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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 July 2014
For fans of Brooks' Shannara series here comes a new trilogy expanding on the world and happenings. Set in a volatile period of Elven history, where science and technology is getting rediscovered by the races just as the magical power is slowly waning (the exception being the handful of druids still very much invested in it), it goes sufficiently far to be an intriguing volume drawing you into the new trilogy.

A quest for finding long lost elfstones is one of the main threads in the book, the other being the defence of the druid order as such. While there is a partial resolution to the one part, the book is more or less only a scene setter to the other one.

As the book is a scene setter for the rest of the trilogy, most of the characters are covered only vaguely - the exception being Aphenglow Elessedil, the female protagonist (elven druid). With her you get a reasonably well developed, rounded character.

The book finds a reasonable balance between scene setting, character development and action sequences, and while the high number of characters only allows some of them to be developed fully (and some disappear before getting there), it all remains intriguing enough to look forward to the second and third installments to the trilogy. While I have read other Shannara works by the author, doing so is not essential (even if somewhat helpful) for one's enjoyment of the book.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 July 2013
Possibly the most brilliant thing Terry Brooks has done with his Shannara works is the creation of a world that spans thousands of years and evolves as a real world would.

In this book we find ourselves roughly a century on from the events of the previous novels (previous in terms of chronology in the series not in written order) and the world has moved on again. Science is catching up with magic and a struggle for power is coming soon. To think that the Shannara series started with small little hamlets and kingdoms and now encompasses federations and cities shows how far these books have gone. With the addition of newer books that acted as prequels we have been with the Shannara series through the destruction of an old world, the rise of a new and the countless rise and falls of different powers be they the druid council, kingdoms or even the rule of magic itself.

In all of the fantasy series I have ever read this is the first one to encompass so much change and it is the reason why every time you pick up a new Shannara series you can be sure that though instantly familiar as part of Terry Brook's world you are still in for a ride that feels just as fresh as ever.

This book is the first in a trilogy of which the Druids undertake a quest to find a magic lost to the world since the time of the faerie. Whilst they are out on their quest however they leave themselves open to attack from the federation of men who want to see the druids and all magic wiped from the world.

What follows is the beginning of what appears to be another gripping adventure for the Shannara world and possibly the beginning of a completely new era for the residents of the four lands.

This was an enjoyable book as per usual and I am thoroughly looking forward to reading the next. Terry Brooks has wonderfully set the scene with this book, teasing us with what might be to come but leaving us with great amounts of questions that need to be answered.

All in all a great book and I recommend to all Terry Brooks fans. For those who have not read his books I know that Mr Brooks does writes his novels so you can pick up any of the series and start afresh but I do recommend reading the previous novels to get a full history of this world.
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on 14 August 2013
I have read every one of the Shannara books and loved them all. I was therefore understandably thrilled when the third book of the latest trilogy was released - downloading the lot to read in one sitting. Sadly the book let itself down.

The ending was poor, with far too many loose ends and convenient fixes. The beginning was also poor and far too drawn out, with a focus on word count, rather than quality. The middle was better written, but sadly only to the point of mediocre.

The biggest let down though was the complete absence of plot - new plot, anyway. It seemed more like a mail-merge of the previous books than anything vaguely original. I have read the other books. If I want to read them again, then I can. I do not need to read what seems like a schoolchild's attempt to combine them into a new trilogy.

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on 26 October 2016
I downloaded this book, then read some of the reviews! I was extremely worried that I had bought a book that I wasn't going to enjoy even though I love Terry Brooks' work. I only started the first book yesterday and am already 20% in and thoroughly enjoying it. To me it's Terry Brooks at his best, so do please ignore the bad reviews and enjoy the reading! I can't wait to continue.
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on 22 April 2014
My review for all 3 books in the trilogy:

A great lead into the story; just as we’ve come to expect from Terry Brooks. Interesting characters combined with a good story, old history revisited, familiar places and new. Re-entering the Shannara world is like putting on a comfortable sweater and sitting in front of a log fire with a good drink to hand! If that’s what you’ve come to expect, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re new to Shannara novels you’ll enjoy it, but I’d suggest starting with the original ‘Sword of Shannara’ and working your way up!

I enjoy the way Terry composes his novels; and this has been no exception. If you read this, like me it leaves you wanting to get on with the next instalment…

One point (Mr Brooks); it would’ve been good to read the previous trilogy first (High Druid of Shannara); but I couldn’t!!! It’s not available on Kindle, so I had to read the next one instead (what else could I do at 11:00pm?!)

One other small criticism; a couple of the plot lines in the trilogy are a little bit predictable, but I can forgive this because I still really enjoyed it.
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on 7 May 2014
I considered myself a real fan and loved the original Shannara books back in the day. However was disappointed with this and felt it lacked that magical spark the original series had. I felt it to be written to a three-book formula which has become the norm in this genre of fiction. Is it that having found an original storyline the author/ess is compelled to do it to death over and over again to keep the pennies rolling in. I think I am becoming bored with this format of storytelling, where I cannot get the whole storey without committing to at least three books, with the second usually being a very iffey padding piece. Not sure I liked any of the characters sufficiently to pay another £10 to find out what happened to them, so sad.
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on 1 August 2017
This book is every think you expect from Terry Brooks, its dark in nature, and on the other side it is quite confusing, but as you get in to the book you see how the story unfolds. It is very confusing but it all come's to you in the end..
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on 15 February 2014
Reading Terry Brooks' is like sitting in your favourite armchair: you know you are going to love it. This latest in his new trilogy suffers a little from a bit of 'sameness', which is inevitable when he's been writing about the same thing for a long time. However, he has such a gifted way of engaging you in these fantasies that it doesn't really matter whether it's a bit like one of the others or not, you just hunker down and enjoy it.
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on 2 November 2012
Terry is a fantasy novel Zeitgeist so a new novel in a new sequence is always highly anticipated and this new series opener doesnt fail to impress. I had some doubts, as I have read so many Shannara books now, but he hasnt failed in reigniting my love for all things Shannara. Cant wait for his next one. Final thought is, even if you have had your fill of Shannara over the years, this new sequence is well worth a visit! Hugely enjoyable! Thanks again Terry!
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on 25 April 2013
Terry brooks has been my favourite fantasy author since 1988.
I love all his books and wards of faerie prove he is still writing exciting stories, drawing believable and likable characters.
I can't wait for the second and the third price to come down so I can purchase for My kindle.
My soapbox-- I think that paying anything over £6 for a kindle edition of any writer is far too much.
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