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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 March 2013
For me the Dead Space games are kind of a mixed bag. The first one was an absolutely formidable horror experience. It was well crafted, superbly paced and much of the games art direction was inspired by classic sci-fi horror movies such as the original Alien and Event Horizon... which is always a plus in my book. While Dead Space 2 retained the exquisite art and sound direction of the first game, it was way to much focused on action packed gameplay. From what I hear and see, Dead Space 3 is even more of a departure from the original. In this sense Visceral Game Studios lost me as a customer. But as soon as I saw The Art of Dead Space on Amazon, I was sold. While I don't like the direction the team took for the gameplay, I sure as hell still dig the look of the Dead Space universe. I was very exited when I got this art book and let me tell you something straight away: It's disturbing... in a good way!

The Art of Dead Space is a beautiful 192 pages thick hardcover art book. It features 10 chapters (11 if you count the acknowledgements chapter in) of unprecedented horrors, from almost all Dead Space with a clear focus on Dead Space, Dead Space 2 and naturally, Dead Space 3.
I especially like all the insights and art about the world the team created, with all those brands, cultures and companies like EarthGov and the Unitology.

If I had to name one gripe I have with this book, it's that AGAIN there's just nothing about user interface design. Since the UI in Dead Space is so beautifuly integrated into the game I would've loved to see some insights about the development of this Scafleform 3D User Interface.
Another problem is that the book can feel a bit cramped at times, since it basically covers three games and it's not always clear if you are looking at the art of Dead Space 1, 2 or 3, especially if you haven't played all games. I thought The Art of the Mass Effect Universe did a better job at displaying the art of it's trilogy, by having dedicated chapters for each game.

With that said: Trust me when I tell you that you really don't want to eat while flipping through this book. I thought The Art of Alice Madness Returns was disturbing. The Art of Dead Space is a whole nother league. The things you will see in this book make a visit to a slaughterhouse seem like a nice recreational activity for the whole family. Images in this book can be so gross, there's just no way to describe them. In fact I would have a hard time to tell anyone what that thing was I saw on page 93. It's that inexpressibly repulsive.

All in all there's really no good reason not to buy this book, especially if you are a Dead Space fan. Of course this book can be very gross at times, but such is the nature of the game.

For more Reviews like this, visit my personal homepage (check out my profile for the link) where I review video game art books.
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on 6 February 2013
After opening the packing and seeing the soft-feel sleeve and embossed hardback cover, you'll know this art book is already worth your money and will be a special addition to your collection.

This is a fantastic example of how art books should be done - It is packed with amazing work throughout the Dead Space series (Including Dead Space 3, so beware of spoilers) that include interesting annotation regarding the design choices and briefs - All compounded in superbly well designed and high quality tome.
This is no cash in addition to tie in with the release of Dead Space 3, as I was slightly expecting to be honest. Instead, this is a genuine exploration and celebration of the fantastic art work that goes into the series that is presented excellently and is well worth the price tag, showing justice to the quality of work inside.

If you are a fan of Dead Space, this is basically a must-have in my opinion, and it would make a fantastic collector's piece to be proud of.

Cannot recommend enough.
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on 13 July 2016
Another wonderfully stylish Art Book from Titan Books over 192 pages chronicling the Ideas and Inspirations for the Horror Juggernaut that was the Dead Space Trilogy. The matte finished sleeve/dust-cover and embossed front cover quickly make you appreciate Titans efforts in producing yet another Premium quality product.
The original Dead Space came out of no where to be a huge sleeper hit that no one was expecting, a multi layered, engaging story with an incredibly taut atmosphere and famous Science Fiction/Horror influences literally dripping from the overhead vents, the graphics for the time were visually striking and although our protagonist remained silent throughout his first adventure, the voice acting was strongly delivered and sound design had you jumping out of your seat more than once.

The lighting or lack there of, that created such a heightened sense of tension and unsettling atmosphere is all present and accounted for on these pages, the flickering of fluorescent lights casting deceptive shadows on the blood spattered walls is all present in the concept Art and Sketches. Over the 10 Chapters spanning the Dead Space Universe you have highly detailed concept Art of the Characters and their Uniforms and Equipment, Enemies/Creatures, Vehicles, Spacecrafts, environments, 3-D rendered models of Necromorphs and creatures, I particularly like the Blueprint/Layout of the Ishimura and The Sprawl.

Ultimately this is another brilliant effort on Titans Books part, a quality product with a premium feel, like all good Art it provokes thoughts and feeling about the grotesque images presented inside, definitely one for fans of Survival Horror and Sci-Fi.
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The Art of Dead Space is a wonderful concept art book for the chilling game series. It has 192 pages and a hardcover with a nice matte surface going on.

The book collects art from all the three games so far. Squeezing three games into 192 pages means that some artworks could not be included. So at times, I was thinking,"Shouldn't there be a bit more of this and that?" Having said that, this artbook is as good as it can get. It's great actually.

All pages are filled with huge detailed concept art of the characters, creatures, vehicles, spacecrafts and environments. The content covers Isaac, Ishimura, Machinery (all the hardware and stuff), Marker, Necromorphs, The Sprawl, New Horizons Colony, Tau Volantis.

The painted art are gorgeous. Creature designs are awesome. You can feel the grit of the world and the chilling sensation from the grotesque creatures. There are many what-the-hell-happened-here interior art, dying space stations and haunting locations. The art direction really nailed down the look and feel of this intriguing yet horrific world.

This is fantastic video game artbook for fans of the Dead Space, sci-fi art and creature design. Highly recommended.

(There are more pictures of the book on my blog. Just visit my Amazon profile for the link.)
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on 7 February 2013
Titan have truly cemented themselves, in my opinion, as one of the best producers of art books. The Art of Dead Space is a large format book and the art is presented full page where possible. The talent on show is undeniable and fans of the games would not be disappointed and neither would fans of tie-in art books. Admittedly there are some pictures that are quite gruesome but that is to be expected, given this is an art book about horror games.

Is it good value for money? I would say yes. When you think of the price of art books generally then it fits nicely in the lower to mid-price range.

Something Titan always do with their art books (which I really appreciate) is to have nice, concise info provided for almost every picture from the artists themselves explaining the picture, the thoughts behind it, how they feel about it, or some combination of these points.

Do I have any complaints? Yes. I want more! It's a good sized art book, average really (not a beast like the new Blizzard Entertainment art book), so you know there is a lot more art they could have put in. They talk about all the iterations that pictures went through but in most cases only show the final design of a creature/location/character. Not in all cases, mind. There are quite a few pictures exploring the design of Isaac Clarke and various weapons and other features. But still, it would have been very rewarding to see the design process in a little more depth.

In conclusion I would highly recommend this book for lovers of concept art or Dead Space. If you're a fan of both then you will consider the book quite cheap (I paid £20), as it really is a fantastic, well produced and beautiful book.
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on 25 January 2016
I bought this product from a local comic store, and only came onto Amazon to remove it from my wish list.

I can confirm this book is a concise and detailed account of all things Dead Space (Art). It covers the entire series as well as some graphic novels, with high quality print. A massive collection of early concepts and fine art, all accompanied with well written paragraphs. Upon reading this book, you realise it was always more then just a game, The depth, the detail, the scope. It is all in here.

- Kavayan
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on 3 May 2013
Yep Dead Space, I love this game franchise and bought this book not long after it came out. It covers all the games plus ideas that got rejected, details the evolution of Issac pl;us other characters. It is the painting of the various Necromorphs that really bring the game to life, they are just gross, both in game and in the book. The book it well put together on good quality paper the only thing that miffs me abit is that this is published by money grabbing EA.
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on 26 March 2013
I tend to collect a few art books and most don't go into the detail and quality this book does.
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on 5 April 2013
This book is amazing. If you like the Dead Space series and you want to see the scenery, characters, weapons and tech that you usually only catch a glimpse of during the games, this is the place to see them. Highly recommended.

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on 29 June 2013
a nice art book, with lots of beautiful og horrible artwork for fans of the series, peppered with comments from the development team. A nice addition to the game series and good buy for fans of the serie
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