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on 26 May 2017
When it comes to “The Measure of magic” – Book Two of the Legends of Shannara, Terry Brooks mixes the ingredients of high adventure in perfect proportions.

The remnants of mankind have not learned the harsh lessons inflicted upon them over five hundred years before that led to them being sequestered from the rest of a world ravaged by a demon instigated nuclear war. Come to that, neither have the elves, nor the other races that came into the hidden valley along with them.

Still divided, ever suspicious of creatures not of their own kind, they have remained fragmented and fractious. So much so that their ongoing squabbles and petty politickings play right into the demon’s hands with catastrophic consequences.
How catastrophic?

You’ll see when we rejoin Panterra Qu, Prue Liss and Phryne Amarantyne as they struggle to come to terms with a drastic change of circumstances. Each has gained varying degrees of magical ability. Yet it is apparent they are ill prepared for the consequences such responsibility involves, nor the hurdles their long-established insecurities seem to place in their way, despite the best of intentions.

This is a darker and altogether grittier tale of how easy it is to rise – or fall – to the occasion, no matter how personally important things may be or how much you want to succeed.

In a nutshell? I absolutely loved it. Frustrating, engaging, poignant and bitter-sweet. Not all fantasy adventures end happily ever after... and I’m glad they don’t.

A superb continuing introduction to the later world of Shannara.
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on 19 May 2017
Got this book for my dad, as he likes this type of story. The book was in very good condition and dad was very happy with it he started reading it the day he got it. Thank you
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on 26 August 2017
Enjoyed it
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on 15 October 2015
should have spacew for 4 1/2 stars really,another rattling yarn good sequel brilliant author
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on 26 August 2017
Great Read
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on 28 June 2017
Very good read
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on 9 August 2017
Absolutely brilliant couldn't put the book down
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on 6 March 2013
The culmination of the saga and is a good read especially if you are on holiday so you can get immersed into the story.
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I've been a long time fan of Terry Brooks ever since my Uncle introduced his books to me in 1987 and although not my favourite 'mini series' in the Shannara world I did really enjoy this book and it's predecessor Bearers of the Black Staff. I absolutely loved the Word and the Void initial trilogy and was made up when the Genesis of Shannara trilogy was released as few years ago which tied the Shannara world with the Word's servants.

***Warning beginning of the book possible spoilers***
This book continues on from the Bearers of the Black Staff and picks up with Prue Liss trying to escape from the Trolls after Deladion Inch sacrificed himself to save her. There's a new 'player' in the book with a seemingly harmful rag-picker making an appearance which actually is a Demon in disguise. The Demon has sensed the magic from the Black Staff since the valleys protective walls have fallen and is determined to own that magic as his own as he had long thought he had rid the world of the bearers and their black staffs from him systematically hunting them down since the apocalypse. The Demon has also sensed some sort of magic from Prue Liss and is now quickly on her heels. Will Prue escape the Trolls and the Demon?
Panterra Qu has now taken up the black staff following Sider's death and has to make the decision between warning the people of Glensk Wood that the defences at Declan Reach have fallen or going after Prue Liss. He finally makes the decision to warn the people first and then continue on to save Prue not knowing that she has actually already escaped the Trolls camp with Deladion's help.
Phryne Amarantyne is locked up following her Father's murder and accused of being the perpetrator by her wicked Step-Mother Isoeld and the First Minister Teonette. She has not been allowed to contact the outside world to get a message to her Grandmother or to her cousins the Orullian's and is awaiting trial for her Father's murder. With no seeming escape or way of proving her innocence all hope seems lost.

This book definitely picks up pace from the first with the threat of the Troll invasion and now the Demon on the people of the valley. I was glued to the book throughout and it's yet another brilliant book from Terry Brooks. If you liked the Word and the Void and Genesis of Shannara series then I think you will enjoy this series too however I do agree with some of the other reviews that this should probably have been a trilogy and for that reason only I've knocked off a star.

Terry Brooks continues to be my longest standing favourite author and I'm looking forward to his new trilogy Legacy of Shannara which according to his website starts next year with the first book The Wards Of Faerie released in August 2012. For once the other two books in the series will be released within a year (March 2013 & August 2013) so I won't have to wait a year in between each book for once!
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on 25 April 2012
Always loved Terry Brookes, dont know why but Ive read everything this guy has printed without complaints. However, I think that this story line is way to similar to his previous writing/novels. I think he needs to refresh his way of thinking in some parts of the story lines. For those that have not read Terry Brookes previous works, well I guess you will throughly enjoy this second helping! The story continues, mankind and elven are fighting for there homeland, which was protected with magic, now the magic is down and they have to come face to face with an invading Troll army and a Demon who will stop at nothing to get what he desires..mainly the Magic Rod carried by the Staff Bearer.
It weaves in and out of there lives, as the story progresses, mainly running around a forest, being hungry, thirsty and trying to save mankind from the invasion and this rather miffed off ancient demon. It does continue to repeat itself from different prespectives, but I guess hes just trying to fill out the pages.He does however make the characters feel real, and somewhere you feel for them as they ramble on through the book. And I do MEAN Ramble! Will get the third book, as I dont want to miss out on the ending. However, I do feel a bit of a let down, as the areas he writes about are very very familiar with his other older works. FOur stars as I enjoyed it, but did flick through a few ramblings as they were repetative. Four stars.
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