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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars

on 4 June 2014
Oscar Got The Blame, by Tony Ross. A very good book for young children.
It was well described and was everything I expected when I received it.
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on 1 March 2018
Very happy with the book , just disappointed its not that exact front cover of what is shown that I have been searching for to replace my child's broken one so he wouldnt notice.
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on 17 September 2013
Large easy to read book. Bought as a gift for a 4 year old (called Oscar, surprise, surprise) who absolutely adored it .
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on 29 December 2015
Lovely story
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on 16 December 2015
great book for the grandkids
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on 21 March 2015
Lovely read
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on 9 January 2015
All book fab love them
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on 3 September 2016
I find the ending disturbing & it may be confusing for preschoolers. I wouldn't be reading this to my 4's for that reason. It's not clear that the Sinister looking Billy isn't imaginary & worried it could innocently introduce a child to blaming an imaginary friend for their mistakes. Can't see the positive advantage to introducing a normal child to disassociation or split personalities or to the idea of blaming imaginary people for what they may do wrong. It's not a positive book that I would recommend & frankly it's a scary ending. Weird concept that bad people do the things we get told off for , rather than a constructive ending or something they could learn something from . Perhaps it would be an entry level horror ending for older boys that like that sort of thing
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on 24 February 2012
I love this book and would recommend it for young children and adults to read to their children! It addresses the issues dealt with when a child always seems to get the blame - something my son also called OSCAR can relate to as he ALWAYS seems to get the blame as well! So we always read this book to him when he was younger and it was always a favourite! It is a nice book and not at all sinister or about split personality (what a shame to try to portray it as this) It is simply about a little boy who has an imaginary friend, that's all! Anyway give it a go as i am sure it will become a firm favourite in your household too - as it has ours! I truly recommend it to all!
perfect and funny and there-fore 10/10!!
I have even just purchased a new replacement copy of this book as our's was well read! it is THAT good!! :-)
enjoy!! x
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on 16 March 2010
I feel I have to respond to the bad review as this was one of my favourite books as a child.

To the 1-star reviewer, it's not about a kid with a split personality, it's about a kid with an invisible (and real) friend. I assume you didn't read forwards ten or so pages to the end where you find out that the twist is that Oscar's 'imaginary' friend - Billy - actually does exist but none of the adults would believe him. I thought that this was a fantastic book, when I read it as a child (or was read it as a child), it's beautifully drawn (both physically and mentally).

I think that you might be looking at it with jaded adult eyes. First of all, children of that age probably/hopefully won't have a developed (or any) conception of split personalities (or rather, dissociative identity disorder); I didn't read it and think that Oscar had a mental illness (which he doesn't anyway, if you read to the end). I thought he was a kid doing kids stuff, everyone's had an experience as a child when they get blamed unfairly for something, and it's good to be able to sympathise with Oscar. For me at age 3 and 4 it was fun as it gives you a bit of a chill but is very amusing, and you take the side of Oscar - who's always trying to be good - and who is fully vindicated at the end when Billy finally makes his appearance.

I'd give it another go.
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