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on 24 April 2017
Great book! Thankyou
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This is the 186th story in the Main Range series by Big Finish, first released in 2014. Written by Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby, this story features the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison), travelling with Nyssa (Sarah Sutton). This is the second in a trilogy of stories featuring the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa, which began with Moonflesh and concludes with Masquerade.

Fresh from their adventure in the Suffolk countryside, the Doctor and Nyssa have landed in the Tardis in what seems to be a large tomb. There are holograms and cryptograms in the pyramid-like structure, which the Doctor discovers is a tomb-ship, the last resting place of the God-King of the Arrit, an advanced and very ancient race, now long extinct. But somebody else is already in the tomb, looking for the treasure; and they’ll stop at absolutely nothing to get it.

I really liked this story. In the writers’ notes, they reference such things as Alien, and Rendezvous with Rama, and the Warhammer 40,000 universe; Dungeons and Dragons, Indiana Jones, and Lovecraft. All these things are there, nicely given homage, and wrapped up in a tale that intrigues as well as entertains. It really is a great rollicking adventure, with lots of danger, traps, deadly creatures, hidden threats and last-minute nasty surprises all the way through.

The authors are both well-known and respected comic book writers. I think this shows in this work, which has a very ‘graphic’, visual feel to it, I think. They have also written The Doomsday Quatrain for Big Finish, and sections of another story, 1001 Nights.

Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton play their roles to the hilt, particularly Peter Davison as the Doctor, unwillingly dragged into a situation he’d really rather try and avoid, yet trying all the while to keep everyone alive.

The guest star roles are admirably taken up by Ben Porter, Phil Mulryne, Eve Karpf, James Hayward, Jonathan Forbes, and Amy Ewbank, and there is another character who turns up in the story, completely surprising the audience, and evidently the Doctor.
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A new Doctor Who audio story. Featuring Peter Davison as the Doctor, and Sarah Sutton as his companion Nyssa.

This is the second in a new trilogy for them. Which started with Moonflesh (Doctor Who). Let's just say that the stories in the trilogy aren't quite as standalone as you might think, and you will get more out of this one if you have heard Moonflesh.

It runs for four parts. Spread over two cd's. Episodes run from twenty five to thirty minutes in length [approx.].

The story is set aboard a vast pyramid. Which is floating through space. This is a tomb ship. Tomb of the last god king of the arrit, a very advanced race. Long since extinct.

An avaricious lady and her children are searching the place for treasure. But it's a deadly environment, full of traps.

When the TARDIS arrives, and the Doctor finds out something about the Tomb, everyone on board faces a race against time to survive...

From the off this does have the feel of it's era. And is a story that might just have worked on tv at the time. Although audio and the imagination make the visuals stronger than 1980's bbc special effects could have managed.

Virna, the leader of the tomb raiders, is a very strong character. A totally appalling individual, but a well acted and believable creation. You might be hard pressed to remember the names of many of the other supporting characters, but the actors do well and make them all individual and different. Particularly one who spends a lot of the story working with Nyssa. The two having a good dynamic.

It does try hard to be a roller coaster ride, and it succeeds at this. Which does mean that it demands your full attention in order to keep up with it. Which is no bad thing. In many ways it follows the typical structure of a four part story -set up, investigate, run around, resolve - but with twists and surprises often coming along, that keeps it going at a good pace.

One surprise in particular is a sit up and gasp moment and one you won't see coming. Well done Big Finish on that.

The last episode has some great character moments, especially for those of the supporting cast who have developed along the way, some exciting moments, and an excellent final scene which will make you look forward to what happens next.

Which is the story Masquerade (Doctor Who). A trailer for which is on the cd track on disc two after the end of part four.

This one is a very good release and a very good listen.

There's eight minutes [approx] of music from the story on the last track of disc one.

And fourteen minutes [approx] of interviews with cast and crew on the last two tracks of disc two.
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on 1 June 2014
This story is very well written and Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton are really good as The Doctor and Nyssa. I have always had a soft spot for all of the 5th Doctor stories as he is my favourite Doctor. There are some bits that are a bit boring but overall a great story, I won't ruin the ending but I will say that the Doctor may get a new companion, someone who has featured in an audio story before.
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