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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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I have read and enjoyed Hilary's previous novels, Tangled Lives and Thursdays In The Park, so I was very much looking forward to her latest release. I love the cover of When You Walked Back Into My Life, it grabbed me instantly and the colours are beautiful.

Flora's relationship with Fin was fun and full of life and everything she wanted, but when Flora wanted to settle down and have children, Fin disappeared. Flora's life moved on and her life was filled with other people and other activities. When Fin suddenly reappears, flora is taken by surprise - he says he's a changed man, and he wants her back....

I really enjoyed this, it was lovely to be back and immersed in Hilary's writing. Hilary has a way of drawing you in, and When You Walked Back Into My Life does exactly that. It was easy to get into and to follow and I enjoyed that the words flowed easily and freely.

I really sympathised with Flora as a character, she was very well written and I could imagine her pain and upset at Fin's sudden disappearance. I know of I were in her situation I'd be devastated. So when he reappeared like Flora I was wary of him, but I really wanted her to find love again and to be happy so I was very much rooting for her throughout.

The side-stories were interesting to read about too, and I especially liked Dorothea. I don't want to spoil anything but there are a range of topics explored in this novel, some which will have you rooting for the characters, and other ones that take on a more serious tone and will have you thinking.

I really enjoyed this novel, and I'm looking forward to reading more from Hilary Boyd.
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on 22 October 2013
Thought I must give this book a go after enjoying Thursday's in the park so much but was a bit concerned that it would be predictable - it's not! In typical Hilary style this is a beautiful story of love and real life, the characters are all interesting with their own little stories. You can't help but keep turning the pages wanting to find out what happens to Goo. A truly lovely read!
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on 12 December 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, a little predictable but smashing characterisations. A reasonably light read, great for a holiday! Try it.
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on 29 December 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I couldn't put it down! it left me feeling uplifted with a warm fuzzy feeling!
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on 13 December 2013
really easy book to read, loved the characters, felt real sympathy, it was a really enjoyabel book,i would recomment it, i have just found another book by hilary boyd, a new author
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on 29 December 2013
I really enjoyed the book, it has good characters and story line. Very easy read with sad and happy moments throughout.
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on 29 April 2014
After reading a terrifyingly creepy novel, I needed something lighter and opted for this. I hadn't heard of Hilary Boyd before so didn't know what to expect.

I absolutely loved it, I was hooked from page one. Yes it's obvious from early on what is going to happen but I didn't care at all. I just loved Flora, Dorothea, Simon, Mary and Bel.

From the start we learn that the love of Flora's life (Fin) vanished 3 years ago with absolutely no explanation whatsoever. She spent a year being severely depressed because of it and is now living in the basement flat of her sister Prue's house in London. She had previously been a nurse in A&E but for the past two years has worked as a private nurse for the elderly and very frail, Dorothea.

As you can gather from the title of the book, Fin casually walks back into Flora's life and expects to take up where they left off. Flora is torn between her complete and total love for for Fin and the heartache he caused her 3 years previously.

The relationship between Dorothea is more than just nurse and patient; there is a very strong bond between them and Flora is devoted to Dorothea.

I wept terribly towards the end of the book and didn't really want if to end.

I am now seeking out Hilary Boyd's previous novels as I don't want to miss out on any more of her wonderful books.

Highly recommended.
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on 30 December 2013
It's a while since I read a good old fashioned romance and I have to say I rather enjoyed this book. It's not the standard Mills and Boons effort where an idealised heroine meets the man of her dreams, what I liked about this novel is that it is rooted in reality. Flora has a down to earth job working as a private nurse to a rich old lady - and I actually found this storyline which concerns the other nurses and the lady's rather untrustworthy nephew very interesting, much more so than some of our heroine's romantic adventures.

I was pretty interested in her relationship with old flame Finn, who rather caddishly walked out of her life without a word after 8 years together. Having experienced something similar myself (though not after 8 years!) I could totally relate to her need for closure and the desire to take things up where they left off once he reappears - though I suspected the relationship had no real future after such a comprehensive betrayal.

Flora had such a severe breakdown after Finn's betrayal that she lost her home and when the novel commences she is living in a basement flat which belongs to her high-powered sister Bel. This is a bit of a mixed blessing - she has a great relationship with her brother in law and niece but Bel is way too bossy and controlling (personally I couldn't stand her, even before a revelation which turns everything on its head).

For me the real weak point of the novel was the characterisation of Simon, Flora's alternative love interest. Though Finn clearly is not to be trusted ever again after his disappearing act, I could understand his motivations and relate to him as a character while Dr Simon seems too much like the generic too-good-to-be-true romantic hero much loved of female novelists!

While I enjoyed the story, I have to agree with other reviewers who said it was predictable - the generic feelgood ending didn't work for me. I would have preferred to be surprised a little but then I'm probably not the typical romance reader!
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on 6 February 2014
I picked out this book because I really enjoyed 'Thursdays in the Park' and I liked the title of this book and its cover. This time the setting for Hilary's book is the Notting Hill/Holland Park area of London.

The story is about Flora, a nurse, whose boyfriend, Fin just disappears three years earlier leaving her devastated and depressed. Three years later he returns via a chance encounter in a supermarket and she finds she still has the same feelings for him and takes him back. She also falls pregnant but he isn't very much interested in the baby and as time goes on its obvious they both want different things from life. There's also an additional betrayal which further complicates matters.

Its only when Flora develops feelings for Dr Simon Kent that Flora is able to see Fin for who he truly is, selfish, self centred and only really interested in himself. Her 10 year obsession with Fin finally ends and she is able to move on with the more charasmatic, handsome and intense Simon!

Its a really fantastic book with very good characters and although there were times when i really felt like shaking Flora for not being able to see what a mistake it was for her taking back Fin, I understood it and was glad when it all came right in the end.
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on 3 February 2014
Just finished this book, having read both of Hilary's other books and have to say, once again, that I loved it.
I love the way that the authors books are not about ditzy twenty something's with hair, makeup and boyfriend problems but are about believable characters with believable issues.
It's hard to critique this book without giving something of the plot away but it's based around Flora whose partner walked out without a word of explanation three years earlier and suddenly returns into her life. Why did he really leave and what does he want now? Has he just returned because he's in a bad place and needs somewhere to live or is he really not as selfish as he appears? Will he come good in the end and give Flora the life she wants?
What about Floras sister Prue? She hates Fin for what he did to Flora but is there more to it than that, why is she so controlling?
Flora's other life, her work life, is played out along side her personal life. Her relationship with her patient Dorothea, and her colleagues Mary and Pia, Dorothea's odious great nephew Dominic and her GP Simon Kent.
The two stories are very separate but are cleverly blended together to bring the novel to its conclusion.
I loved it and can't wait for Ms Boyd's next offering.
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