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on 10 July 2016
I have read this author behind and enjoyed his works. So I was interested in what he made of supernatural. Answer a very readable story that would make a good two part episode Sam and Dean read true to the series. I would recommend highly.
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A novel based on the tv show Supernatural, which is about two brothers who hunt demons and monsters across the backroads and small towns of America.

It tells an all new story for the two main characters, that hasn't been done before in any other medium.

It is set in between the twelfth and thirteenth episodes of the show's seventh season. Thus anyone who hasn't seen it up to that point shouldn't read the book till they have, because you will get spoilers.

Anyone who hasn't seen the show at all might be even more confused. But since you're only likely to read this if you are a fan of the show, that shouldn't be a problem.

The book runs for three hundred and two pages, and is divided into fifteen chapters.

It sees Sam and Dean visit a town in Ohio, where there have been unexplained deaths at the hands of a mysterious big black dog. Who is not the only strange creature that has been seen there.

There turns out to be far more to the creatures than meets the eye. And with a strange man in town who is using locals on a quest for power, great danger awaits.

Franchise novels can never do anything to change the continuity of the programme. So the book writer has to come up with something that feels like a missing episode of the show, but also works well on the printed page.

The story of the brothers hunting a strange dog could easily be insubstantial, but there are enough extra plot elements here to make it all work very well.

The dialogue of the two main characters is absolutely spot on, and you can imagine the two actors saying the lines quite easily.

The supporting characters of the book, even the ones who don't last long, are very well threshed out and feel like three dimensional characters with believable motivations.

A plot line about a painful memory from their past is one you won't forget in a hurry, and it does tie in well with everything else.

Plus there are moments that might be too much for tv to achieve thanks to budgetary concerns, so they use the book format to it's best.

It's not as long as some in this range, clocking in at just over three hundred pages, but that means it's never padded and very pacy. It's a quick and very good read that will keep fans of the show very happy.
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on 19 May 2013
Supernatural - Carved in Flesh (Supernatural (Titan Books))

I liked it.

I thought I wasn't going to at the start as the first third was more about the set-up, introducing new characters, explaining past occurrences and frankly not much Sam and Dean but from there on in the whole thing gathered pace and turned out to be a good read.

The story that Tim Waggoner has written fits well within the Supernatural cannon. It reads like a standalone episode whilst still referring to the season seven overall mytharc and although his writing of the brothers seemed awkward and stilted at the beginning as we get deeper into the adventure his characterisation settles. Thus managing later in the book to capture the brother's relationship; the banter and silent communication are there and he conveys their concern for each other without mawkishness or overstatement. On those later pages are the Sam and Dean that we love, the strength and courage, the humour and the absurdness. Dean's names for the unfortunate creatures are hilarious.

The other characters in the novel are also well drawn, given personalities and motivations which are both realistic and sympathetic but while I felt that maybe the writer indulged a little too much in their backgrounds at the beginning I did find myself drawn into their stories, understanding why they were influenced by `the bad guy' and, in the end, genuinely moved by their predicaments.

Plot wise Carved Flesh is good but slow to start introducing several different threads at once which seem to meander rather than lead anywhere. However, as more is explained and the stories slot together the whole thing becomes much more coherent and as a result more interesting. The `real' back history of Conrad is fascinating and I felt that the explanations and links to the present made the adversaries grounded and believable despite their `supernatural' activities and abilities.

Over all `Carved in Flesh' builds gradually and although needing a little patience and perseverance at the outset I can say that by the end I was page turning to the extent that I had to read the last section in one sitting with the door locked and the phone turned off.

Yes, I can definitely say that I liked it.
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on 20 April 2013
I absolutely loved this Supernatural story. It had monsters created from a combination of science and magic, human tragedy, a mad scientist, and some seriously gross bits. We also find out more about Sam and Dean's childhood through a story that echoes their current case. It's set during Season Seven of the TV series, so contains references to the on-going plot.

Carved in Flesh sees the Winchester brothers in Brennan, Ohio - usually a quiet uneventful type of place. Not somewhere you'd expect to find an overly aggressive creature that resembles a dog (or several dogs actually) attacking local residents and leaving behind empty husks. Dean's concerned they are wasting their time chasing after some `Frankenmutt' when the real danger is the Leviathan, and Dick Roman in particular. But, ever the smart guy, Sam reckons they might be on the trail of something new, and therefore of use against their most recent nemesis.

I've read a few Frankenstein-inspired stories recently, so was curious to see where this would take the theme. It combines several strands, including a bereaved doctor, a very old practitioner of the black arts, and some cutting edge medical technology. The dog is just a foretaste of the main event. Sam and Dean have to figure out a way to destroy the revenant creature, an experiment that doesn't go smoothly. Sam sustains an injury, but whether it's that or an increase in his hallucinations, he's definitely not firing on all cylinders. He's majorly sluggish, and keeps glimpsing someone off in the distance. As usual, he keeps his problems to himself, until forced to talk. Will the brothers never learn to share their worries?

Overall, I thought the story was exciting, with some good new creepiness. There are some disgusting scenes, really gross-out, which add to the fun. There's also a whole new level of pathos for the brothers as they revisit their youth; we see the very last shreds of innocence torn from the pair. I'm giving Carved in Flesh a big thumbs-up.
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on 8 April 2013
The book follows Sam & Dean Winchester to Brennan, Ohio where there are sightings of a killer dog which turns out to be a 'Frankenmutt'. They also encouter a 'Double Headed' walking corpse and a centuries-old alchemist.

The story is very good and kept me hooked all the way through and stuck to the Supernatural tv series very well. References to Bobby, Castiel and the Laviathan may confuse non-Supernatural watchers, but as a big fan of the series, I loved it!
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on 12 March 2016
Another fantastic paperback novel. These books go hand in hand with the supernatural TV series and just give another look into the life of Sam and Dean Winchester as demon Hunters. The books are written by authors who know the characters very well and reading them is like being in a TV episode in my opinion. This book has plenty of Horror and so would not be for anyone who is not familiar with this television series.
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on 18 April 2013
Carved in Flesh is set in the 7th season of the series, and alludes to the major plot arc of that season (however contains no major spoilers!) It's a great read and had me hooked from start to finish, with the plot being slightly similar to 3x15 Time is on My Side in that it has a cross-genre of science thrown in. However would definately recommend it, and it would appeal to and fan of the TV series.
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on 2 April 2013
Really enjoyed this book it compliments the TV series brilliantly, If you have not watched the series then you may struggle with the background storylines for example what's happened to bobby and the leviathans!

Storyline was good and kept me interested, it's a real page turner!

If you love Supernatural you will love this book.
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on 25 April 2016
a great story kept me entertained for three days.
it was like watching an episode!! the author caught the mannerisms of the characters spoton.
it really was true to the show. He also did a good job of reminding readers of what happened in the show which was good cos i forgot tbh!! a talented author.
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on 27 May 2013
Do you love Frankenstein? Then you should definitely read this because Sam and Dean are fighting mad scientist who in the end will show that is much more than a scientist. Another great story in Supernatural world.
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