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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 8 April 2015
I'm about 3/4 the way through this book, and I have to say that although there are a few minor discrepancies (the helipad at the very beginning is indoors with a roof that opens up, Snake starts off with a SOCOM, the infra-red goggles are found at the very start by the helipad, the fight with Psycho Mantis is just bizarre), I have to say, I'm really enjoying the book. Snake's character is a little bit off at the beginning, he comes across as a bit of a goof, spouting one liners each time he take out a guard. He also seems to enjoy killing guards willy nilly rather than sneaking around them, but it gets better as you progress; Snake's character settles at the kind of Solid Snake that I remember from the games, so don't be put off by the first few chapters. The author has a decent writing style, I'll definitely be buying the other 2 books after I've finished this one.
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on 31 January 2009
Ok Metal Gear Solid the original for the Playstation one is often called by fans the best in the series due to its compelling story and intresting characters and twists even Pyscho Mantis couldn't have forseen. Howevever after this one the story either got to complicated or not complex enough, the first game had it just right. So much so that they made a PC version then a comic and a remake later for the Nintendo Gamecube and then a PSP Graphic Novel of the game. Well now they have decided we need to revist Shadow Moses once again in the form of paper, the novelsation of Metal Gear Solid.

"Highly skilled former FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake is called out of retirement to do what he does best - neutralize a crisis of epic proportions. A deadly team of renegade FOXHOUND operatives has taken over the nuclear disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island in the icy Aleutians. If there demands aren't met, a powerfull top secret wepon will be unleashed upon the world.
Solid Snake's mission is to breach the heavily fortified base to rescue hostage and to destroy the super wepon. His only obstacles are brainwashed commandos, DNA-enhanced troops, and six first-rate killers with exttaordinary abilties. All alone in hostile territory, armed with nothing but his wits, Snake has only a snowball's chance in hell of taking out his target and keeping nuclear nightfall from descending on the earth.
But nothing is as it seems. Somebody is hiding somthing. Somebody has a hidden agenda. And sombody wants Snake to learn secrets about his dark past - secrets that would shake any man to his core"

The book is written by Raymond Benson, Raymond Benson is most known for his James Bond Novelsations, in total he wrote 12 James Bond books. So by the time he came to write this he had been writing James Bond books for so long that he writes well for that sort of character. However Mr Benson seems to belive that James Bond and Solid Snake are alike and have simmilar personaltys so he wrote there characters fairly the same, and fans will know Snake is nothing like James Bond. Sure he may have simmilar skills as James Bond but there personaltys are nothing alike, this is one of the main flaws in the book.

Snake's character in the book is not really like the Snake we know from the games, first off Snake seems to be portrayed like a genric action hero, also Snake is often given quotes which don't suit his character such as when Ocelot first encountered Snake he was telling Snake bout Big Boss and asked if he measured up to him, Snake replys "I don't know, I didn't bring my ruler." Now that may be a funny line but it is too cheesy for Snake and is not somthing you would expect him to say.

But aside from that all the other character's are as they should be, they even included characters more than they did in the game, for one the whole first chapter is about Snake's Birth and includes Jim Housemen and Dr Clark. These were characters that were not included very much in the game and Dr Clark wasn't even in it. The relastionship between Master Miller and Solid Snake is also given more depth as throughout the book if Snake gets into a jam he remeberes somthing Master Miller had prevoiusly told him. So those are added treats.

The book also manages to carefully get around things that happen in the game that won't have transfered good to the book, one of the best examples is the PSG1. In the game Snake require's it at a certain point to save sombody, however as he dosn't have it he has to backtrack all the way to the begging of the game to aquire it. However in book form that would be quite boring, so they inplemented it so the PSG1 is already with him, this is good as it won't lose the action and for returing fans it adds some diffrent situations.

The book is a really decent book, it stays faithfull to the series and even adds some extra pieces of infomation for returing fans, but is just as enjoyable for new readers. Sure the character of Snake may be slightly off but that shouldn't stop you from picking up this book.
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on 30 March 2009
As way of introduction, let me assert that I am an English Literature student, as well as in the process of having a novel published. I always try to look for the best in a piece of literature.

The Metal Gear Solid book...what is there to say? I bought it thinking "This will be fun." As I loved the games. How wrong was I. Raymond Benson, a name I hadn't previously heard, can not write. His sentence structure is uninteresting, his characters aren't even 2D, and his dialogue! Oh dear!

Let me start with characterisation. Solid Snake, in the games, was a tough, rugged killing/sneaking machine. In this? He's a cheesy American teenager using phrases such as "I have no beef with you." Beef? Please! For the love of all things written! Note, that is a DIRECT QUOTE. He's a rugged 33 year old cold-blooded killer, he doesn't have a skateboard. Snake is the only mildly developed character. Benson seems to have a knack for useless characters.

Next, the likeness to the game: pretty darn good! BUT this is a downside, rather than a plus. I think Benson must of had the strategy guide whilst writing this book. Snake, in the novel, seems to go for every single last damned crate! "Oh look! Someone left a crate on the helipad! Now let's explore the area for more boxes!" No, Benson, this does NOT make a good read. It's monotones and dull. However, on the other hand, I enjoy the spurts of nostalgia as a character sticks to the script, or when Snake finds an unusual Easter egg.

The dialogue through out this story is fake. There's no other way to describe it. It's just so unbelievable, you'll find yourself laughing. Sure, the original script for MGS was never award winning, but now...it's appalling. Furthermore, Benson doesn't add anything t the speech, it's all "Snake said", "Meryl said", "she said" etc.

I can't comment on scene/place, or the story concept as we all know that MGS was amazing.

In conclusion, this book is less than decent. Oh Snake, how you were butchered! Benson needs to go back to school, or, at least, start reading decent authors, learn something from them. He is distinctly lacking in talent. The only plus side is the fact you will not be able to put it down and just say "I'm not carrying on", just for the fact that it's called "Metal Gear Solid", and his non-writing is fascinating.
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on 23 June 2008
i have been a big fan of the metal gear solid series for years now and when i discovered a novel based on it i was very excited , the problem tho it reads to like the book based on the game and not a novelisation of the storyline i dont need to no where he picks up certain items for use later on i have already discovered these things by playin it , i understand raymond benson writes bond novels which may explain why his characterisation of solid snake is way off, his portrayal of him comes across to much like bond which if you have played mgs he is nothing like ,i have not read raymond's previous novels so i cant comment on those but i was very let down by this one .
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on 19 January 2015
Brought it as a Christmas gift for a bloke who loved the game way back when PS1 was all the rage and polygon people were the best graphics around. He's since played the game again and enjoyed reading it even though he couldn't imagine the characters as anything but polygons!
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on 3 May 2009
As a huge fan of the metal gear solid series, i bought this as soon as i could. Although ive played all the games thus already knowing the story, i found myself highly enjoying the book.

There is only one really bad thing about the novel; Benson portrays Snake innacurately (i.e. Cheesy catchphrases, brutal killer etc.) at the start of the novel but as the novel progresses the Snake that we all know and love finally emerges. All the rest of the characters are fine, i think Otacon and Grey Fox were portrayed particularly well - true to the games.

The best thing about the novel is the action sequences - you won't forget Snake's fight against the Hind or the Snake vs Ocelot duel.

Overall, i wasnt sure whether to give this 3 or 4 stars, but decided to settle on 4 and be generous as it was good fun, but nothing more. I reccomend this to people who love the games (like me) or to people who are interested in MGS but dont like playing games.

Thanks for reading my review :)
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on 30 April 2014
Delivery came quick and the book is a very quick read but enough detail and depth to keep any MGS1 entertained. A solid 4star
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on 10 July 2008
Lets start off with the bad points about this MGS novel. first of all the character of solid snake is a little off and more traditional action heroish, but still feels like snake but with a few extra cheesy lines. another bad point is that it dosent follow the game structure exactly - which also is a plus as it adds a little more scope while still being almost totally faithful.
Now the good stuff: It captures the MGS atmosphere very well and results in being a real page turner. Also the semi complex story is nicely written and dosent leave you guessing.
For real fans of the series i'd advise them not to expect to be blown away like they would be in the gaming experience so that they may be pleasantly surprised, - this is how i aproached buying this adaptation and enjoyed it.
If you can forgive its flawes its an entertaining read.

Go on give it a go and if it dissapoints you, sell it on!
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on 29 March 2016
Came early than expected, no damaged, well sealed and protected. Thank you for great product!
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on 6 June 2011
This book is written remarkably with a lot more emphasis on a backstory and this is exactly how I would see the film if it was made.

Great story that even those who are not a fan of the game series could get into and like. The author even puts his own spin and changes on things and adds an extra kick to a story that already is brilliant.

Overall, well worth the money, and it is not a hard read either given the reasonable size of the book.
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