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4.4 out of 5 stars
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I'm always on the lookout for a novel that tries to break away from the usual fare out there so when I originally came across Jennifers work I fell in love with her style instantly. A heroine who not only kicks butt but also has an emotional background along with baggage really does tick all the boxes for me and I was more than thrilled when a character who'd only appeared briefly in past tales got a bigger role. Not only did he rock the tale to its very socks but he managed to not only aid the mission but fluster the heroine with apparent ease with an opening chapter that really will have the reader laughing as they turn the pages over. Its fun, it's got a cracking plot but above all Jenn stays true to the characters and allows them enough freedom to take the tale where it needs to go. If you love 007 and love a butt kicking female then you really can't beat Jenn's work.
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on 15 February 2009
Albert, Jaz's dad manages to get himself included on Jaz's mission to protect one of her former (and dead) target's allies from a hitwoman called Bea in order to keep the balance of power even. Jaz is furious, not only has she been denied back-up in the form of Bergman and Cassandra but her dad has been ordered to report back on her and Vayl's activities.

Now don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVED the story, the humour (Who do you call? Ghostbusters! or in Jaz's case snake-killer), the growing relationship between Jaz and Vayl, Cole's eventual acceptance that he can't have Jaz but there was one thing that left me a bit flumoxed. Jaz's dad Albert, he never discovers that Vayl is a vampire. He overhears that Vayl's a vampire a few times, he even sees the evidence for himself, Jaz hints at it as well but he never realises it. I kept waiting for the lightbulb to go on inside his head and for him to make a big thing over the fact that Vayl is undead. It never happens and I'm a bit disappointed about it.

I also really missed Bergman as did Jaz but that was deliberate, bloody politicians trying to strip Jaz of her allies making it less likely for her to survive her mission but hopefully we'll see him in the next book.

I liked seeing more of Jaz's parents; why her mother deserves to be in hell and Albert finding out why Jaz hates her so much. All in all, a very entertaining read. I can't wait to see what Vayl's solution is to the political problem in book six, BITE MARKS which may get both him and Jaz either fired or dead.
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Since Jaz and Vayl's team managed to destroy the Raptor his allies have been fighting amongst themselves to see who is going to take his place. The CIA are trying to maintain the balance so when they discover that someone has hired a hit woman to take out the coven leader of one of the main groups they decide to send Jaz and Vayl to stop the hit. So the team is going on a trip to Scotland and they're going to have their work cut out if they want to stop the mercenary in time.

I was a little bit disappointed with the last book in this series (Bitten to Death) so I was pleased to find that things are getting back on track in One More Bite. I still missed having Cassandra and Cole in this installment, I really love it when the whole team is together so I'm hoping to see that happen in the next book. I have to admit that this was more than made up for by the fact that Albert (Jaz's dad) was with them on the mission though. He had me laughing out loud with his antics and I really enjoyed the bickering between him and Jaz. I was glad we got to find out more about Jaz's family background, things have been alluded to in the previous books but we never had too much information about why she hates her mother so much so it was good to get some clarification on that. I understand Jaz's reactions to certain things a lot better now.

I'm so relieved that things still seem to be going well between Jaz and Vayl, I was hoping for a little more relationship development but they are still slowly moving in the right direction. I was worried when I realised that Cole was going to be playing a major part in this installment, he annoyed me just from the sidelines in the last book and I really wasn't looking forward to having to put up with more of him this time. I was actually pleasantly surprised though and he didn't irritate me anywhere near as much.

The story line was well written, included a lot of humor, plenty of action and added some new supernatural elements to the series. I'm looking forward to reading the next installment.
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on 2 March 2009
This is the latest book in the Jaz Parks series and in my opinion not the best. Jaz's dad Albert has been brought along for the ride as they head to Scotland to prevent a coven leader from being murdered. The plot is a little confusing and for some reason they brought the dog as well. People new to the series will probably not be able to follow the story so reading the other books first is a must. The best thing about this book is Jaz and Vayl get together and Vayl shows signs of becoming a great character now that he's gotten over the deaths of his sons. The book ends with a promising hint of what's to come. A good read.
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on 13 November 2010
I loved the family dynamic in the latest book of this series. The interaction between Jaz and her dad was cracking me up. We have known Jaz's thoughts about her father and family the whole series, but it was interesting to really see how he felt about her. And for her to realize it. I also loved to hear how Jaz just couldn't sit still on her recovery, I can just see her going crazy. It is these little things that make her so likeable. I also like how her and Vayl's realtionship is progressing. A fun surprising fact for me is how much I love the dog and all the antics that he gets up to.
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on 1 January 2014
A good cross between spy and vampire just right amount of love violence and great one liners story is consistent and nothing to dislike
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on 11 July 2016
Excellent - I love these books.
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