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on 30 December 2013
Morag Kerr has resolved the mysteries of the Lockerbie Bombing better by far than anybody else ever has, including of course the Camp Zeist judges.

Her case for the bomb having been planted in the baggage-container at Heathrow, namely the unexplained suitcase seen by baggage-handler John Bedford, persuades me completely. Her analysis of the photo-identification and MEBO timer evidence destroys any value these items retained as evidence against Megrahi. This is the definitive work on the subject.

The shame is that it has taken so long to get to the truth, that an innocent man suffered years in prison, and of course that the real culprits remain at large.

Edit: I wrote a full review on my blog at: http://3stes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/why-lockerbie-bomb-was-loaded-at.html
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on 16 October 2015
A brilliant and forensically precise dissection of the fog and confusion surrounding the loading of the bomb in baggage container AVE4041 which took the lives of 270 people and precipitated the biggest murder investigation in Scottish history and an international manhunt involving almost every law enforcement agency in the western hemisphere. A noted veterinarian and biochemist, Dr Kerr takes us on a journey through the labyrinthine interline baggage handling procedures of 1988 and uncovers huge gaping holes in the investigation; lost opportunities, speculative leaps, rank incompetence, dodgy testimony, flawed forensics, and political expediency. With all the case evidence laid out in front of her, she patiently and methodically works through analysing each fateful step that led to the loading of the bomb, exploring all the possible contributing factors that lead us to one inescapable and irrefutable conclusion; the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 has yet to be solved and the hunt for justice must continue.

A superbly written tome that despite its mountain of technical evidence will have you gripped from foreword to conclusion, Kerr's analysis is top drawer. Humanised by anecdotes of thoughtful individuals doing their jobs amidst the horror of one of the world's most atrocious pre-9/11 acts of terrorism, her clinical detachment and professional evidence-led approach casts serious doubts on the legitimacy of Megrahi's conviction.

This is a must-read for anybody touched by the Lockerbie tragedy, and all those interested in international justice.
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on 3 December 2014
For those many and varied people who have always felt the conviction of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was at least flawed if not a flagrant injustice, this book comes as a welcome addition to Private Eye's Flight from Justice in the limited coverage of this strange tragedy.
In meticulous detail the author demolishes the Crown case against the accused, showing clearly how the events are much more convincingly and completely explained by a series of events which seems simply not to have occurred to the investigators, many of whom do not come out of the story with any credit at all. Megrahi was clearly no angel, but the contortions gone through to secure his conviction are in glaring contrast to the straightforward and entirely coherent explanation of the bomb being loaded at Heathrow. How this most obvious explanation escaped even cursory scrutiny can indeed only be adequately explained by stupidity, a lot of people doing their job very poorly, with the added frisson at the end of the mysterious printed circuit board which even Morag Kerr cannot explain.
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on 31 May 2016
This is a really tricky book to review I think, because there is a need to assess the critical evaluation and the writing style. I think the former is very impressive, with the author clearly having done an enormous amount of research and analysis. With a subject as complex as this, that cannot have been easy. I have to admit I am still only just past half way through the book, and reading it takes much longer than average because of the amount of detail and information that needs to be absorbed along the way, and recalled at various points, in order to make sense of things!

The other half of my review looks at the writing style, and it is here that I have some criticism, purely from a personal standpoint. While reading it I have found certain parts of the text to be unnecessarily sardonic and sarcastic, which has detracted from the point and undermined the objectivity of the author for me. She talks as though she is an aviation industry insider at times, particularly in the parts where she is levelling criticism at baggage handling procedures and safeguards at Heathrow at the time. I don't think it would be difficult for any reader to find fault with what was going on at Heathrow, when faced with the facts contained within the book, and this I feel didn't need to be underlined with such venom.

Nevertheless, despite the above, I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in Lockerbie, and is curious to learn more. I haven't decided what my thoughts are about Megrahi yet, but it has certainly made me stop and think, and there does seem to be enough uncertainty in the 'official line' to cast doubt over his conviction. I'm looking forward to reading the author's conclusion.
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on 6 February 2014
This is an extraordinary opportunity to delve into the fine details of the forensic case against Megrahi and all its weaknesses, and scary errors, misdirections, or underplaying of evidence that might occur in any enquiry. There is a whiff of politics in the air, where the Brits and Germans offload the blame onto poor Malta who appears to have had by far the tightest airport procedures. Key testimonies from Bedford and Manly go against the grain and point to the bomb being placed in London. And what placing. The bomb was quite small, but ‘miraculously’ found itself right next to the fuselage where it could do damage. The chances of that occurring through coincidence were miniscule. A super book.
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on 13 February 2014
On the minus side, I had to skim through pages of technical detail. Could some of this go into the appendix? It takes a long time to build up to the conclusion

On the plus side I was impressed by the overall conclusion. I had thought that the 'need' to have Syria as an ally in the 1990 Gulf war was the prime cause of the focus on Libya, but this book makes clear that the forensic investigation was incompetent from the word 'go', and was focusing on Libya well before Saddam invaded Kuwait. The incompetence of the forensic investigators should not be surprising when you recall the flawed convictions of the Guildford 4 and Birmingham 6 in the 1970's.
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on 1 February 2014
If everything written here is true then there are some really incompetent "experts" involved. Which of itself casts some doubt on the conclusions. Of course the author admits that she was not privy to all the facts, but what she does provide seems pretty conclusive.

This is very well written for a non-fiction book and kept your interest. In other hands it could have been very boring but I enjoyed reading it very much. Makes you think
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on 23 February 2017
Very interesting view of the evidence surrounding Lockerbie.
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on 28 February 2014
After reading this book I now want to find some other books on this terrible event. I understand their is one called Lockerbie: Fact and Fiction by the doctor father of one of the victims who has campaigned on behalf of Megrahi.
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on 17 April 2014
This a work of stupendous forensic brilliance. Such a pitiful shame for Mr Megrahi that the professionals involved in the Zeist trial failed to reach her stature.
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