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on 3 July 2013
I didn't. I assumed that 'New 2013 Edition' would be compatible with Windows 8, which was launched in 2012, but it isn't. So my son can't run it on his laptop and he's having to borrow my laptop (with Windows 7), which neither of us is too happy about. Otherwise it's a great product - easy to use and very helpful. However I'd suggest that next year's 'New Edition' should have Windows 8 compatibility. And I'll read the small print more carefully in future!
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on 2 February 2014
I don't often write reviews for products I've purchased online but I am so impressed with this I just had to!
This product is absolutely brilliant. I am writing this review having passed my theory test yesterday with a pass of 48/50 on the multiple choice (pass mark is 43/50) and 65 out of 75 on the hazard perception section (park mark is 44/75).
I received the CD on the 17th January (ordered on 14th), used it for about an hour a day and at the end of a week I felt confident enough to book a test. Another week later and here I am with my pass certificate!

It really has everything you need and is very easy to use. It includes helpful introduction videos which are very similar to those you are shown in the real theory test. It includes a printable copy of the highway code and question book of all of the official revision questions.
My favourite features are the practise and mock tests. There are preset and customizable mock tests for the multiple choice theory section. The customized test option allows you to adjust the difficulty level and to focus on topics which you are performing the weakest on if you wish. These mock tests are incredibly similar to the official test. When I took the real test it just felt like I was doing one of the mock tests at home. They have done a fantastic job of replicating it.

The hazard perception part is brilliant too. It is just like the real test and great for practising and preparing.
It is true that there are a couple of clips where it is not possible to score the maximum 5 points as the hazard simply is not visible yet. There is a very useful feature where you can review each clip afterwards to see the exact points you should click to score 5,4,3,2 and 1 point/s. On a couple of the clips (and really it is only 1 or 2, I watched them all) on reviewing them I paused at the point where you should click to score 5 and it is too early, it's not a case of spotting the potential early, it simply just is not visible yet. However, as I said, this really is just 1 or 2 of the many clips in the database and it most definitely does not prevent you from passing the test or learning properly.
When I first started practising with the clips I was failing alot and found it very frustrating but after lots of practise was scoring 4's and 5's for almost every clip.
So reviewers who say it is not possible to pass in my opinion just haven't practised enough. It's just a case of learning to spot the potential hazards and click as soon as you see them which is exactly what you have to do in the real test.
I still rate it 5 stars as it is a very tiny flaw with what is overall a fantastic product and aside from those 1 or 2 clips in the database the hazard perception training is spot on to what the real test is like, trust me.

I can't speak much for the practical part of the software as I haven't explored much of it yet. I will be doing now that I have my theory done :). But I am confident that it will be just as helpful for preparation.

So, to anyone considering buying this, DO IT!
Prior to purchasing this I had done no learning or studying of driving theory whatsoever.
Nor had I ever practised hazard perception, I didn't even really understand what that part of the test was it until I bought this.
I passed with high pass marks in just 2 weeks of using ONLY this.

So I really am proof that it is ALL YOU NEED!

Use it well for 1 hour a day until you feel confident you've learned it all and you will too!
For £6.52 it is an absolute steal! Especially when you consider the cost of all the official dsa books they recommend you buy. (Don't waste your money!)
Take it from me, this is your golden ticket to passing providing you use it well.
Now for me it's on to the practical!!! :P
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on 2 November 2012
This is a nice piece of software with hours (8GB) of recorded explanations, videos, and texts. It's a very good companion for those wishing to pass the test quickly.
Has very few glitches, but one very annoying issue, it can't be used on a tablet, even full Windows pro tablet, as it requires DVD to be present at all times. This costs 2 stars of the product rating. The last one is for lack of that information in the product description, or on the packaging, plus the license doesn't even allow you to make a backup copy of the CD, giving you only 90 days of warranty.

Other than that I'm enjoying it.
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on 29 June 2015
Well worth getting if you are take your car or bike test in the near future. Lots of good theory practice and it has hazard perception tests too. The videos in the actual hazard perception test are now computer generated where the video on the dvd is actual road video (like the old test). Having said this the video supplied more than prepares you for the actual test. Mock tests are also very realistic, and I am sure some of the questions on the mock test were in the actual test I took.

I mainly use this to prepare me for the theory test so cannot really comment on the rest of the content, but just for getting me through the theory test it was worth thr money. While an electronic copy of the Highway Code is included, I would recommend downloading a pdf version from the .gov.uk website as it is easier to navigate. Also I would recommend fully reading the Highway Code before attempting the theory test, there are some weird and obtuse questions in the theory test.
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on 7 September 2015
A good purchase, arrived on time, works well! I was pleased with the product.
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on 17 February 2014
- This software requires that the screen text size be normal. My screen runs at medium size text because I have a large display. This software refuses to run with medium size text (which is essential for large size displays and corresponding viewing distance)
- In general, a software can use settings within itself instead of me having to change global system settings and log-out/restart, which is very inconvenient.
- The software requires the DVD to be inserted to a connected drive while one accesses the software. This is problem if you have an ultra-portable laptop (ultra-portables, like mine, don't come with a DVD drive).
- The software needs small fonts that one can set on the screen. After that the software does not utilize complete screen area. On my screen, it uses only about 20% of screen area, forcing me to read in tiny font. (there is no setting in the application to change font size)
-Despite this being a DVD, included videos are small and low-resolution.

All these make this a poor quality software.
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on 16 August 2013
I have been using this to practise for my upcoming theory test and have found it extremely frustarting that i keep failing the mock hazard perception..... that is until you start doing the practice clips and in some cases whoever helped with this and put in the point markers really needs an eye test as some of the hazards you cannot actually see at the point they say it starts. For example there is a clip of a car coming round a bend passing parked cars but you cannot see round the bend as it is a very tight left bend yet the 5 point marker requires you to be able to see through the wall thats blocking your view and see the car before it actually comes into your view (around the 1 point marker). Another is a car at a junction and you are supposed to know its going to pull out in front of you even though the hazard start has it stationary behind the lines and the point where you see it start to move is again around the 2 point marker. Until you see it move it is not a developing hazard.

On some occasions you are expected to judge that a person is walking to a crossing to use it even though they are not turning to the crossing as they haven't even reached that point. It is silly things like this that will have you screaming with frustration. Once you start the practice videos and realise that its not your perception that is off but rather there markings (which they do state they have placed to the best of their knowledge but that is debatable) it does put you at ease somewhat.

I think everyone can understand they may be a little off but some of them are just silly with the amount they are off and i think this is going to affect the confidence in a lot of people and make them question themselves if they are actually ready or not. My advice would be to just judge yourself by the practice videos which you can review and not via the actual mock test because that way you will see if it is your error or theirs and won't beat yourself up about it.

The theory test however is very good and am now passing it with 95 - 100% each time and the questions are rarely the same.

If you are clairvoyant you may stand a better chance than most with the hazard perception.
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on 2 May 2014
To put my cards on the table fro the beginning: I write this having just failed. That's not down to the product per se - but you need to be very careful in knowing how to use it.

Firstly the DVD itself: it's clear, intuitive and easy to use, with mountains of material to practise on. Shove it on your machine, wait a few minutes to install the files and get going.

With the theory they don't muck about: while there's some background material including videos, a brake distance simulator (more trouble than it's worth) and an on-screen copy of the Highway Code, the main learning option is "learn by practising" which simply involves drills. The questions are lifted from the official set and many came up verbatim in the test, so it's definitely the best way to go. I started from a pretty high base - from general knowledge I knew most stuff and started out getting scores of 45-46/50; after some practice, I was getting scores of 48-50 each time. You can analyse your performance to work out which areas you are weak in (for example, road signs, or documents) and then set drills based on that subject area only; this is helpful if you're sure you know a particular area. I ended up with 49/50 in the test.

The tricky area is the hazard perception. Once again the method of learning is simply practice - they have a pretty substantial bank of video examples, although they do seem biased towards vehicles approaching in narrow country roads to an extent. While some basic advice is given regarding not clicking too many times, what the DVD lacks is any detailed tips on how to differentiate between "potential" and "developing" hazards. You can review your own performance by checking where you clicked relative to the "ideal" point which is helpful. But the DVD didn't help me. In fact, it is probably what failed me.

I can only speak from experience but the handy performance analysis graph doesn't lie: the first few times I tried the hazard perception I got pretty decent scores (mostly 75-80%; the pass mark is 59%). After that my scores showed a steady, inexorable declining trend. The first practice session I failed was actually the very last one I did before my test, and I failed the test by a single point.

With hindsight, I was able to work it out: if you click too early, you can score zero, which happened to me a few times early on, so I probably subconsciously tried to not be so eager and got slacker and slacker as a result. The problem is that while with the benefit of hindsight I'm able to work that out, there's nothing in the software to help detect this, or any advice (my advice to myself now is "click as soon as you see anything, then click again half a second later just in case"). While the clips are helpful and well produced, the simple facts are that had I gone into the test blind with no practice I probably would have passed; my practice sessions made me steadily worse and worse, leading me to failure. So in spite of the excellent production values of the DVD, I can't give it a recommendation without reservations, which are more about the nature of practice as opposed to this product.

Tread carefully, and don't be a muppet like me who leaves with his tail between his legs and the stigma of a failed theory test! Good luck!
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on 2 July 2016
Driving Test Success All Tests New Edition 2013/14 (PC)
~I am satisfied with this DVD-ROM drive.The DVD-ROM, I found everything I needed in learning driving:driving testing the theory, hazard perception, practical driving lessons (now in this edition), the highway code, mock driving test, the braking distance simulator, show me tell me and learn on the go.~
~It's help for people who are ready to start driving~
review image
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on 21 June 2016
A fantastic product, I had used this CD alongside the Official book and found that it contained exactly the same information, pictures of signs, and mock questions as the book.
So rest assured that you will not miss anything in the CD as it has all the information contained in the book, also note that if you already have the book you should still consider purchasing this CD.
As well as the theory test information, it has training on hazard perception which consists of many short videos where you can practice clicking towards the hazard and get scored upon, it actually shows you how much marks each click scored and when was the perfect time to score the full marks so you can improve ready for the theory test.
In addition to all those above in contains a series of detailed videos explaining and demonstrating how to drive, all the maneuvers and a mock driving test , which you can use to supplement your driving lessons or to get an extra edge before you start taking lessons
From using this CD I was able to pass both my theory test and driving test first time so I cannot recommend it enough.
If you found my review helpful I would very much appreciate it if you could please click on the yes button below in order to increase visibility to help others make a decision.
Need to remember to add headlines
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