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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2004
I read shock of your life and thought it was good; I thought this was much better. Here Dan, now a christian after his near death experience, tries to convince people of the his faith. It offers proof of Gods existence and answers to difficult questions. Shock of your life raises questions that this one answers. I am already a christian but I found this an interesting and useful book to read and I think it would be even better for people just starting to explore their faith or trying to find out more about the christian faith.
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on 18 September 2004
This book is sooooo cool! Adrian Holloway, I've got to admit isn't the best author in the world (Great speaker though) but the content in this book is absolutely mind boggling. And most of the time, the content is good hard scientific and historical facts! It has sorted out all the problems and answers in my mind so that the next time I'm asked, I'm now prepared. And it's also a great book to lend to your non-Christian mates! I'd recommend this book to Christian and non-Christian alike, as it has almost all the answers you could ever wish for to the problems you had with Christianity.
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on 9 March 2005
This is a great little book for those interested in looking at life's little problems (you know, evil, where we all came from, why we are here, morality etc...) from a Christian angle.
Dans' attempts to explain his new found faith to his skeptical friends provides a great platform for the author to explain the Christian faith in a palatable way. (The subject of Christian apologetics can be presented in boring ways. This book makes it very interesting).
Also, Dans' friends and relatives come at the subject from all sorts of standpoints as well. (Dans' sister, for instance, finds it hard to believe in an all loving God who allows evil in the world, whilst his friend Mike believes that science has explained God away).
Whatever your beliefs, whatever your background, whatever your age, give yourself a chance and read this book.
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on 2 September 2004
I read this book in 3 days (after Newday). This book is brilliantly written and a must for anyone who wants to know why Christians believe what they do. This book is an enjoyable read and could be the most important read of your life.
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on 30 May 2005
This is undoubtably the best book I have ever read. That is, the best book with any relavance to my life. This book did not answer my questions as such, but it did reaffirm my faith in the most astonishing way. It did answer what I believe to be my subconscious reservations. As Dan attempts to convert his friends to Christianity, they are all skeptical. Here are some of the viewpoints he faces:
Mikey - The Scientist: He believes science has eliminated the need for religion. Why even bother with religion when science has answered where the world came from?
Pete - On the fence. What is so great about Christianity?
Andy - Why Christianity? Why not Islam or Buddism? They all lead to the same God, right?
Kate - If God is so powerful and loving, why do all the bad things in the world happen?
Susie - What's the big deal, anyway? Why should I have to change my life?
Anna - I used to be Christian, but I was leading a double life at Church and School, so I gave Christianity up. Should I go back?
These are the main viewpoints, in my memory. Some other questions answered in this book include whether the Bible can be trusted as a reliable source, why Christ died, why if he is so loving do people get sent to Hell?
This is a great book for the scientist inside you. It give crystal hard facts, and almost no Bible quoting, except when required. I may be Christian, but I find it difficult to read a book that is mainly opinions and Bible verses. But this book is nothing like that. Not only is it spiritually satisfying and answers many of your questions, but it is also wrapped in an enjoyable fiction. Read it today! I am in half the mind to write or E-mail Adrian Holloway, who I have seen before, to put a script of this book on the Internet so that it can be read by all, instead of having to go to a specialist Christian bookshop or buy it off Amazon. Though I must admit, it would not be nearly as effective.
In conclusion: This is a great book. It WILL turn your life around, or at least start some questions inside of you that you need to answer. Please, read this book!
-Andrew Westwood
Age, 14.
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on 1 December 2006
After reading "Aftershock" my outlook on life changed. I've always seen myself as a very rational guy, and whenever I couldn't remember my argument for being Atheist, would declare myself Agnostic until further notice.

Now I know that I am a Christian. I think the problem before was the people I was talking to. Their reasons for believing just didn't make sense. And it's not like I let Adrian Holloway off easy either, just because he'd got published - I went and checked out the sources and, would you believe it, I was left with only one logical outcome: Jesus lived and died to save us all.

This got me thinking. How many more people like me are there out there? People who don't know the truth yet? I feel a little like Dan at the moment.

Great book, 5 stars!
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on 19 August 2005
this is a fantastic story and also some very good evangelistic tools interwoven.making it a treasure trove for the evangelist giving real answers to real questions. with an unexpected ending which should make an unbelieving reader sit up and think. And a complacent believer get up and witness like Dan . better than the original
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on 1 December 2008
I read the earlier volume "The Shock of Your Life" and enjoyed that and although both books are aimed at a much younger audience they still make good reading as they attempt to answer the same questions that adults have but who don't sit down and thrash out answers the way that teens will do.

This book has a useful appendix padding out some of the arguments that would of stilted the narrative if left in the main body of the text.

If you are a teen (or early twenty) and asking questions about faith or even questioning your own Christian faith or have questioning friends I'd recommend these books as a good introduction to apologetics.
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on 14 September 2014
A great followup for The Shock of Your Life. Both books present very thought provoking issues regarding life after death. My teenage daughters loved both books too. Essential reading for anyone wondering about the meaning of life.
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on 4 May 2014
This is a great book for young people who want to know more about god. Great condition book and value for money.
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