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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 March 2014
They say good things come in small packages and that is certainly true of The Druid Shaman. In just over 80 pages, accomplished practitioner Danu Forest introduces Druidry and Celtic shamanism and explains how to build a modern practice drawing the evidence from ancient finds and contemporary folklore. It is an astonishing feat and this slim volume beats several considerably longer books hands down. Taking readers on a journey, Danu starts by defining Druids and shamanism and finds evidence for their existence in the Celtic past. Being so well researched, this is fascinating stuff but Danu also includes practical guides and exercises right from the first chapter, and these are the real gems within the book. Exploring posture, the working space, finding an ally, meeting the ancestors, interacting with local spirits, and discovering the otherworld of the shaman, Danu uses her simple, direct, and down-to-earth style to guide readers through their first steps on the path and much more thereafter. She is a natural teacher. A final chapter looks at Druid divination, including several techniques drawn from the Irish myths, which were new to me. For anyone who is curious about Celtic traditions, about Druidry, or about shamanism, this book has it all. I enjoyed every page and would thoroughly recommend it. Good things do indeed come in small packages.
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on 10 March 2014
if you want a clear, concise yet understandable book on shamanism you can't really get a much better one than this without going into, often boring, long descriptions and stories.

It's well worth the few pounds it cost me for my kindle.Even though there's a great deal missing, specifically concerning how the baby shamans or druids are known from others and the necessity for training and protection of these babies by a gifted shaman/mage/druid/priest etc etc as they will be cursed with magic and abilities far beyond the norm and very noticeably different (society treats different badly and others may want to abuse their powers/gifts), it is well worth a read.
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on 14 January 2014
I really enjoy this unique and deep take on Druidry from a shamanic perspective. Reads will be given everything they need to dive right into these practices in a meaningful way that will surely help seekers grow in their path. Very easy to read and informative.
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on 19 June 2014
Danu Forest’s The Druid Shaman is a lovely book, and a great addition to the Pagan Portals series. As part of this series, it offers a brief introduction to a subject, which then allows the reader to follow further down the path should they so choose.

Danu’s writing is clear, friendly, and easy to understand. It is obvious that she cares a great deal about the land upon which she lives, the spirits of place and the work that she does. The exercises provided are a real boon to this informative book, offering experiential rather than just intellectual stimulation. In particular, I loved her meditation that adopts the pose of the figure in the Gundestrup cup, which I now use in my own daily practice.

Druid Shaman is a brilliant addition to any Druid’s collection of Druid and Pagan writings. It will appeal to a larger audience as well, offering insight into the traditions both modern and ancient of the British Isles. Highly recommended.
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on 14 January 2014
The Druid Shaman, as the title may suggest, looks at shamanism from a specifically Druid perspective, and its place as the ancestral shamanism of Britain and Europe. The book begins with an introduction to the Celts, Druids, what a shaman is and a look at the shamanic tale of Taliesin. Practical Druidic shamanic tools are shared, along with the very important basic tools of how to raise your own energy and power and how to create sacred space. The importance of the world tree and the need for balance reoccurs throughout the book.

Whilst there is no attempt by the author to teach shamanic journeying, through a series of guided meditations/pathworking exercises the reader is gently encouraged to learn to make contact with their own Druid guides and indeed the very Earth itself.

I have worked with Shamanism for a number of years and as such it was fascinating to read Forest Danu's Druid Shamanism whilst comparing and contrasting it to my own form. Of particular interest to me was the section on divination and as with other areas of shamanism, it was interesting to read about divination from a Druid perspective. As someone who has recently become a student of the OBOD I also enjoyed her explanations of some of the myths, legends and figures that accompany Druidry.

This is a well researched book, written by someone who clearly has both the theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The book is also well referenced and has a good reading list for follow up reading. I would highly recommend Druid Shamanism to anyone with any interest in Shamanism in general and in particular Celtic and Druid Shamanism.
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on 12 March 2014
This is one of those books that you will keep to refer back to time and again.

Being on the Druid path, I found the approach to both shamanism and Druidry completely unique. I have not really studied shamanism, and found this viewpoint both refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable.The author speaks to the heart and reaches into our very own cauldron of inspiration, which throws light on a very clear individual path. The suggested rituals have a Druidic flavour, but impart a deeper older ancestral knowledge. I particularly enjoyed reading the last chapter regarding the shining brough.
I shall be using this book as a guide for a long time to come - thanks Danu!
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on 27 July 2014
I am both a Druid and a practitioner of shamanic drumming and journeying (I won't specifically call myself a shaman), so I was intrigued to see how the author put the two subjects together. This is probably written partly as a beginner's book, and some of the basic information about the seasonal festivals, and exercises in visualisation, bear this out. However, there is always something to be learned from fresh material on even a familiar subject, and Danu Forest presents the year's wheel poetically and evocatively. I found the background information on the book's content and the history of the Celts and Druids authorative and well researched. Basic techniques are well covered, giving a foundation for practice, and more advanced ideas are offered in a way that invites exploration and inspiration.

In a field that is flooded with books on Native American shamanism, it's refreshing to find a book on European practice. Well done and thank you Danu Forest!
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on 25 November 2014
For the explorer of the Celtic otherworld, this is an invaluable guide and workbook. Danu Forest shines the ‘bright knowledge’ of her own experience from these magical realms straight onto the page and prepares the student for journeying (the basis of all shamanic practice) into this multi-layered and deeply spiritual territory.
As with any journey, signposts are important. The Celtic-Irish and British ancestral roots of Druidic lore are clearly set out and Shamanism as a method of finding healing and balance for the soul (practised by our ancestors) is explained thoroughly.
We know where we’ve come from.
The Celtic Shaman is viewed through a 21st century lens as a modern term with reference to Taliesin the great poet, as guide and initiator from history (mortal) and the mythic (otherworld) realms, giving he of the ‘radiant brow’ ample room to shine.
We know where we are.
Learning to expand awareness, to venture beyond physical boundaries to receive inspiration and instruction from the spirit world via guardians and allies is described as the shamanic state of consciousness…
Now we know where we’re heading.
In fact there is no stone left unturned by this writer as she lays the foundations for journeying with sound advice on tools and techniques from posture to divination.
How to raise energy in the tree posture is particularly useful as is also a thorough explanation of the soul - central to all shamanic work. As a keen yoga student I found the Kundalini ‘fire in the head’ piece particularly interesting as confirmation of the inter-connectedness of All Things, no matter where the origins – east or west.
And for anyone who gets themselves into a pickle with circles (more than you may think!) circle - casting is made easy with simple instructions and correspondences that make sense. A variety of illustrations throughout the book serve as an additional guide which is helpful.
This is a must-have for all shamanic students and teachers alike. One never stops learning and benefits are always gained from paying attention to the basics of any subject.
All good teachers lead by example… Danu Forest does this in The Druid Shaman, presenting her subject well and with the confidence of one who has travelled the landscape many times. Her confidence is infectious and carries the hallmark of good instruction and in acting as intermediary between this and the Otherworld; she shows us how our journey can be safe as well as magical.
Exploring has never been so enjoyable.
An inspiring and informative read.
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on 9 March 2015
Danu Forest's The Druid Shaman is great addition to the Pagan Portals series.You may think"how can such a small book be any use",this book is designed as an introduction,to wet your appetite and then decide if you want to take it further, the writing is clear, friendly, and easy to understand.It gives you a brief history and lessons on how to start journeying.I really enjoy this unique and deep take on Druidry from a shamanic perspective and how well they merge together as a spritual path.
If you are looking for a clear, concise yet understandable book on Druid/shamanism to get you started you can't get much better one than this, well worth a read
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on 16 September 2014
this is an excellent introducing to the shaman/Druid way of being. easy to understand with great exercises to deepen your connection with yourself and the earth.
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