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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

Another release in the ongoing series of audio adventures for Paul McGann's Doctor Who.

This one is the second in a series of four box sets. It follows on from the first, Dark Eyes (Doctor Who). That one was a jumping on point for the Eighth Doctor. But you need to have that in order to get into this.

Once again, the box contains four cd's. Each one is a complete episode in it's own right. The only breaks being the usual cd chapter ones. They run from fifty six minutes to one hour five minutes in length [approx].

In addition to the Eighth Doctor, this also sees the return of Molly O'Sullivan, his companion in the first Dark Eyes. As before she is a great and very well acted character. With a distinctive voice and a strong no nonsense attitude to life the two are great foils.

It also features Medical Technician Liv Chenka, played by Nicola Walker. Who was originally in a Seventh Doctor audio Robophobia (Doctor Who). You don't need to have heard that in order to get into this.

Plus there's a reappearance for the Master, as played by actor Alex MacQueen. Who makes him suave and charming, all in order to hide the evil and the madness beneath. And is very compelling to listen to as a result.

And there's three returning lots of old monsters. One who tv viewers will be familiar with. Two who regular audio listeners will be familiar with. One of these three is positively the most terrifying Doctor Who monster ever. And it's not the Daleks.

The four episodes here are a little more stand alone than you might expect. All form individual stories in their own right.

One: 'The Traitor', sees the Doctor visit a Dalek held world. And considers the moral choices people have to make in such a situation.
Two: 'The White Room', sees Molly and the Doctor reunited by strange goings on in 1918 London.
Three; 'Time's Horizon', sees the two encounter danger far out in space in the future.
Four: 'Eyes of the Master', has the Doctor's foe up to no good in 1970's London.

Whilst all are, as mentioned, somewhat self contained, the writing is very clever because there are many ongoing narratives also happening. So this does also manage to feel like part two of a greater four part story. That's not at all to it's detriment, because of the quality of the four parts on an individual level. Some story strands will clearly pay off in due course.

It does also consider the state the Doctor was in when Dark Eyes started, and the effect previous events had on him isn't forgotten.

A very satisfying listen on very many levels. And although it's an investment to follow this run, it's well worth it.

The fourth cd does come with another one in the same box. Which has an hours worth of interviews with cast and crew on it. Which are a very good listen. You can also find just over twelve minutes of music from the story on the last track of the disc with episode four on it.
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on 18 October 2014
A great sequel to the original Dark Eyes. Not as integrated a story as each story has a much more standalone feel, although they do all tie together. the first part is very dark and atmosoheric. The kind of Dalek story we've wanted on TV for years. Its got a really adult feel to it that separates it from the TV show. I found the second disc a bit boring but it picks up in the final two stories as everything comes together. Great cliffhanger too. Can't wait for Dark Eyes 3.

Molly is also one of the best Doctor Who companions ever, on screen or off. Moffat may have even been influenced by her when creating Clara. She's isn't another "oh Doctor you're so impressive and wodnerful - type".

Amazon are still selling it at the preorder price which is half the price as off Big Finish so grab it before somebody realises!
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on 9 April 2014
I always thought that Paul McGann was cheated on TV but his audio adventures have made up for that.
Won't spoil things but guess who's back????
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on 2 May 2017
Everything good! Thanks
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on 7 July 2014
Not as good as the original Dark Eyes, but still worth a listen
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on 8 April 2014
The eighth Doctor may not have had a lot of time on TV but his adventures on CD have been a lot from Big Finish. Dark Eyes 2 is better than Dark Eyes but I feel at the end a lot is left up in the air. This maybe that dark Eyes 3 may come. But if you are a true fan of Doctor Who then this should be in your collection of CDs. And the Master and the Daleks are also in it.
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on 30 October 2014
Cool as first series 1
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on 19 November 2014
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on 25 February 2014
Some people think that the 8th Doctor was short lived. When he played the role for the story The Night of the Doctor, he mentions past companions from Big Fishish audios. Here are some more full cast 8th Doctor audio adventures to listen to. It is not a CD-ROM as amazon are saying due to having the product. It follows on from the last box set of 8th Doctor stories. The stories are The Traitor, The White Room, Time's Harizon and Eyes Of The Master. These are a great listen. Alex MacQueen plays The Master in this set and is another name to join the list of actors to have portrayed the role. Please take the time to listen to the trailer at Big Finish Productions.

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