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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

on 24 July 2012
Book 1 of 11 in the Eisner award winning series. It'll help your introduction into Lucifer's world if you've read The Sandman: Vol IV: Season of Mists (1992). This series follows on from events that began there.

Vol One isn't just a casual introduction, it presents characters that'll become important in later issues. You may think their story has ended with the final panel but it more often than not hasn't. Carey has the ability to leave a reader with the impression that those people exist outside of the story; when you close the book they don't disappear, they continue to exist in new more personal stories that we aren't privy to.

He writes for adults. That doesn't mean he deals in Hollywood sex and violence, it means he creates characters with flaws, prone to introspection, with selfish tendencies that influence their actions, like all of us. He places the fallen angel in their world. Lucifer has a goal that he'll do almost anything to achieve but he needs help. He uses his talents to influence people. He may toss them aside afterwards but he'll always allow them free will. Give the Devil his dues, it's not he that makes you walk the path to hell. It should be remembered that manipulation is just another part of the game.

The book collects together The Sandman Presents: Lucifer issues 1 - 3, and Lucifer issues 1 - 4
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on 23 January 2004
This GN is composed of the 3 issue 'Sandman Presents' mini series and the first 4 issues of the ongoing series.
As such it actually contains 3 tales.
The first is drawn by the Scott Hampton, one of comics best artist/painters and his style is very appropriate to the story.
Lucifer (having resigned form Hell during Neil Gaimans run in Sandman) is called upon to sort out a problem on earth. Someone or something is granting peoples wishes and it is causing chaos.
Taking its cue from the Hellblazer series and even Raymond Chandler. Lucifer is the skillful, manipulative decetive and fix-it man. His motive for taking on the job are complex and probably unknowable.
The second story is also 3 issues long and picks up from the 1st. Lucifer is suspicious of the reward he received at the end of previous story and sets out to investigate it by consulting a most unusual tarot deck.
The third is a shorter (1 issue) story about a psychic girl who is investigating the death of her best friend. Lucifer makes only a brief apearance in this story and while it is entertaining enough (and rather like the Deadboy Detectives) it doesn't form an integral part of the previous stories and would probably sit better as the first story in Gods and Monsters (the 2nd volume). Its a minor complaint in some ways, but when packaging up an ongoing series, the makers should really give a bit more thought to organising the chapters into more relevant chunks.
Overall this is a very intriguing story and Lucifer is presented in a fairly believable way. He is highly intelligent, coldhearted, detached , dignified, charming and quite quite evil.
Not quite up there with Sandman or Watchmen, but a very worthwhile read.
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on 6 November 2002
Lucifer is a fantastic character, very well defined and detailed. I personally like him better than Dream or Constantine from the Sandman series. He is wicked and cool doing heaven's dirty jobs, and for some reason you trust him, even though he is too exciting to be predictable. It is so well written, and to be honest, this author is in my mind better at it than say, Gaiman (please don't kill me...) Gaiman is great at making characters and he made Lucifer initially, but Carey breathes life in Lucifer, and it is big. It is very substantial and complete. I imagine coming back to read it over and over again.
Lucifer is a spin-off series from The Sandman series, which I would suggest reading if you haven't. If you have read it, and liked it at least a little, you will not be dissapointed with Lucifer. A great addition to your collection. I also just finished reading vol 2, Children and Monsters..and I can tell you that it gets better!
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on 26 July 2003
Lucifer was one of the great characters in the Sandman series and it's good to see he got his own. For those who have enjoyed Neil Gaimen's interpretation of the universe this will continue to delight.
Definitely the place to start with the books. Do NOT start on Volume 2 (Children and Monsters) until you have read this one. I did, and was struggling to understand the relevance of characters that had appeared.
Lucifer is the ultimate cool guy who never loses control. Rage is for wimps: this guy is pure evil, even when on a Mission from God.
And that is part of the appeal - he is the hero of the book - he is so cool and admirable and just at a point that you are feeling that it would be so good to hang around with this fallen angel, he reminds you exactly why you should hope that you would never want to cross paths with him, and why you should never, ever trust him.
All praise to Mike Carey and the team for taking on this character, paying homage to Neil Gaimen's creation but developing him much further
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on 2 June 2006
I have no real knowledge of the comic industry. Nor have I ever read The Sandman series from which Lucifer has sprouted(although I may well get round to it). However, I can say that this first collection of Lucifer is fantastic. It doesn't take long to work out the set up - Lucifer has resigned from Hell etc - and the story draws you in as you try to uncover Lucifer's game. The artwork is very good, I especially like artwork in the first issue in this collection. The dialogue is sharp and witty, with Lucifer himself carrying the best lines of course.

This is engrossing fantasy, written and drawn very well, and leaves you wanting more. Fortunately, the next eight collections are already published...
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on 28 January 2012
I love the Lucifer series of comics and this is fantastic. He's a great character.
It draws you in. Wonderful.
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on 18 July 2001
For those of you who have read Sandman and enjoyed its originatlity and ability to surprise, then you will not be disappointed. Unlike other spin-offs of the Sandman universe, Mike Carrey, proves his abilities in bringing Lucifer to an equal footing.
The cover art by Fregredo is both imaginative and very skilled. You will find that all the best elements of the writers, inkers, artists went into this amazing production.
Go on, buy it...
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