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on 13 December 2002
It is hard to put into words what you feel when reading this book. The pain and the anger when contemplating the real story of what happened that dreadful day is so apparent, yet the author, despite the difficult times she has endured, and is enduring, manages to bring to you exactly what emotions were felt by all involved and affected by the tragic events of April 15th.
It's the kind of book where you want to hand out copies to everyone you know to try and help them understand the pain that was suffered. Told in graphic detail, readers are left in no doubt as to the injustice felt by those involved and affected.
As painful as it is inspiring, this book is not only a must read for anyone affected by the events of that day, it is an essential eye-opener for all those who believe in the British Justice System, and gives a real insight into why so many people will not rest until they feel that justice is done for thier loved ones. Anne Williams manages to depict wonderfully what so many others are feeling. The anger, the frustration, the pain, and the feeling of being let down.
Please read this book, and it will become clear why the fight for justice for the victims at Hillsborough must be continued.
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on 4 August 2000
This must have been the most difficult book to have ever been written, yet it is done so well, it is written in the way that anne williams must remember everything and what could be more accurate than that! I would recommend this book to anyone, I have never been so moved and i am now reading it for the third time! the way that anne williams describes her pain is unbelievable and you can feel it with her! so if you read this anne good luck and don't give up we are all behind you!
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on 27 February 2007
As I say above, words can only fail when you attempt to sum up this book, because simply like the authorities, words cannot do justice.

Anne Williams is obviously a very brave woman, one that will take the fight to the end to reveal the truth to the world, truth that should be accepted by the world.

I was 19 when this disaster happened and am also a football fan, albeit on the other end of the scale to a club the size of Liverpool, I support a lower league club. I remember the day quite clearly, watching my home town team and then news filtered through via fans with radios that there had been a 'problem' in the Liverpool end at the semi final. 'Problem' turned out to be such an understatement.

I arrived home and saw the horrific scenes unfold on the news and it was deeply disturbing for myself who was merely a fellow football fan so god only knows what the victims where going through.

The book tells all really and I challenge anyone to get past the first one or two chapters without shedding a tear or at least having a aching throat through fighting back the tears, it really is heartwrenching, moving and just as much, it makes you filled with anger at the authorities and their lack of respect, courtesy and sympathy towards the people who had lost loved ones and also to the traumatised survivors.

The book also highlights the 'heros' that day, whom where ordinary folks who rolled up their sleeves and did what they could with absolute minimal of resources whilst others whom should have been more qualified to deal with these matters either froze or chose to do nothing.

As I said at the start, words cannot describe the contents of this book, with exception of the words of Anne and fellow contributors in this book, namely Debra Martin.

I recommend anyone with an interest in football or justice reads this book but ensure you have a glass of water and a box of tissues along side you.
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on 3 August 2013
Not started it yet but I expect it will give me feelings about how one mother never gave up until the end and wanted justice for her beloved child. I too have lost a child in difficult circumstances and I can thoroughly identify with Anne Williams. May she meet up with Kevin in heaven xx
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on 9 August 2009
My heart broke for Anne Williams and her family when I read this book. She has been entirely honest about the depth and strength of her grief, her love for her son Kevin, and her struggle to win justice.

She selflessly reveals her personal memories of the horrific day itself, which is essential in driving home the impact of her loss. All too often, the victims of Hillsborough are lumped together as "the 96" - this book reminds us that each of these people were individuals, who had pretty ordinary lives, until a trip to a football match immortalised them for all the wrong reasons. Her reflective and warm recollection of Kevin reveals a typical 15 year old, who was entirely unique to those who knew and loved him.

The book tells not only of the tragedy itself - but the destructive legacy of subsequent court battles, media smear campaigns, ignorance and police coverups - as well as her family's obvious devastation and the eventual break down of her marriage.

As a mother myself, I have a tremendous amount of sympathy and admiration for Mrs Williams- she has had a horrendous legal battle in which the British justice system has failed her at every step. I'm not sure what avenues are still open to her, but I wish her all the luck in the world, and hope that this shambles of a government can do something to right the wrongs of Hillsborough - this book proves that the evidence is there - people have worked hard to uncover it, and it's about time it was recognised.
I'm sure that Kevin Williams would be very proud of his Mum for her beautiful tribute and her unending determination that the truth be acknowledged. A heartbreaking, but entirely necessary book by a courageous and valiant woman.
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on 6 March 2012
I have read a few books on Hillsborough and have recommended this one to everyone as one of THE pivotal books in the tragedy! It is all down to the time deadline set by the Coroner and one mum's struggle to obtain justice for her son. Really really moving and yes I cried in parts. Fantastic writing and just brought everything flooding back about that appalling day I will never forget. JUSTICE FOR THE 96 from a die hard Leeds United fan.
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on 5 November 2006
I was 13 years old when this disaster struck. I have now read the book and it still moves me to tears with what happened.

The story is very moving and it tells of the grief and movements of a mothers fight for some closure of what happened to her son that fateful day. This is a very emotional journey you find yourself on with the family.

A very good read and I wouldeach time i find recommend this book to everyone, I myself have read this book 4 times now and each time I find it hard to put down.
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on 16 September 2010
Having known someone who lost a loved one in 7/7, I found a book written by a Mum about her experience of Hillsborough. I knew where I was at 15:06 on the fateful day and then watched events unfold on the TV like everybody else. This book is compelling from start to finish, her ongoing fight for justice is just what I would do and the way she conducts herself throughout the writing of this book is beyond belief.
Beautiful, poignant and gripping.
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on 15 February 2011
I found this book impossible to put down and that doesn't happen very often.
Being a Liverpool fan,this was a must read for me and it didn't dissapoint.
It is unblievable to read all the things Anne has gone through to get justice for her son Kevin and she is still fighting for justice til this day.....Amazing woman.
Keep up the fight Anne...You'll Never Walk Alone....JF96
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