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on 11 November 2012
I loved the first trilogy by Brent Weeks so was looking forward to having something more of his to read, but I have to say I was initially rather disappointed by this book. It was fairly slow and heavy going in the beginning and I found it a bit difficult to understand as it seems to be lacking in explanation of a lot of the way the fictional world it is set in works. This caught up a bit later on and I did end up enjoying the book. I will be reading the second part anyway as I got interested enough to want to know more about what happens to the characters.
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on 9 August 2016
Really enjoyed this book. Interesting magical system, decent plot and characters. Struggled a little with the self flagellation of Kip, just found the negative inner monologue repetitive. Couldn't decide between 3 and 4 stars. Settled on 4 since I intend to buy the next in the series.
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on 14 February 2017
Sometimes, a lot needs to be loaded at the start of the novel, for you to really care as the story comes to a climax, and having loved the first trilogy, I had massive doubts a few hours into this one.

At the end, I one clicked book two and I'm just about to start it, relaxing with a beer and can't wait.

Great stuff again, mad how well written characters, and incentive prose can actually make me 'worried' about what happens next!
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on 24 August 2017
Loved this book. At first I thought this is not my cup of tea, but as I was on holiday I continued to read it. I'm so glad I did. Will now read book 2.
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on 11 September 2016
Long book, it took me a while to envisage 'drafting' and get to grips with who everyone is. Whilst recommending the book, not sure yet if I'll read rest of series, it's so different. But if you like fantasy it's a brilliant read.
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on 4 March 2015
It takes a little getting used to, the use of light as a source of magic. However, perseverance through the first third of the book led to a very good tale. The action builds nicely and the plots entwine delightfully. As soon as I had finished this book I bought the next within 5 minutes.
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on 14 February 2013
An absolutely excellent read. For fans of Weeks' other works this is definitely a must have. Interesting, engaging and amusing characters, a story that keeps you turning the pages and a world that is constantly arousing your interest. Unlikely heroes and unlikely plot twists the story keeps you guessing who peole really are and what they're motivations are. An unusual magic system and mythology also add to the worlds mystique.
My one complaint is that I finished it too quickly and the second book in the series isn't nearly long enough to keep me going until the third.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has read the Night Angel Trilogy and anyone who enjoys fantasy in general.
Just fantastic.
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on 7 October 2014
Rarely have I enjoyed a book as much as this one. It's exciting, complex, funny, and with an interesting original magic system. I thought it was a trilogy and waited until book 3 was out before starting on book 1. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when I realised it's actually a series and not finished yet! At least I have a good re-read to look forward to when book 4 arrives. Well done Mr Weeks!
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on 17 August 2013
Its Such a pleasure to come across an Author who is prepared to push the boundaries and create a book that sets the scene and makes you go out and immediately buy the sequel. This is not his first book I have read but I can honestly say its one of his best. totally captivating and yet you get the feeling as you read it that there is so much more to come. Characters are continually developing and building, the suspense is great and the book flows.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone with a good imagination who wants a book that keeps you interested from cover to cover!!
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on 4 January 2013
I found the Black Prism to be one of those books which I could not put down, that said, it took me a little while to get into. The story line is original with a lot of depth to it, the characters are believable and you really see them develop as the story progresses. The ending of the book left,you waiting in anticipation for the next instalment, which I am looking forward to.

In conclusion, a delightful book full of new ideas, intrigued and characters you care about which a lot of scope for more books to come.
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