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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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I have only read Kick-Ass a few days ago, though I did see the film when it came out on DVD. I picked the collected edition of Hit-Girl up from my library at the same time. This is a continuation of the story from Kick-Ass, as Mindy McCready has to take on her toughest challenge yet, going to school and not kill anyone. Well, not anyone there anyway, as she has taken up moonlighting as Hit-Girl - "I was just laying low until the heat dies down", taking down the new Mafia family which is now under the control of the brother of John Genovese while also training Kick-Ass, in exchange for him training her to be a teenage schoolgirl. Since Mindy doesn't leave witnesses, the Mafia think her step-father is behind the attacks on their organisation, as he is the most senior honest cop on the force, so they come looking for him and his family. Unfortunately, Mindy has just drugged her parents so she can go out on the town. Meanwhile, the Red Mist is annoyed that he has been upstaged as head of the family, in a Hamlety-like way, so he sets out to start his super-villain career. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the training to take on angry Asian shopkeepers, so after recovering from a severe beating, he does the only sensible thing and goes off to ninja school in a faraway land, to prepare himself for Kick-Ass 2. Kick-Ass himself manages to break is hand part-way through, so Mindy has to sort everything out for herself.

Anyway, this is an entertaining comic book if you like well-told graphically violent comic books, though one has to wonder how long it will be before someone blames mark Millar for the next high-school massacre.
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on 16 March 2013
The main problem after reading Kick-Ass 2 that many found, if anything, a little frustrating, was the time gap between the first book, and the book that is going to follow Kick-Ass 2. Whilst it is now clear that Kick-Ass 2 is the third book in a four/five book series, the cliffhanger ending, and the slightly odd opening just didn't match up. Millar compared Kick Ass 2 to "The Empire Strikes Back" from the Star Wars franchise, and whilst the dark undertone and protagonist suffering was certainly there, it simply didn't have enough character building to meet the comparison. Until now.

Hit-Girl, whilst focusing on the child-assassin "Hit-Girl", was the opening to Kick Ass 2 that it needed. I initially feared that Mindy would become a cash cow, and that this book would detract from her character, and be kind of a "Mean Girls" rip-off. How wrong I was. With the exception of the grand finale of the book, it is somewhat lacking in the violence that I was expecting after reading Kick Ass 2, but don't let that fool you. The characterization regarding her plan to train Kick Ass and build her own Justice Team flesh out her character, and the stakes set out in this book regarding both Hit-Girls career in crime fighting, and the revenge plot concocted by the Red Mist, were both well needed, and make up for the very brief, or altogether lack of such, in Kick Ass 2.

I am also aware that this book is being combined with Kick-Ass 2 to make the sequel to the hit movie. Wise move Mr Millar!

The book maintains the tongue-in-cheek writing, and the climax is classic Hit-Girl. If you enjoyed Kick Ass 2, but felt there wasn't enough Hit-Girl in it (I for one wouldn't deny that), or simply want to see Hit-Girl doing more of what she does best, then this is for you.
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on 14 March 2013
So, i didn't think much of Kick-Ass 2. It had its moments, but i felt it was not much more than a cash cow for Millar, the book practically mooed at me. Then Hit-Girl came and bitch-slapped some sense (and a lot of loopholes) into me. Millars back in excellent form and he's brought that cheeky scottish sense of humour with him.
The book focuses on Mindy/Hit-Girl and her story before and during the events of Kick-ass 2 and her goings on in the aftermath of the first book. We also get a more in depth view of Chris Genovese/Red Mist and the beginning of his quest for vengeance before returning to New York.
Life as a costumed crimefighter comes easily for Mindy (and bloody fun too) its being a 12 year old girl thats the real hassle. Making friends, handling bullies, being able to take part in a conversation thats not about assault rifles or interrogation techniques... how does a girl do all this? With some help from Kick-Ass plus a few problem solvers only she would ever think up, Mindy finds herself facing the great responsibilities that comes with a life like hers, her new found family.
Throw in some crooked cops, the mafia, lots of comic book violence, some hilarious asian monks, tip top artwork as usual and you find yourself with a book thats not only a fantastic read, but makes you love Kick-Ass 2 as much as you should as well.
Mark Millar, well done sir
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on 3 May 2013
Hit-Girl follows the events of the stand-out character of the series, Mindy Macready, and this story takes place between Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2. The book is hugely enjoyable thanks to the crazy escapades she gets up to behind Marcus' back. It's not completely about her though, as we follow Chris Genovese's attempt to make himself into a formidable villain, and Hit-Girl training Kick-Ass.
Without spoiling it, the over-arching plot of the book is Ralphie Genovese's attempts to find HG and KA, and Mindy's attempts to lead a normal life in the process. Millar writes her with startling punch, and you always feel the need to sympathise with her throughout the insanity of it all. What few character development issues there may be is made up with emotion in her character, and some supporting characters even get their moment to shine (the Leader of some monks in the East is quite funny!). And John Romita Jr.'s art is always stellar.
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on 23 June 2015
The title for this book is odd and it makes you think this is some spin of done for cynical dollars whereas it is a proper chapter in the story arc. Granted it is a short chapter without the ambitious achievements of the first book but it definitely delivers the same heart and humour you demand.

Romita’s art is perfect. His style fits extremely well for a title that is chiefly about children yet expresses ultraviolence with equal ease.

This is a series that is primarily Millar’s personal “disgruntled of Scotland’” letters to the Times about the state of the world. This includes disposable culture, criminality and a large helping of comic books. Whilst not quite breaking the fourth wall the constant comic book references remind you that you are reading fiction yet assure you that the author really is speaking your language.

A Thumbs Up!
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on 22 March 2013
Arguably the most memorable thing about KICK-ASS (2008-2010) was Hit-Girl/Mindy MacCready, a 12-year-old girl who consists of swearing and killing whenever she's in action. The character was superbly played by Chloe Grace Moretz in Matthew Vaughn's entertaining 2010 big-screen adaptation. Because the character has become so popular, that writer Mark Millar and illustrator John Romita Jr. have done a spin-off mini-series focusing on Hit-Girl.

This is set between the two KICK-ASS mini-series. Mindy is trying to lead a normal life and put Hit-Girl behind her, but she's just can't give up the experience of being the dangerous, costumed heroine. She agrees to train Kick-Ass as long as he teaches her how to deal with some bullies at school in a non-violent way. Meanwhile, Red Mist, one of the villains from the first KICK-ASS, has now called himself Mother****** and is preparing for his revenge. HIT-GIRL wraps some of the loose ends from the first mini-series as well as setting things up for the second one (2010-2012).

I really enjoyed reading this mini-series. Whenever Hit-Girl's in action, it's always a highlight of the story. Anyone worrying that this was made just to cash-in on the popularity of the character can relax, because HIT-GIRL adds development to the characters, especially for the second KICK-ASS when some people complained that there was no depth to the characters and their backgrounds. Like Millar's other work, this is not for the weak-minded nor the faint-hearted. Nevertheless, this is a excellent and 'kick-ass' spin-off of one of the most memorable comic-book characters in recent years.

Reviewer: Ben David W
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on 28 June 2013
This book fits in just between Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2 (the volume that the new film is based on). It tells us what happened just after Big Daddy has died and Hit-Girl tries to live a normal life.

Hit-Girl agrees to train Kick-Ass, train him how to stay a live if he will teach her how to be a normal girl. What Kick-Ass knows about being a 'normal girl' is beyond me but that's the deal they strike. Meanwhile a new Mafia Don is on the rise and he has Mafia-sized scores to settle that are surely going to bring Hit-Girl out to play.

I think I enjoyed this outing more than the Kick-Ass outings. Hit-Girl is far more interesting than Kick-Ass and that's not just down to the fact that we (meaning me) like to see a girl be so viciously brilliant. Hit-Girl is cleverer, smarter and more determined than anyone else around her and you've got to admire that.
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on 1 November 2014
Kick-Ass 2 Prelude - Hit-Girl
Got the Blu-rays of Kick-Ass 1 & 2. Great films in themselves, But, per chance clapped eyes on the graphic novel, very reasonably priced, so now have completed my set. If your a fan of Kick-Ass then it goes without question you need to hunt for the literature too. Very very satisfied. Have fun folks
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on 11 July 2013
Although the product I received had the cover slightly damaged, I have read the Hit Girl story and must say that it is a fantastic read. The art style used portrays the world perfectly, and the storyline is engaging.

I think that this is the best book in the Kick-Ass series, although I have not fully completed Kick-Ass 3 yet.

I would absolutely recommend this book to any Kick-Ass fans, or any graphic novel fans who are looking for an alternative to the standard superhero style.
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on 3 August 2013
I read the first and second book, both of which were awesome.

Even though I read this prelude after Kick Ass 2, it was still enjoyable and interesting to see the foundations on which the second book is built on.

Nowhere near as shocking as Kick Ass 1 or 2, but still violent, bloody and amusingly twisted.

Definitely for the fans! Bring on book 4!
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