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on 22 December 2013
From the author of 'The Dawkins Letters', 'Magnificent Obsession' consists of 10 Chapters - Man, Miracles, Messenger, Murdered, Marvellous, Meaning, Mission, Modern, Maranatha, Magnificent - each in the form of a letter to a non-Christian friend, setting out in a compelling way the case for Christ.

As a Christian minister and apologist, David has been asked numerous questions about his Christian faith. Many of these are dealt with in this book - and he presents convincing arguments to substantiate the reliability of the Bible, the deity of Christ, the sinfulness of man, the purpose of the Cross, the invincibility of the church, the reality of Hell, the glory of Heaven, the way of salvation and the character of faith.

'The good news is NOT that if you are good you will get to Heaven. In fact, the good news is that you can never be good enough to get to Heaven. Which doesn't sound like good news until you see the Cross.'

'Unlike the death of any wise man, guru, religious founder or hero in the history of mankind, Jesus' death is where the story begins, not where it ends.'

'The message of the Cross is not only that there is nothing that you can do to oblige God to accept you, but nothing you need to do. It's all been done. But we have to have the humility to accept it.'

Well-researched, (with useful quotes from a variety of sources), well-written and well-argued, the book reveals David's love for Christ and his consuming desire to make him known. He is a worthy successor to Robert Murray McCheyne as minister of St Peter's Church, Dundee.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book. It will enlighten those who are seeking truth and will encourage those who have already found that truth in Christ.
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on 9 February 2014
I am pretty new to Christian Apologetics and to the atheist vs theist arguments and this is now the second book by David Robertson I have read.

I have learned a lot from it, so much so that I committed the cardinal sin of book ownership and went through it and highlighted the passages that stood out, and there are quite a lot. I have a feeling I will be turning to this book many times in the future and it deserves more than one reading.

Written in letter format it deals worth the author's own personal obsession with Jesus and the facts and theologies that have led him to his position.

It's very clearly written, well argued and it's a book I wish I had been able to read years ago when I was the angry atheist arguing with Christians. It would have save a lot of soul searching and shortened the whole process down for me from non-belief to now wanting to become an ordained minister myself.
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on 4 December 2013
Magnificent Obsession is well worth a read. Full of interesting facts and anecdotes, it conveys deep truths in a way that is accessible to everyone, wherever they may stand in regard to faith in Jesus Christ and however strong their knowledge of science or history.

Reference is made to a wide range of sources and at many points I was feeling the urge to read more of the particular source. Usefully, in the conclusion, there are a number of references for further reading.

The format of the book as a series of letters makes it easy to pick up and there is clear progression through the topics covered. I found my thinking in some areas was refreshed and my understanding of other areas increased greatly. Overall, well worth a read - and good for a Christmas present, too!
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on 23 June 2014
Very good explaining basics of Christianity and answering some of the difficult questions. I found it very helpful! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to find our more about Jesus, who he is, what he accomplished and why he is the Magnificent Obsession to so many people :)
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on 13 February 2015
An excellent absorbing book - very suitable for those who are totally confused about religion in general and the Christian faith in particular. But I warn you its message is dangerous, especially for those who have dismissed Christianity without ever having genuinely looked into its claims.
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on 2 July 2014
A very thorough book and very helpful for those willing to invest time and energy to concentrate. For new Christians eager to learn and for those very seriously interested in Christianity this is well worth a read. But to the very casual reader or the mildly interested 'It Makes Sense' by Stephen Gaukroger will prove an easier and less demanding read.
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on 4 February 2015
This is an almost perfect book, covering with openness, honesty and not a little wit the questions - often straw men - put up by atheists against Christianity and Theism in general. Perhaps most notable as it is written by an very ordinary church minister, albeit one who is known for also taking on the Big Guns in New Atheism and has yet to be defeated, often winning.

I would hope that this book would be read by agnostics and atheists, but as David points out, they are too often busy retweeting and sharing the unfounded and incorrect statement of big names others. Repeating a lie doesn't make the lie truth, but it does effectively, in our society, cover up the truth under, well, dung.

The book is well structured into the form of letters instead of monologue chapters. As such it is easy to get your head round. The references section at the end is very useful for those wishing to read wider, and it goes far beyond theology into poetry, movies and novels. I would particularly comment this Wee Free minister for citing so regularly Pope Benedict's excellent - if very heavy - three-tome set on Jesus of Nazareth.

One tiny wee niggle over the incorrect use of Israel (twice) and Palestine (regularly.) David says, 'historical context of first-century Israel' (p7). There was no 'Israel' at that time as it ceased to exist in 722BC; I think he means Judea. He also refers to 'Palestine' which only existed as a territory and that in various forms and within various borders from AD136-AD1948. And I am not sure those Christians and Jews who recognise modern Israel as being linked to ancient Israel/Judea are by implication loons on the Milennialism scale re Christ's return. A little bit of modern Dundee anti-semitism and pro-arabism sneaking through the pages?

So, apart from watching for these four of five incorrect references, a great book and well worth reading by everyone.
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on 1 May 2015
The line from the introduction should give you an insight into the authors circular reasoning - "'I believe in and because of Jesus".
He believes that you must start with the assumption that there is god, and then make everything fit to agree this. Someone needs to explain the burden of proof to him. The arguments within this book make absolutely no sense and are not at all balanced. Worth a read as a source of amusement though, if it was a bit cheaper.
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on 21 April 2014
This is a terrific book and so clearly written. The style is captivating and covers the various themes concisely and logically.. Could not put it down- highly recommended..
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on 30 September 2014
Nice, easy read but straight to the point. I like this author - honest and direct.
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