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on 22 July 2016
A really excellent product that brilliantly dove tails with the original TV series. If you order direct with Big Finish their delivery is second to none.

This follows the exploits of new characters "surviving" the "death" and then interlinking them in with Jenny, Greg and Abi seamlessly. The world in which they survive in is also far more hostile and bleak than the original TV series. 40 years later and on audio, the writers can take the characters to Heathrow Airport and central London, for example, in a way in which they were less able to do in the pre CGI age. They are also able to make the stories tougher and more realistic than perhaps what they were able to accomplish with a family audience in the 1970s.

The acting is also compelling. Both the originals and the new actors and actresses excel themselves. I listen to the episodes on I POD after the family have gone to bed. It adds to the atmosphere and you feel pulled into the world that now exists. Not just the opening series but all (4) series so far are brilliant.

I do hope this is successful enough for someone to consider doing a follow up TV show . Survivors: 1 (Big Finish Survivors)
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VINE VOICEon 29 June 2014
Any fans of Terry Nation's original 1970's show Survivors should pay attention to this Big Finish audio. Unlike the BBC's own recent remake which had mixed reviews this is entirely true to the original; indeed it includes the main characters Greg Preston (Ian McCulloch) and Jenny Richards (Lucy Fleming) with a cameo from Abby Grant (Carolyn Seymour).

The story is re-told over four discs with new viewpoints including stand-out performances by John Banks, Louise Jameson, Adrian Lukis, Chase Masterson and Camilla Power. The pace and the tension are well handled by the four writers (Matt Fitton, Jonathan Morris, Andrew Smith and Jon Dorney) and the listener is left in no doubt that this could well be the world after an apocalypse. We are kept on tenterhooks as to who will live and who will die with a story aimed at a more adult audience than most of Big FInish's other output.

The episodes are biblically named - Revelation, Exodus, Judges and Esther - and this adds to the mood as does the not quite a musical sound track (the TV show had no incidental music).

This is certainly one of the strongest productions Big Finish has ever released and the response has been such that their will now be two boxsets released in 2015.

If this is your thing, or you enjoyed the original TV series or are even just curious then buy it. Buy it now!
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Running for three series on BBC1 in the mid 1970's, Survivors is a television drama that has lived long in the memories of both viewers and cast members. Big Finish's Series One boxset manages to perfectly capture the tone of the original series and is one of the best things they've done for some time.

The boxset contains four stories - Revelation, Exodus, Judges and Esther. The first two stories run parallel with the events seen in the first television episode, The Fourth Horseman and the final two stories are set after the twelfth television episode, Something of Value.

Revelation and Exodus spend most of their time introducing us to the new characters created by Big Finish. And it's obviously not unintentional that each CD doesn't have a cast list - instead there's only a single cast list for all four stories. As with the television series, there's no way to predict which characters will live and which will die - even after the virus has done its work the survivors find that the danger is far from over, and the greatest danger comes from each other.

There are plenty of fine performances, particularly Terry Molloy as John Redgrave, Chase Masterson as Maddie Price and Louise Jameson as Jackie Burchall. Jameson is heart-breaking in Exodus, an incredibly powerful performance.

Whilst the series could have continued with all-new characters, it's something of a coup that they were able to entice three key members of the television cast - Ian McCulloch as Greg Preston, Lucy Fleming as Jenny Richards and Carolyn Seymour as Abby Grant - to reprise their roles. Due to difficulties in locating Seymour, Abby only appears at the start of the third story and the conclusion of the fourth - but Greg and Jenny are central to the final two stories in the set, Judges and Esther.

These two episodes find Greg and Jenny encountering some of the survivors from Revelation and Exodus as they become unwilling guests in the community founded by James Gillison (another stand-out performance, this one from Adrian Lukis). The concept of a closed community headed by a controlling elite is something the television series covered - particularly in the second series episode The Chosen, but it also works well here and as events spiral out of control there's a feeling of dread that terrible things are about to happen.

With strong scripts, the return of the television regulars and fine performances from some Big Finish stalwarts, Survivors - Series One is an impressive listen. As the back of the packaging states though, it isn't for children - as the concepts and themes are, at times, dark and disturbing - particularly in the first two stories.

The series has already been well received and good sales have enabled the production of further stories to be stepped up. There are two series due to be released next year - series 2 in July 2015 and series 3 in November 2015. Although series 2 is a long way away at the moment, it will be a definite pre-order as there's plenty more stories to be told.

Warmly recommended.
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on 4 December 2014
This exceeded my expectations - brilliantly conveying the awesomeness of Terry Nations original vision for the series. The scripts are excellent the performances superb, I admit some of the sound mix for one character might be a bit of a struggle in a noisy car but that doesn't detract from the fantastic story arc. You can get it direct from bigfinish and get free audio downloads too.
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on 26 October 2016
I was a teenager back in the 1970's. I well remember watching the first TV series of Survivors, but only in 2016 in my mid fifties, did I finally catch up with the second and third series on DVD. However In hindsight I shouldn't have bothered. Although it had the odd good episode, on the whole the departure of Terry Nation and Carolyn Seymour in favour of Terence Dudley's vision was a monumental mistake. Now with Big Finish, I think we finally have the alternate time line redemption of how the series should've really progressed. These audio's examining the darker and more desperate heart of humanity are excellent. And getting Ian McCulloch, Lucy Fleming and Carolyn Seymour on board to reprise their original roles is a testament to the strength of writing and towering integrity, rather than some cold cash cynical exploitation. These actors came back due to artistic craft. And rightly so. Big Finish has really delivered on this occasion. And they've also produced some excellent added characters notably portrayed by John Banks and Louise Jameson. As I write, I'm already into the third box set. And already I know, I will re-listen to these stories all over again one day. Which for me in audio, is a tremendous feat within itself.
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on 17 April 2016
I was a bit wary of this release from Big Finish, given the way the quality of their scripts have generally failed to keep up with the increase in quality of their acting and production values. Additionally, their adaptations of classic shows have been a mixed bag (Tomorrow People and Omega Factor were excellent; Blake's seven patchy but generally fun and Sapphire and Steel dire beyong imagining). I was very happy to hear that my worries were completely misfounded and the 4 plays were a very worthy successor (and, in many places, far darker than the original).

Very highly recommended (unless you're particularly squeamish!).
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on 24 July 2015
an exerllent story that keeps hooked from start to finish
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on 11 January 2016
Bought as a gift for a friend.
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on 21 October 2014
We're currently listening to this CD set in the car. Now on disc 3.

We're having to ride the volume knob constantly as the dialog swings drastically in volume: either half of the dialog is too quiet to hear over the usual road noise, or on raising the volume level, the other half of the dialog is painfully loud. I haven't tried listening on headphones and value my heating too much to try.

Sound effects appear to be mixed in the upper half of the dynamic range, compounding the issue with quieter passages.

We don't experience any of these issues with Radio 4's The Archers or various audio books on CD, so it'd not an weird issue with our car stereo.

If you want to listen in the car, I'd recommend holding off until a suitably mixed/mastered version of this box set is produced by someone who can use a compressor unit. If you want to listen at home, on in a controlled studio environment, then you should be good to go!
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