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on 26 February 2013
Dime Store Magic is the third book in The Women of the Otherworld series. Paige Winterbourne, head of the witches coven and guardian of black witch Eve Levines daughter Savanah tells this story and what a story!! Its the story of the huge battle Paige faces to keep custody of Savanah whilst her powerful sorcerer father Kristof Nast (of the Nast Cabal) tries everything he can to take it away!! He enlists the help of Leah, the demon with telekenetic powers from the second Otherworld book, and various other supernaturals, enter Lucas, another sorcerer, but he shows Paige and Savanah that not all sorcerers are the same!!! another excellent book from KA!! Keep reading I know I am going to!!!!
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VINE VOICEon 4 April 2005
In this third novel from the Women of the Otherworld Series we hear the story of Paige Winterbourne who we first saw in Stolen.
This is a different side to Paige we see here as I did find her mildly irritating in Stolen! Paige is an orphan and finds herself as leader of the American Coven of Witches. Unfortunately for Paige she is nowhere near as experienced as her predecessor, her mother, or even as some of the other members of the coven.Some of them feel that Paige is not the right person to be their leader.
Nine months before this book began Paiges mother was murdered along with another witch who is the mother of Savannah Levine, who became left in Paige's care to look after her. Savannah is far experienced for her age for the powers she possesses therefore Paige has to try and make sure Savannah uses her powers responsibly! The story goes on in revealing Savannah's father as Kristof Nash who is heir to the Nash Cabal and he naturally wants custody of Savannah but, just for his own evil purposes.
This was the very 1st book of Kelley's books I bought without realising that there were 2 before it but, did read them in order. Again I have heard it said this one can be read as a stand-alone but, I do feel you would benefit from reading the previous books especially Stolen in relation to this one as you may not fully understand why or how Savannah & Paige's mothers died.
This is brilliant and much different from the werewolves of the previous books and Paige is so much more likeable in this one.
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Bitten remains my 3rd favourite book of all time and i tried really hard to get into this but i didnt like Paige as a character and the whole book i was just waiting for clay and elena to show up.
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on 29 July 2013
Yes yes there is no Elena and the gorgeous Clay which seems o be the heart of most discussions when reviewing this book. However, this is about Paige this is Armstrong's chance to build the readers connection with the new Coven leader in preparation for the rest fo the series, it allows you chance to understand her as previously she came off as cold. In this book we see her struggle against her Coven, adapt to becoming a mother role to Savannah all the while battling sorcerers and demons!

Definitely would recommend to anyone who has read Bitten and Stolen and even those who haven't as you don't necessarily need the background.
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on 12 November 2013
bought this as a replacement for one i had lent to someone and never got back.love kelley armstrong`s books and am very happy now that my library is complete once more
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on 11 December 2013
Dime store magic is the third book in Kelley Armstrong's "Women of the Otherworld" series. Paige Winterbourne, a witch and the leader of the Eastfall Coven suddenly finds herself as guardian of Savannah Levine, a 13-year-old daughter of a a deceased black witch (or rather a witch with a tendency to dark magic)named Eve.
The book tells of the "custody" battle for Savannah, who is just coming into her powers, and the lengths which her father, a leader of a cabal and a powerful sorcerer will go to get her.
A really well written enjoyable read.
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on 5 February 2013
I feel a bit guilty for liking this series. The writing is decidedly uninspired. The dialogue is predictable. The horror is surprisingly brutal but the tension found in other horror stories is largely missing.

Why do I like it then? It's quite simply a darned good yarn and I'm enjoying finding out where the series is heading. It's also a nice easy read and doesn't require much in the way of thought, so it can easily be read in short bursts whilst looking after the kids.
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on 21 June 2010
I really enjoyed the first two books in this series following the story of the only female werewolf (Elena) and I was a little dubious when I was told the third book would now be following the story of the quiet witch, Paige, introduced in book 2. I couldn't see how it could be as good - but I was proved very wrong!! This is a great read for those of us that enjoy a bit of supernatural fiction now and again - I would highly recommend.
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on 17 March 2012
being an avid fan of kelley armstrong i will try and give an unbiased view of this bookno 3 in the women of the otherworld you must have an imagination toward witches etc but i really enjoyed the twists and turns of this book and i would reccomend this to any one who wishes to have a good read but beware it is book no 3 in the series bi would strongly suggest you read the others in order to understand the books
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on 24 February 2004
After being introduced to Kelley Armstrong by my bestfriend Caroline Smith I was in complete agreement with her that Kelley Armstrong is one of the best authors around!
Dime Store magic is FANTASTIC, I was concerned that without Elena Michaels as the lead I would not enjoy this book as much as Stolen or bitten, I am pleased to say however that Paige Winterbourne can hold her own.
I cant wait for Industrial Magic to be released pre-order your copy now!!!!!!
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