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on 7 June 2014
I pre-ordered this in December and have eagerly anticipated its arrival. Luckily it landed through the door yesterday (Friday 6th June) and I hurried to finish the book I was reading at the time to get started on this as soon as possible. I love the cover design, it feels very sophisticated with its embossed heading and Peas writing style is even more polished this time round (although Heart to Heart was fantastically written too). As a student of Peas, it was imperative for me not only to support her work in this way but to better understand exactly what she went through with Morgan (such a wise, straight-to-the-point teacher) as many of us have travelled a similar road but haven't expressed it in any detail to very many people. As Pea will say, this is Morgans book and although I am not very far in, I felt compelled to write a review in the hope that others will benefit from their story. I am sure that there will be tears flowing after reading many of the words written and I expect that Pea would hope for readers to be able to release their own feelings of stored grief which can be well-hidden. Don't delay, buy this book today - it's worth every single penny!
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on 23 June 2014
Pea's book is so brutally honest that sometimes you need to take a breath, sit back....mull the statement over and then carry on reading. It is the first book that really tells you, no teaches you how animals see life and their transition when it is time. Personally it raised some questions as to how in the past I have reacted myself to saying goodbye to my loved ones in the animal kingdom but crucially this book has raised more questions that mean in the future I will be more centered and focused on what my friends need rather than what I think they need. The tears come when you hear how much they love one another and what incredible steps people take to ensure that their loved one are central in the decision making progress for when their time has come. The heartache of losing a loved one is beyond anything most of us can describe and yet Pea has managed to encapsulate those feeling, emotions and thoughts in her writing. Don't be scared or worried about reading this book. It opens your heart and mind into a world which quite frankly allows animals to take their rightful place in this world & allows us to give our loved ones the rights that they deserve to live and die the way they choose....I choose freedom for all the animal kingdom. With love to Morgan, Texas, Bodhi and Pea. Congratulations a purely inspiring book. Claire
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on 30 June 2014
I wasn't sure if I could face reading Pea's second book, even though I had devoured her first. My beloved cat is terminally ill with cancer and I know I have to prepare myself for the inevitable. Would reading about this very subject be too painful?
In reality, it has been very comforting to me. I can see my cat for the highly evolved and wise soul that he is - it's me, the human, who has this dying stuff all wrong. Animals, it seems, are very matter of fact about their passing and Pea writes movingly about the messages that pets pass on to their broken-hearted owners after they've gone.
Of particular interest to me is the importance of planning for a peaceful end. Euthanasia has its place but is not always necessary, although Pea put her own dog Morgan to sleep as he reached the end.
She writes very graphically about her own journey through grief after his passing and emphasises the importance of talking to your dying pet and reassuring them that you will be okay. I am now doing this for my cat and I feel much calmer and less in denial. Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and birds talk of the blissful weightlessness and freedom from aged bodies that they experience after death. This is what I needed to hear. Thank you Pea - and Morgan!
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on 7 June 2014
I've been eagerly awaiting this book, following Pea's progress on her Facebook page, cheering each step she updated about. I adored the book Heart to Heart and knew this one would be fabulous too.

I am fortunate to share my life with pet rats, to share my love with them. Their lives are packed full but oh if only they could stay for longer. I try to tell myself and others that every day with a rat is like a special gift. This book really helped to reinforce that belief and remind me, as once again I know that one of my little ones does not have very much time left in her physical body.

Sharing my life with these little friends means I'm only too familiar with grieving loss. To read Pea's frank telling of her final days with her beloved Morgan and her grief after his transition was a privilege to read - truly very sad but so open and honest. And so familiar to occasions I've experienced and I thank her so much for sharing this very personal, very intense story with us.

Bless you, Pea, for opening our eyes and our hearts. Thank you for this wonderful book. Everyone who shares their life and their love with animals should read Pea's books and take her classes. You will be amazed, thrilled, delighted and so will the animals.
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on 21 July 2014
I loved reading Pea Horsley’s book. It is a must-read for pet guardians and animal lovers. It’s beautifully written and will help those who are worried about how to deal with their pet in difficult times. Also those who have gone through illness and death of their animal and who still feel bad or guilty about what they should or should not have done at the time. Pea shows that they did the best for their animal and their pet would have understood. Pea writes in a loving, compassionate, kind and gentle way, that animals have feelings and emotions and that they understand us and our actions. Also, Pea’s book is about love and honouring the animal's wishes and to show the respect as we would want for ourselves. I urge anyone who is involved with animals, be it as a pet guardian, in rescues, sanctuaries, zoos as well as veterinarians to read this book. Animal lovers already know animals have feelings and emotions and only now science is catching up on this with proof. Thank you Pea for having the courage and strength to write Morgan’s story, which brought me often to tears, and to tell the other incredible and uplifting stories. It will help many animals and their guardians.
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on 25 July 2014
I have just finished reading this book. Most chapters had me crying, some sobbing. I lost a beloved cat 18 months ago and I still miss her terribly, and still have doubts about whether I handled it 'right', as my dear one would wish. I have done a workshop with Pea, a few years ago, and she is amazing, I can't recommend her highly enough - indeed I intend doing another workshop sometime. I just found communicating with my own cat impossible (in words anyway). If you have pets - buy it, read it! Thankyou Pea for all you do.
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on 28 June 2014
If you love Animals this is a must read hard going and raw at times it isn't always easy it pulls at the heartstrings as you read all the testimonies and undying love between humans and their beautiful animal soul companions,I know I reached for the tissues more than a few times as I identified with many of the feelings of loss and grief felt by Pea and others..

It is a comfort to the die hard animal lovers who are made to feel stupid over grieving for the loss of an animal as if they were lesser beings and not as important.. To me my losses have felt like children, it's good to read that I'm not the only one..

It is also wonderful to get this glorious insight into the thoughts of animals and their amazing view of death and transitioning there is so much to be learned from them..

I am glad this book was written thank you Pea and Morgan much looking forward to reading your others and exploring Animal communication further .... Helena x
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on 11 June 2014
I have just started reading this book and I am already completely and totally hooked. Her first book got me to promptly schedule myself on her workshop in London in June 2014 and I can't wait. I have found what I needed to do with my life through Pea's books. Animals are hugely misunderstood and as it is right now I have a rescue dog who lives in fear of anything that moves, including me. I desperately need to get through to her that life is a breeze and we love her to bits. Don't stop what you are doing Pea, it is truly revolutionary!
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on 9 June 2014
I had been looking forward to reading this book for some time and it exceeded my expectations. It has been written with such compassion, sincerity and integrity and truly struck a chord with me and my own experiences with my beloved animals. I believe this book will help many people whose animal companions have passed over to feel less alone in their grief, to trust their experiences and the love they shared with their animals more deeply. This book really is a blessing.
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on 22 July 2014
This is an amazing 2nd book by Pea Horsley. I'd sobbed (in a good way) through Heart to Heart which was a beautiful read and really opened my eyes to the possibility of animal communication. This new book also touched me deeply - to hear of Pea's dedication to honouring Morgan's request to live out his life until he was ready to leave his body by caring for him selflessly and relentlessly through what would have broken many animal guardians. The beautiful tale of Morgan's final time in the physical world is entwined with other peoples stories of their beloved pet's deaths and what the communication sessions with Pea brought to light - which ultimately helped them become at more at peace with their situation. My tears stopped falling as I stepped deeper into the book and became more in tune with the message within Pea's beautiful and heartfelt words... the beloved animals in our lives can remain with us in spirit once they have left their physical bodies and that connection need not end. I feel this is not only a must read for anyone who has suffered due to a pet's death, but also for anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of the heart connection we have with the animals in our lives and how they have an important part to play in our inner journey to love.
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