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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 May 2005
The Gladiators from Capua is a great book. Its one of the best books Caroline Lawernce has written yet. This book goes into some emotional moments and of Nubia's past. It's also about Jonathan, who in this book is a gladiator named Prometheus. Basically, this book is about four best friends; Flavia, Nubia, Lupus and Jonathan who care about each other. Jonathan is said to be dead and was the one who started the big fire which killed a lot of people. Lupus, a mute boy, finds out that Jonathan is alive and is in Rome. Flavia, Lupus, and Nubia go out in search for Jonathan. Lupus overhears people talking about the boy who started the fire and is living on top of a hill. On the hill, they find a girl who tells them that the boy with curly hair (Jonathan) has just left the hill and has gone to the amphitheatre. Caudex, Flavia's slave and bodyguard, used to be a gladiator in training but then quit because he didn't like seeing blood. Caudex knew where the gladiators were kept during the practice.Then Caudex suddenly disappears. Lupus then finds out that all the gladiators that will be fighting and dying are all Jews.
Nubia runs into an old friend and his lion Monobaz. Monobaz's owner has a son who works at the amphitheater. From my point of view I would say that Nubia and Monabaz's owner's son like each other. Then,the fighting between the gladiators start.
Human gladiators, men gladiators, women gladiators, child gladiators, beasts and criminals fought. During the fights, Nubia wins a lottery ball. Inside it is a paper on which the word "gladiator" was written. Nubia had just won a lottery ball! The battle continued for some other days until one day, gladiators from Capua walked into the amphitheatre. One of them was Nubia's brother whome she was seperated from when slave dealers sold her. Nubia's brother was paired up with Sextus: he had 6 fingers on each hand. Eventually Nubia's brother won. Nubia really wants to set her brother free but Lupus found Jonathan! Lupus wanted Flavia to free Jonathan. Later on, Nubia finds out that her brother doesn't want to be set free beacause he loved the condition that he was in.
Nubia accidentally tells the emperor Titus that Jonathan is alive. Titus believes that Jonathan was the onbe who started the fire on the hill. Titus asks Jonathan if he had started the fire and Jonathan says yes. Titus orders Jonathan to be killed but someone saves his life withe a lion.
After that, Titus asks Jonathan one more time if he had started the fire. This time he tells the emperor the real story.From Titus Jonathan finds out that his mother is alive. She had not died in the fire. Jonathan, Lupus, Nubia, Flavia and Caudex hen go home to Ostia. On thir way to Ostia Jonathan discovers that Caudex had saved his life.
This is the best book I've ever read. I'd rate it 5 because it has all the great stuff a great book should have.
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on 2 September 2007
Caroline Lawrence's vivid - and sometimes disturbing - descriptions really bring to life the savage bloodshed of the Inaugural Games. The three remaining friends witness bloody beast combats, a bloodbath renamed as a beast hunt featuring barely armed beast hunters, a grisly parade of informers, and public executions re-enacting horrible deaths from myths.
This is my favourite Roman Mysteries book because the descriptions are very rich in detail and it tells you exactly what it was like to live in Ancient Roman times. I think that other people should read it because it really draws you in and even by the end of just the first book you feel like you know the characters very well. Another reason I like this book is because they have a lot of information in them. There are maps and diagrams at the front depending on the location and what the book is based around. For example, at the front of "The Gladiator from Capua" there is cross-section of the Colosseum, maps of Rome, and the complicated seating plan for the amphitheatre according to rank.
To summarize, therefore, it is very readable but still very deep in texture and is a colourful and satisfying read.

Reader Aged 12
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on 15 July 2009
This series is a wonderful introduction to Ancient Rome, warts and all. This book is the most gruesome yet, with a recounting of Titus' games of 80AD. In this book the children from Ostia are missing Jonathan, who is presumed dead after the fire in Rome, but Lupus hears of a curly haired boy beggar boy in Rome who claims to have stated the fire, and thinking this just might be their friend, the children set off once again to investigate the mystery.

Full of rich historical detail, this book is also an enthralling story. Children of about 8+ will love it, but parents be warned - there is some gruesome (if entirely authentic) stuff here. Think "horrible histories" but with a better storyline!
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on 8 October 2004
Caroline larwence has done it again, she has created a great book with Jonathan going missing and Flavia and here gang going to find him but the hundred days of gladiator fighting gets in there way. Nubia plays with animals,Lupus goes underground but overall jonathan is found I can't wait for the next one!
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on 16 June 2004
The Gladiators from Capua is the new, excellent book from Caroline Lawrence. It is the eight book in the series of the Roman Mysteries. The three friends go off to Rome to visit Flavia's family and see the games at the Colleseum. Thinking that their other friend, Jonathan, is not dead, they risk their lives to find him. Nubia plays with animals, Lupus lurks underground and Flavia appears on stage risking her life in front of the Emperor. Enough said, buy the book.
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on 4 August 2009
Hi there, Caroline

Its me Humza Asif. Actually neither me nor my parents have an Amazon account. So, I am using my aunts account (with her consent) to write this review.

I wanted to say that first of all it is an honour for me to receive a signed copy of one of the books, from my most favourtie series, The Roman Mysteries; The Gladiators from Capua.

It is such a great book that I could not put it down and thus finished reading it in a day. I loved the way the book maintains its mystery element. I would also like to point out that Flavia is my favourite character in the book because she has a strong personality and carries the story forward. I think that it is the best book of the series so far.

I hope you continue writing such fantastic books.

Your Fan,
Humza Asif

Maryam Jabbar
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on 27 December 2009
I got the first 15 books of the roman mysteries as a christmas present. I love them! I am reading the 13th book(the slave girl from Jerusalem). The gladiators from Capua is my favourite so far! I love the part when Nubia wins a lottery ball and has the hard desicion to save Jonathan or her long lost brother. It is an exciting read and I couldn't put it down! I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone intrested in roman history and adventure.

Age 9
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on 27 September 2013
Usual high quality story telling from Caroline Lawrence. Aiming for the complete set.

Love the DVD as well.

Caroline Lawrence even sent me some signed posters :)
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on 30 October 2014
This was a highy interesting book that kept me glued to my kindle.dead octopi is being silly bla pootle ablut
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on 13 March 2013
A very very very good book i couldn't take my eyes off it I can't wait for the next one.
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