months in several feet of water, and only several yards away from the enemy. On Christmas Day they played football with the Germans and some became friends. In the days that follo0wed, men in the front trenches would take turns to fire, while the other side kept their heads down...
I enjoyed this book because it helped me to see and understand what it was like in the First World War. It was an interesting read, I would read it again and recommend it to others.
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on 6 December 2011
As a teacher I wanted this book to do some work with our KS2 children on Remembrance Day. I knew this story vaguely and someone recommended the book. Reading it is very emotional and the way it is written and the pictures are a work of art. Can't help but have a little cry. It is one of those books everyone should read and sums up the absolute stupidity and futility of war. Beautiful book to treasure.
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on 19 March 2002
The war Game is a brilliant book written by Michael Foreman. It explains in simple terms what the war was like for the soldiers from first joined the army to fighting the Germans in the trenches.
It starts with four friends Will, Lacey, Fredy and Billy joining up for the war. They thought it would be an adventure, however when they arrived at the trenches they were dismayed to see the dead and wounded. Then on Christmas Eve the soldiers (British and German) had a friendly game of football, after that none of them wanted too fight any more because they had all made friends. Then new German troops came,and started shooting again...
I would recommend this book to ages eight to twelve years, because Micheal uses simple language and great illustations.
My favourite part of this book is when the boys joined the army and arrived at the trenches.
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on 12 March 2002
War Game
'War Game' is an exciting tragedy set in the First World War. A group of footballers decide to join the army; there they meet the friendly Germans from Saxony. The 'Tommys' become friends with the enemy by giving each other shooting practice; their fun is cut short as fresh soldiers from Prussia ready to fight replace the friendly enemy! In my opinion, War game is a 'must read' book. Even though it's quite short I think it could challenge J.R.R. Tolkein's novel: The Hobbit. The author shows a lot of skill in his writing and pictures, which create an inviting picture in your mind.
This book would probably be more exciting for the age range of 7 to 12 year olds.
Review by
Alexander from West Hallam in Derbyshire
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on 12 March 2002
War Game
War Game by Michael Foreman is a very exiting book and is slightly moving near the end .It tells a story of 4 lads who go to war. They get there thinking everything will be over by Christmas but things go horribly wrong.
The story is mainly set in France in the 1st World War. The illustrations show just what it was like so long ago.
It's only a short book and I read it in about 2 hours but it was still very exciting and I couldn't put it down. I reckon it would be for children about age 8 and over. Its also quite serious book so be prepared for some sad parts as well as happy parts.
In my opinion the rating would be 9 and a half out of 10.
Review by
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