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on 4 February 2005
This is the book I have been looking for over a lifetime of more than 70 years. During my studies of this ancient tradition and my visits to Egypt, it became clear that hidden behind their symbolism lay a practical way of living a full, healthy and happy life. In this, one could realise one's full potential and since this life was a precursor of the next, at the very least, equip oneself with a map and directions for the journey.
Here, at last, is an intelligible translation of the most ancient and sacred texts in the world, which provides the reader with what is required. Unlike most versions, this book actually conveys the intricacy and magnificence of a people who were dedicated to the divinity of life. It describes the journey of the soul from the realm of earth to the netherworld, and finally to the spiritual world, heaven, either to be born again or to become one with the perfected souls who are not subject to reincarnation.
Ultimately, as this book declares, there are no limits to what we may achieve. As Dr Seleem writes: 'This tradition is not dead and irrelevant but vital and intensely alive to this day, serving to awaken knowledge of the natural harmony that has always existed between man and nature, while at the same time providing nourishment for the spiritual, mental and physical well-being of humanity.'
It's worth getting the book alone just for Dr Seleem's full account of the Egyptian mythology and religion, death and resurrection and the Dwat (purgatory). There's even a rare description of the ancient system of prayer-exercises which serve the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.
Dr Seleem explains that the so-called 'gods and goddesses' are really natural laws and principles, which seems so 'natural' in itself; he also gives us the original Egyptian names of the main principles rather than the Greek ones- Heru instead of Horus, Est for Isis and Oser for Osiris. That's a really refreshing change.
These chapters form a really splendid introduction for the explanations of the symbolism depicted in the lovely colour papyrus plates which follow. Dr Seleem has a tremendous grasp of the language - Medu Netru - and is able to explain in detail the illustrations and commentaries, as well as providing his unique graphics of the language which are quite magnificent and remind one of the actual monumental carvings.
There is no doubt left in the reader's mind that these ancient people not only understood the human condition but excelled in the advice they could offer to improve it on all levels and in every stage of our travels in eternity.
I recommend this extraordinary book for anyone with an interest in Egypt, whether professional or amateur. With Dr Seleem's copious vocabularies, there is enormous fun in reading and actually translating the text in the ancient language itself. This takes you back thousands of years to the days when the scribes themselves were writing out the texts!
This is a work which transcends previous attempts to give the modern reader an understanding of ancient Egypt, and which have been based both on a misunderstanding of the symbolism and misinterpretation of the way of life. By contrast, Dr Seleem has presented us with an explanation of a tradition which is alive and vital and which offers us, thousands of years later, an opportunity to take advantage of its gifts.
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on 21 August 2007
In this book the author has translated the entire Papyrus of Enhai and Hunefer, Chapter 1&2 of the Papyrus of Ani and extracts from the Papyrus of Gerusher and Negative confessions of the Papyrus of the Royal Mother, Nezemt.

After an introduction to the various texts, the autor goes on to describe the Ancient Egyptian religion in some depth, moving on to explore the concepts of Death and Resurrection and the `Dwat' or realm "in, around and about the earth' or the netherworld.

There is also a fascinating introduction to Egyptian Medu-Netru or hieroglyphs which includes the significance of colours and the links between the symbols and mythology of Ancient Egypt.

Each papyrus has a commentary as well as black and white/colour illustrations and the translation itself, the original text in hieroglyphic form in included followed by a vocabulary list.

The author has even created a computer program for an Egyptian word processor and that must truly have been a labour of love!

In the first few chapters before moving on to the translations, the author's enthusiasm for the subject and commitment to the truth absolutely shine through - engaging the reader and drawing them into the world view of the Ancient Egyptians, I find myself looking forward to his future translations which are to include all 189 Chapters of the Book of Life (Book of the Dead)!

An absolute must for all Egyptology students and enthusiasts, it also provides an excellent and thorough guide for those just beginning to explore the subject.
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on 21 March 2011
"The many faces of the Kemetic/Egyptian spirititual world also related to the Kemetic/Egyptian concepts of daily life and thought that are so well portrayed in the Book of the Dead (Coming forth by day). Many of the copies of the Book that have come down to us were found in the tombs of high pharaonic officials. Modern day archeologists and historians can use the Book of the Dead (Coming forth by day) as a tool to unraveling the mysteries of Kemetic/Egyptian daily life, " It is a ritual formula that, nevertheless; makes clear the diet of the Ancient Kemits/Egyptians and also the manner in which the Most High was served in the temples. Kemetic/Egyptian society comes through clearly amid the religious and ceremonial passages of the Book of the Dead."
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on 29 May 2007
Bet You didn't know that "the original language of mankind vas founded in Atlantis" and that "the first inhabitants of The British Isles kept the original language of Atlantis alive". Oh, sure.

This is one of those sad but numerous cases where Egyptian writings have inspired authors imagination beyond reason, science and common sense.

The author is titled as a doctor, but there is no hint of any serious academic institution he might have entered. Ever.

If You seek a good load of esoteric nonsense or a couple of skeptical grins and laughs, be my guest and go for it. Otherwise, forget this book.
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