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on 21 June 2017
Very interesting read about the life & times of some very interesting criminals couldn't but the book down well worth it
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on 18 September 2012
Dear Wensley - I have read some of your other "true" crime books and found them easy to read and mildly entertaining. I am also a fan of Tony Thompson - his books seem to be based upon fact and evidence, and I was also a big fan of Stephen Leather.

Unfortunately he turns out to be a repressed psychopath who, it appears, writes his books to vent his obvious inadequacies, and makes a pile of money from doing so. Only to then unreservedly abuse the people that buy his books and dare criticise him.

The last true crime book I read before this was Thompson's Outlaws. I found it gave me a very informative and interesting background into the history of biker gangs - albeit British ones still came across as complete losers.

I was expecting a decent history of criminals on the Costa. Unfortunately I learnt absolutely nothing I didn't know from simply sporadically reading The Sun and having a look on Google.

I learnt absolutely nothing about what I didn't already know. No names are named and any "evidence" seems to be from some drunken idiot whose stories you have believed as gospel and reproduced.

NO research, NO insight, No value - this book is a complete joke - don't waste your time.

WENSLEY left the "big reveal" to the end. As if you didn't know, 500 Euro notes are known as "Bin Ladens" as they are so rare.

Might of been a reveal 10 years ago - when I heard this!

The biggest criminal on the Costa, according to Wensley, is John "Goldfinger" Palmer!

Sums this joke of a book up!!

Sorry - WENSLEY!!!!
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on 23 September 2015
This book is just a round-up of police, court and news reports re-spun in a tabloid news style that Clarkson learned in the 80s.

Clarkson pins those reports together with an occasional interview given by some random low-life who claims to be a big-shot gangster but usually opts to remain anonymous because he's likely too scared of getting a hiding, or perhaps because he was made up in the first place. Either way, the level of journalism behind this book is poor and smacks of a man trying to ingratiate himself with the underworld, rather than report on it.

Hardly a tour de force of investigative work, this book relies on a top-spun writing style to muster a vain attempt to keep readers' attentions. But even the writing grows weary, as I feel did the author when stitching this drivel together. Cops 'swoop' and 'nick' 'crims' and 'drug lords' from cover to cover in a scant book that never goes any further than explaining more than the known facts of already-documented incidents. Individual accounts of gang war incidents on the Costas seldom get past the six to ten paragraphs of information Wensley Clarkson gleaned from local rags and court papers as he ventured around Spain trying to cobble a book together. There is no depth to his work and the upshot is that each chapter is patchy and disjointed, and gives just enough information on gang-related incidents to whet appetites but not enough to explain how or why each one arose. It all makes for a rather tiresome list.

Proof of this lies in the last paragraph of each chapter that usually contains a quite laughable short 'summary' of all that has gone on the chapter's preceding pages. Every time, almost without fail, that ultimate paragraph does little more than conclude that things are hairy out there on the Costas and they could get worse. No s***, Sherlock. But in doing so, what those last paragraphs really surmise is that there was a clear lack of effort that went into producing this book that offers no real insight or historical merit at all.

Lucky to get 2 stars from me.
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on 12 November 2015
Excellent book detailing the various people and gangs in spain.
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on 9 June 2016
Descent, worth a couple of squid
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on 29 October 2016
Good buy,and delivery great?
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on 22 June 2015
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