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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 15 May 2014
I'd like to give this book 3 and a HALF stars actually, but obviously there is no 'half' button.

Firstly, if you are unfamiliar with the Old Republic computer games as I am, this book will do little to fill you in on what you have missed.

Other than giving snippets of what has happened before ( not to be found in any other novel even, from what I can surmise ), you will not be given a full and comprehensive understanding of the setting of this story nor The Old Republic times.
Indeed, it was clear from the first few chapters that what the reader is in for is a CONTINUATION of - I am assuming - events, and situations from the games - new readers be damned. I would have loved to have read about Darth Revan and Darth Malak and that particular story arc in substantial terms, but you will not find that in this book.

Going from Drew Drew Karpashyn's reputation as the author of the acclaimed DARTH BANE trilogy ( which I have yet to read ), I had high hopes , and while the characters within are quite well drawn, and the novel is an easy read with some terrific action set-pieces, I felt let down ultimately by the story.

Even the conclusion is one where the central characters' ( three of them at least ) storyline is left up in the air, as if to be continued elsewhere ( I had a feeling this would be the case, as I was reaching the final few chapters in the story, and it was clear that the ending would either have to be rushed or not finished at all ).

I can see if you are cross media consumer of the SW games, comics, etc. this would have an appeal, but for those readers who want a good self-contained reading experience and be invited into the world of The Old Republic, you may be left wanting - and maybe even feel 'left out'.

Ultimately, an enjoyable, well written book but nothing 'meaty'.
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on 1 April 2015
I have read a number of Drew Karpshyn's novels, and quite enjoyed his Mass Effect novels based around the Bioware games. I recently started playing through KOTOR again, as it has been released as a game on Kindle Fire, so thought I would read this also (and it was being offered in sale for 99 pence). I must say however, I am glad it was less than a pound, as I found this very disappointing. It should have been called Scourge rather than Revan, as the former character was given greater emphasis in the end than the latter. It seemed as if the established characters from KOTOR were rather cynically introduced, only to have them knocked down again in order to make way for some new character, who I understand features in Bioware's Star Wars MMO. It was a very forgettable read overall.
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on 23 November 2011
I haven't finished this book, as I am finding it almost painful to read. You would have to be a die-hard star wars fan to appreciate this.
The problem I have is the way in which this is written, its almost juvenile in its style. The authors use of language is lamentable. Apparently one pages through a book, not leaf, he also has issues distinguishing between words like ravish and ravage. That this wasnt even spotted by the editor is a clear sign of the amateur way in which this is written and produced.
I have to say from what I have read so far I agree with robccld, this is not Revan from KOTOR. If I am honest I shouldnt have expected anything more from a Star Wars novel.
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on 23 June 2013
The Xbox Game Story line continues!
Knights of the old republic star REVAN the Jedi & Sith Lord returns in this awesome book. The story picks up from the end of the game, new characters are met and the old characters are reunited. Not to give to much away, Revan meets up with the character from the xbox game Knights of the old republic II : The sith lords.
Later on in the book, the plot thickens with the double game stars and they kick some butt.
The book is written well, plots and sub plots are easy to pick up and the star wars universe is easily explained and described.
A must for any KOTOR fan or book collector. 10/10.
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on 1 December 2011
Let's face it, Drew Karpyshyn got lucky on the first Bane novel. His sequels were embarrassing and the Revan book is the worst yet.

It's a terrible read, I usually find it hard to put a book down but it is so painful trying to read this book it's shocking. Drew has taken one of Star Wars most recent loved Characters and turned him into a complete joke. I'm no author but neither is Drew... He should stick to computer games as his weak and amateur story is expected there. I own all of Drew's books, Bane was the only successful novel. Please stop now. Lucasarts should be ashamed.
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on 28 April 2014

This books great if you're a KOTOR fan and stretches across the events of both Kotor 1 and 2 and does a pretty nice job of filling in some gaps about the aftermath events of the two games story lines. The book itself is pretty well written as per usual with Drew (however i'd say it's not really on par with the Darth Bane books).

My main (and only concern) however is how Revan (and Meetra) is actually portrayed. If you're anything like me you'll have played the games and built Revan into a total unstoppable badass with almost limitless power and ability, in the book sadly Revan seems extremely under powered and often helpless despite his background (Spoiler: As it turns out his great feats as Darth Revan were merely accomplished as a puppet serving a much more powerful master). Meetra (the exile from kotor 2) also seemed a lot weaker than expected, after seeing her comeback from being cut off from the force to tear through Sion, Nihlus and Traya (and also great Jedi master depending on your path) I expected their combined power (revan and meetras) to be more than a match for any adversary.

All in all a great book, however it does kinda destroy your perception of Revan and The Exile.
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on 1 December 2011
Revan: I am Revan reborn.Before me you are nothing.
Drew Karpyshyn: Sorry Rev. but I was told to put you to sleep so I could bring you to new MMO game.300 years in the future! Excited ?
Rev: ...
Drew Karpyshyn: But before that I'll disgrace the legacy of 8year old Kotor I and 7year old Kotor II by ignoring and changing the accomplishments of main characters with lazy writing !

'Drew Karpyshyn please just die in a fire.'

People who were waiting for Revan book already bought it on release date so there's no point in even having reviews especially for bad books.But since they are already majorly disappointed in it and expressed that throughout the forums for respect in Revan I also add few sentences.

The context of the book serves no purpose since everything will be already mentioned in The Old Republic MMO.
The book SHOULD BE based mainly on REVAN,but it's NOT. First HALF of the book is mostly filler.Now, only with that said it's already inexcusable, but surprisingly it's even worse than you could think.
What happened to the Exile in this so called conclusion book was one of the most ''hilariously lazy excuses'' to end her, because author run out of better ideas.Could be he was forced to do so because MMO quest was already completed with that in mind.
Book is a disgrace to Revans name and does not justify the potential of the true force He and the Exile knows,and poorly portrays their abilities.

It's comedic how author defends he's lousy work on his mini-blog:
he says that it was obvious to expect that something bad happened to Revan after the ending of Kotor 2 already assuming how the events ''should be'' based on what he thinks.

Both canon and noncanon endings do not decide what could have happened.
Yet YOU assume it's already pointed out that Revan died,or something ''bad'' happened to him.Talking about closed minded.
He also whines how you could hardy press all material in 1 novel.Well tough luck buddy,it's you're job.
Concerning the REAL CONLUSION OF REVAN - a.k.a. The old Republic:
In the MMO Revan is voiced,the VA really does not fit him based on how Bastilla described him in Kotor.The rough physical features and slim body is reasonable and disappointing based that he was in stasis for 3 century's.
And the way he thinks of destruction is also logical and applaudable that he still does not brake or burst with angry feelings of past events.
The Sith ENDING HOWEVER where after defeat Revan apearently dies because he's weakened and not his old self, is really a wasted opportunity.
But the fact that he does not even get some in-game cutscene after defeat shows that bioware just doesn't care about Revan or care for him just as much like Drew Karpyshyn.
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on 8 September 2012
I havn't played KOTOR, and don't know alot about Revan. So I went into this book quite blind as to who he was. I actually thought he was a Sith Lord, DOH!

This book rocks. It is so intense, so powerful, it isn't just action pack, the quiet moments are just the same, it fills you with a sense of wanting to know more.

I know some people feel that this isn't the Revan in the game, but this is Drew's version of Revan. If you have 50 people playing KOTOR you will have 50 versions of Revan, you can't expect Drew's Revan be like one of those 50.

Anyway this is an awseome book. One of the best Starwars books I have read in a while.
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on 9 September 2013
Great character, only shame is that it appears that the bulk of his story and character has evolved from the video games, meaning there is not much real literature that can be tracked down. The implications of Revan as both a champion of the dark side and a paladin of the light are enormous, but the story falls short in my view. Great read nonetheless. Would lap up more of his stories.
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on 25 February 2012
Oddly disappointed indeed. I love the character Revan, and love the games that spawned him. So I bought this book thinking it would be a great way to find out what happened to him after the Knights of the Old Republic games stopped, and you do to be fair, but its hard going. In fact for the little amount of time Revan is actually in the book they really shouldn't have used his name to sell it, but then thats marketing I guess.

I must say I do like Drew Karpyshyn as an author. I have the three Mass Effect books he wrote and enjoy them thoroughly, but to my mind he missed the mark on this one. There were quite large sections of the book where I just didn't care about the characters as I read, one way or the other. Oh, well, live and learn I guess.
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