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on 5 September 2012
Well, here's irony for you. This book is currently in the smallest room in our house, alongside a TV listings magazine, a couple of joke books, and Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy, for those really recalcitrant movements. I have been reading it for the past three days - not the Vikram Seth, this book - and haven't quite finished yet, so please don't tell me what happens in the end. Mind you, I can guess, as Ms Whelen Banks (crazy name, crazy gal) sort of gives it away in the opening to her magnum opus.

She says (Spoiler alert, spoiler alert) "successful toilet training should be a time of celebration," leading one to believe that Liam's journey concludes in success, as he sees - if you will permit me a little levity - some close friends off to the seaside.

Well, if that is the outcome, Jane is spot on. It really is a time of celebration. We held a big party round our place, with proper champagne - none of that 14 quid stuff from the supermarket - and invited close friends and family to come and exult with us. We served them all with a delightful chilled flute of the bubbly, and some lovely canapes. There was a seafood theme to the nibbles with Pacific bay prawns on wholemeal toast, and various marinated herrings on sesame crackers. Once we had made sure our guests had a drink and a plate of nibbles - salted almonds and olives stuffed with pimento were on the agenda as well - we conducted them into the toilet in groups of five, having taken the precaution of not flushing our little boy's movement, so everybody could see for themselves what our little darling had achieved. I must say as we all stared down into the bowl, I was glad we had decided not to offer our fellow celebrants the chicken livers on matzo crackers that we considered at one stage. In fact, given the final journey our boy's product was about to take, seafood was undoubtedly symbolically the right option.

Describing little Liam's success, Ms Whelen Banks writes: "Memories of this momentous occasion will remain in our hearts," and how right she is. My little boy is 27 years old now, living away from home, but we often meet for lunch and talk about old times. I make a point of telling him of the pride and sense of achievement we all felt when he relieved himself for the first time in the toilet. He invariably replies, "What about when I was invited to join the space programme, or won bronze at the Sydney Olympics, or got an honours degree in astro-physics, don't those things make you proud?" "Oh yes, I remember, you won bronze," I say, "Of course that makes me proud, but not as proud as this." And I get out the photographs.
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on 28 September 2017
My 2 year old daughter really struggles with opening her bowels and this has been an ongoing problem for a little while. She is clearly distressed when she needs to open her bowels and becomes embarrassed by the whole situation.

Wanting to help her overcome the problem I went on the hunt for a child friendly, age appropriate book that could help her. Having searched what felt like hundreds of books I settled upon 'Liam Goes Poo in the Toilet'. Having read the mixed reviews I wasn't sure if this would be the book we was looking for, but I took a gamble, which I am pleased I did.

The book is very short with only a few pages and pictures. I was initially disappointed at the lack of 'story' and words but I took a chance and began reading it regularly to my daughter. We read the book at least once a day, sometimes more, and I would talk about Liam and how he doesn't do a poo in his pants or on the floor, but instead goes on the toilet and how he is such a big clever boy. I would refer to the book at every occasion and even sent it into nursery with my daughter where they also read it to her and photocopied some of the pages to go into their toilet so she could see them when she uses the potty there.

When reading the book I was surprised how engaged my daughter was. She would intensely look at the picture and listen to what I was reading. She began to talk about Liam and slowely began to give going to the potty to do a number 2 a try. The first time she was successful she was so pleased with herself and would proudly tell everyone she could that she was like Liam!!

For a book that is so short and has so few words I am very impressed with its effectiveness and I wouldn't hesitate to anyone who has a toddler with similar problems or even who is going through the potty training phase.
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on 13 January 2016
This book is ok but unfortunately it has not worked for us, so far anyway. Our son mastered going to the toilet to wee very quickly but is still steadfastly refusing to use it for anything else. After reading the other reviews we thought we would give this a go, but after the initial slight interest and even references to 'like Liam would do' we have still not progressed any further. I am sure that he is more than capable, as he completely surprised us recently by announcing that he did not want to wear a nappy to bed and proceeded to go dry at night and take himself to the toilet with no problems, other than a couple of par for the course minor accidents when he was feeling under the weather. I have to agree with some of the other reviewers that the book is incredibly simple and the text says no more than we had already been saying to our son anyway. I think it is probably more suited to slightly younger children, but for a stubborn preschooler he just gave us that look that said it was never going to work and it hasn't. At the moment we are just hoping that as with all the other aspects of toileting he will do it when he wants and on his terms!
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on 26 January 2013
My 2 year old decided she wanted to start using the potty and all was fine, until she went for a week without a poo. I was really worried about her but didn't want to make too big a fuss out of it. Looked online and found this book and thought i'd give it a try. Let's be clear, this is not a magic pill. Your little one won't read it and go, oh yes i totally get it, let's poo! In the potty! hell, let's poo in the toilet and make mommy really happy! But, it's absolutely brilliant at explaining about that funny feeling in your tummy which means you need to poo. It shows how Liam relaxes then pushes. I swear, I sat on the floor with my little one, while she sat on her potty and read this book to her about 12 times in a row. She loved it. And a few days later she was on the toilet, I knew she needed to poo, and I told her, 'remember what Liam does when he needs to poo? You just relax and you push.' It was like a little light went on in her head and she did exactly that. We're four months down the line now and all is fine with the pooping, thank goodness. It's deceptively simple - the illustrations and story but it's perfect for little ones. If you're having poo problems, give this book a go. It's definitely worth it.
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on 10 March 2018
Never thought I will be reviewing book about pooping but you do the strangest things when you are a parent.
Having 2 years old who has potty trained herself really fast and refused to wear the nappies but was too afraid to poo in the potty was not fun. I have researched so many books and most of them are having unnecessary story telling and some are just weird or even gross. Then I have come across this one and I can't praise this book enough.
The simplicity of this book is the key, Liam eats, his tummy starts to streach and he has to poo. Drawing is very simple so your child does not get distracted by the balloons, harts or butterflies.
My daughter fell in love with this book instantly and after 2 days of us reading it to her I can now tell she's fully potty trained. Thank you Liam! ;)
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on 12 May 2014
I ordered this in anticipation of potty training my son. When it arrived I thought it looked too boring and basic but I was wrong. It is very simple but that is the genius of it. No bells and whistles. It just explains what happens when you eat food, where it goes, how it makes your tummy feel and that when your tummy aches a bit that means it is time to sit on the toilet and try to do a poo. It seems so obvious but to a child the process and connection between it all isn't obvious so this really helps them to understand. It just clicks with them.

Neither of my kids ever had a problem with learning to poo on the toilet/potty immediately after reading this a few times and my daughter (2.5) still asks me to read it numerous times whenever she goes for a poo. She always shouts "Good job, Liam!" at the end of the book after he does his poo.

Also a friend of mine was having terrible trouble potty training her son and after numerous weeks he was still refusing to poo in a toilet or potty. By chance I looked after him for a few hours one day and read him the book and he actually went into the toilet 5 minutes later and did his first poo on the toilet - my friend was amazed and thrilled! So this book is highly recommended!!!! You may think it looks too basic initially but that's what works with young kids learning how to poo!
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on 4 November 2013
I bought this book in desperation as my 3 year old son just would not go for a poo on the potty or toilet. He refused to wear a pull up and would only go in his pants, we'd tried other toilet training books and were at our wits end.

I was full of expectations about the book, but on arrival I was quite disappointed - basic pictures and just a few words to accompany them. I sat next to him and started reading through it, not too him as I didn't want him to feel we were putting any pressure on. He did initially take some interest but then just walked off....yet again I thought we'd failed, but a few days later I found him sat by himself flicking through the book. A little while later he asked me to read it to him so I was delighted.
It was some weeks before he finally started using the toilet or potty for his poo's - whether the book helped achieve this result or if it was always going to happen at that time I really don't know, but at that price I really didn't care.
Really worth a punt - what have you got to loose!
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on 15 November 2011
My three year old son had been out of nappies for 6 months, and had no problem with wees at all. But we couldn't get him to poo on the toilet - he always went in his pants or his night-time pull-ups. I tried every bit of advice I could find, but nothing worked. I decided to try this book - and the very day after reading it for the first (and second, third and fourth) time, he was doing his poos on the toilet. I wouldn't have believed it if I had read it in a review - it was amazing! I'm sure this won't work for every child, but for my son it seems as though he couldn't recognise the feeling of needing to do a poo. When Liam explains that his tummy starts to stretch and ache, a light seemed to go on in my sons head, and he connected that feeling with needing to poo. So he was able to tell us when he needed to go, and we haven't looked back. A brilliant book - worth every single penny!!
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on 22 January 2015
The book was alot more basic then i expected however it is for toddlers so i'm not sure how complex i though it should be! Liam really did help get my daughter on the toilet, she loved reading the book and she would sit on the toilet and ask me to read it to her. It definitely helped her to understand and recognize the feeling of needing poo and i could bribe her to go to the toilet 'like liam does' if i saw her looking like she was about to do one in her knickers.

My only problem with the book and the reason we stopped using it is that everytime Liam goes to the toilet he does a poo and my daughter started wanted to do a poo everytime she went and would then get disappointed when she didn't manage to poo, we explained in many ways to her that we don't always poo everyday but there was no hope the poor little girl was just desperate to poo like Liam! In the end Liam had to be hidden away to rid her obessession of needing to always poo everytime she used the toilet!

Overall it is a good book, simple but well written. It didn't work for my daughter but it did help in the beginning.
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on 8 December 2015
So I was a bit sceptical about a book assisting with my 3 year old who was refusing to poo in the potty or toilet, but he was quite happy to poo in his pants! My son was able to wee in the toilet and potty for at least 5 months. Well 4 days of reading this book and we have a happy toddler and parents, our son is able to poo in the potty. Well worth the money, I'm sure we'll have a few accidents but so far so good and I can't begin to think how many pairs of pants I'd been through with accidents. Credit to Jane Whelen Banks my son loves the book and asks for it on a number of occasions he even reads it aloud to himself. Thank you, I was beginning to think he would never get the hang of it.
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