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on 14 April 2017
Another good read from Graham Masterton, I've got to like the Katie Maguire books it makes a refreshing change from the Masterton books of old. The story is believable and I like the characters, Katie is no pushover and knows how to work a case, this book is probably not suited to followers of the Bible unless you've got an open mind and accept that even the devout can be nasty buggers.
The church is a powerful organisation and has a way of covering up its sins, but with Maguire on your tail you may get your comeuppance. When there is more than one character it is possible that some baddies could be more elusive than others, but then again with Grahams mind he may lead you on a journey that fascinate's and intrigues the mind. I don't wish to give anything away but if you would like a little insight into how the best voices are obtained and you've got the balls, give broken angels a go, you won't regret it!
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on 14 June 2017
This is the second Katie Maguire book in a growing series. It follows Katie Maguire, who I first met in White Bones, as she deals with the serial murders of a group of priests whilst trying to maintain her work life balance. The author is a former horror writer and that should give a clue to his writing style which is often gruesome, and not for a full stomach or last thing at night. However, like the curate's egg this book is only good in parts. Although the plot is 4-stars good, the characterisation is good, and whilst one expects to suspend belief, the 1-satar ending, like that of its predecessor, is just rubbish straight out of the schlock/horror fantasy genre and too weak for a good old fashioned cops and baddies story. Oh and what is it with the books I'm currently reading, as this is the fourth this year to finish with a cliff-hanger compelling you to read the sequel, which I might just do to see whether GM delivers three duff endings in a rows, if so I'm off after that.
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on 18 May 2017
I was unaware that there were several books in this series or that I had started on the second. It's a very interesting subject and the book is well written. I like the Katie Maguire character and the setting in Cork makes a change to the more obvious locations books tend to be set in. I will certainly read the next book as I have just downloaded it.
Over the years I have discovered some great writers who have the ability to write with such natural ease that the books spring to life. I would not put the author in this class, but a great read .
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 8 November 2013
Graham Masterton is a difficult author to classify as his novels fall somewhere between horror and thriller peppered with a more than decent sprinkling of shock and gore. In this, his second Katie Maguire novel, Masterton's written a strong police procedural set in Southern Ireland, County Cork, and featuring dark and terrible secrets in the heart of the Catholic Church. It falls on Katie Maguire, detective, to solve the case of a murdered priest, Father Heaney, who she discovers was tortured to death in a very specific manner. From here on the novel begins to twist and turn around issues of child abuse and a cover up by the church but; Katie remains unconvinced and perhaps there's more to it when other bodies are found and the dead seem to share a link - I'm not telling you what it is - read the book!.

Much of the tension in the novel comes from themes of serial murder but also, and cleverly, from insights into the chaotic private and professional life of Detective Katie Maguire a woman in a man's world, struggling against a wave of opposition but determined to make it. Minimal clues, broken corpses, intense pressure and a building cat and mouse chase weave together nicely to evoke a sense of claustrophobia and general nastiness.

Be warned; Masterton will fling you from wildly beautiful descriptions of the Irish countryside into the secretive heart of the Church only to finally set you down in a scene of such carnage it's a shock when you arrive. He's not an author for the squeamish.

Do I have a neagative? This is the second novel in the Katie Maguire series and I'm not convinced it's the best one. There are times you can feel Masterton struggling with where he's going to go and how he's going to develop the character which results in Katie becoming vague and acting in ways not too believable for a seasoned policewoman. I'm willing to forgive him most of that because the plot's so current, even though this isn't a new book, and he packs in so much mystery and intrigue.
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on 11 December 2013
This is the first book which I have read in this series and I enjoyed it in parts. The story was good and some of the characters were appealing. The big problem for me was the torture. There was too much of it and I ended up skipping it until it had stopped. Just not entertaining to read and although some of this was necessary for the plot there were pages and pages of it and I felt it was all getting a bit too weird (and also a bit boring).
I don't know if this is a trademark of the writer. I may give him another go though because, torture aside, I did quite like it and this book was reasonably good value. However it was deeply unpleasant in parts and I felt it was all a bit gratuitous.
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on 8 December 2013
I really liked this thriller set in Ireland. The protagonist is a woman, Katie Maguire and the plot is a devilish one, involving tracking down a gang of killers who are targeting priests. Whilst this is going on there's a subplot about Katie's sister and her relationship with John her lover who is moving to America and wants her to go too. Katie seems a sensible and steadyish character, a foil to all the madly maverick male cops who seem such a cliché. I would have given it 5* but for the slightly , gory and gratuitous torture scene which I had to skim through. I admit I am a bit of a wimp about that sort of thing!
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on 13 March 2017
A really brilliant read - great storytelling at its very best. One that will keep you turning the pages to the very end. Do love Katie and I will reading more of her tales, very recommend
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on 9 November 2013
I couldn't put this story down. I wondered how it got through the catholic censorship.
I would be careful who I recomended it to!
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on 13 November 2013
This really is a gritty gruesome detective story. It came as no surprise to read that the author's previous books were of the horror genre. However there is more to this story than that. His characters are fully rounded real people including the bad guys and you can perhaps understand the violence in the context of this thoroughly enjoyable but sometimes eye watering book (that will make sense once you've read it!) Hope to see more of Katie Maguire.
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on 1 April 2017
I was hooked from the beginning of reading this book. The plot was brilliant and I couldn't put it down.
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