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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 1998
This book starts where the last of the Vicki Nelson books leave off. Henry, the vampire and the bastard son of Henry VIII is having dreams about the sun. He enlists Vicki's help to find the reason behind these nightmares. What they find is a life stealing mummy intent on taking over the city. While this book does not quite measure up to the previous two novels it does a good job a bringing the main characters to the next level of familiarity with the reader. This is an enjoyable series that proves that Ms. Huff is one of the better authors in this genre. A must read for any fan of horror or detective novels.
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on 15 January 2010
Another solid entry into the series about Vicki Nelson, a PI with a degenerative eye disability, Henry Fitzroy, centuries-old vampire and son of Henry VIII. Since he plays a much bigger part in this book, mention should also be made of Mike Celluci, police officer and sometime lover of Vicki.

In previous novels Huff has tackled vampires (obviously), werewolves, summoning demons and here she wanders into the realms of ancient Egypt and mummies. In the slow burn start to the book a new sarcophagus is found by Dr Rax, curator of the Royal Ontario Museum, and brought to Toronto. After a series of mysterious deaths, the situation comes to the notice of Mike, who starts to believe that an actual mummy might be haunting the streets of Toronto. When he is pulled from the case, he asks Vicki to investigate on his behalf. Eventually Vicki pulls together the threads to realise that the people of Toronto are in mortal danger and time is running out for the mummy to be stopped.

I have to confess, this was my least favourite of the books so far. The main essence of the plot took a really long time to get started properly - for a while it was just so much Egyptology claptrap - and the subplot concerning Henry and his fear of going mad because of his dreams was dull. I disliked the period in the book that Vicki spent in jail, since it affected the pacing of the book hugely, and the ending was a bit of a letdown and a copout.

For once, as well, I didn't enjoy the characters as much. Considering he is an all-powerful immortal who walks the night, Henry is incredibly whiny and vulnerable in this book. Mike is just annoying. And Vicki seemed once more pushed to the sidelines (as I felt with the second book). I mean, although she features in a lot of the book, she just isn't growing as a character. She is just reacting to those around her, and much of the spiky character that I enjoyed in the first book is absent. All we have now is a pushy and argumentative individual with little charm to recommend her.

And how I dislike her reactions to the two men in her life! For one thing, she is flitting between them (Mike by day and Henry by night) with not a qualm or a pang of conscience. Henry declares his love for her, and she shrugs it off as a given - in fact, moans at him for even having said it. When Mike says he wants to discuss the love triangle situation they find themselves in, she considers him a pain in the ass for doing so. She is distinctly unloveable on these occasions.

There were parts I still enjoyed, and moments in the book were incredibly tense, but I just found the overall plot less than entertaining, and the relationships between the characters annoying. I'll read onto book four, but I'm definitely less enamoured with this series.
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After being diagnosed with an eye disease, Victoria "Vicki" Nelson left the police force and became a private investigator. Since then, Vicki has become physically involved with Henry Fitzroy, a vampire. Vicki still has a relationship with Detective-Sergeant Mike Celluci, a homicide investigator with the Metropolitan Toronto Police Department. Last April the trio had to deal with a demon, part of August had them associating with a pack of werewolves. This time it is a mummy.

After spending three centuries in the dark, locked immobile inside a sarcophagus, the last remaining wizard-priest of the god Akhekh emerges. The sarcophagus and the mummy it contained have only recently become the official possession of the Royal Ontario Museum. Those few who saw the mummy are quickly killed or have their minds wiped. Though Mike did not see the mummy, he is positive that he had been told it existed. Yet suddenly the mummy is gone and the person who had informed him of its existence now claims that they never said so. Mike's boss, Inspector Cantree, soon forbids him to continue his personal investigation. With his hands tied, Mike hires Vicki to locate the missing mummy.

For over four hundred and fifty years Henry has not seen the sun. Now he sees it in his mind every night when he wakes. Henry fears that it means he may walk into the sunlight and end his existence, even though he does not want to die. Vicki promises to be there with Henry each morning, when the dawn reaches out to take him. She would fight with him. For him. She would not let him burn. In the meantime, Vicki spends her days searching for a mummy that walks the streets of Toronto, a mummy who brought with it the power of ancient Egypt. It goes by the name of Anwar Tawfik and somehow it has gotten control of the Solicitor General, the police force, and is working on more.

Unless the mummy is stopped, all of Toronto will quickly fall into its hands, followed by the rest of the world.

*** THREE STARS! When it comes to the love triangle, Henry no more wanted something in common with Mike than Mike wanted with him. Except, of course, the one thing (Vicki) that neither of them is willing to give up. So I found it very entertaining to watch Henry and Mike hate, yet grudgingly respect, each other during this third episode. Both men are ready to take their relationship with Vicki to the next level, but Vicki still has a serious commitment problem.

In my opinion, there is too much time spent on describing who, why, and how the mummy will manipulate/entrance next. I actually found myself skimming these sections after awhile. (Something I seldom do for fear of missing anything vital.) This is not the author's best work, but I still found it to be very entertaining. ***

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on 15 November 2010
What surprised me the most about this book was finally getting to read about the "baby in the backpack" thing that clearly traumatized Tony so much that he thinks about it all the time in the Smoke books. All right, what actually surprised me that this ended up not having to do with a dead baby in, like, a knapsack, as I had thought, but in fact involved some sort of back-facing snuggly. Oh, those wacky Canadians! Anyway, besides my realization that I'd been an idiot, this particular volume of the series didn't do much for me. The parts where Vicki is falsely imprisoned did succeed in freaking me out, but in general I found the book too long and a bit blah.
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on 27 April 2009
its october in toronto and the weather is rain, cold and not very nice. vicki is on the case of a 3000 year old mummy that has risen from its coffin. meanwhile henry is having dreams about going into the sun so vicki has to keep close eye on him, which is also making things much more complicated between her and celluci, as if that could happen!!!! will the three of them track it down before it takes the whole town under its spell.
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on 23 March 2016
I bought the whole series after having watched Blood Ties on Prime. The show unfortunately was cancelled after one season but it did mention that it was based on Tanya Huff's Vicky Nelson books. Google did his magic and I found these books. I read almost one a day. It's a dynamic who'd done it with a vampire twist, some romance and loads and loads of witty banter. Loved the whole series.
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on 13 August 2007
Worth buying the book for the fantatic Wizard of Oz reference!! Brilliant read - character`s Vicki (PI), Mike (detective sergeant) and Henry (vampire)- you will never think of museum`s Egyptology departments the same again. Tanya Huff`s other books in Blood series also recommended.
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on 30 October 2009
Enjoyed this very much; liked the fact that the detective isnt perfect, she's having to cope with her sight problems and the fact that vampires exist! Have read the second one and will be getting the third too!
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on 1 August 2009
The book is in the condition I was promised. :)
It arived to the time...:)
I just started to read it and I'am wery happy with my buy.
Still need one or two books so I look foreward to tjekking in....:)
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on 27 May 2013
Book was an easy read.
Good to read when travelling.
Enjoyable and just enough detail and mystery to keep me interested.
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