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on 15 August 2017
I loved the paperback edition so much I bought the kindle edition too so I could read it on holiday. Having been a carer for a family member for years I have seen the benefits of many of the things that Anna is proposing. Anna explains everything clearly and gives links to websites, people and products so you can do your own research. Lots of ideas and a great reference book. Well worth the money. 5 stars
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on 19 March 2017
Thank you for writing this book,very informative and well written.it is up to individuals to make choices and how to live their lives but it has changed my view on so many things.Thank you
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on 7 November 2015
Anna clearly knows what she is talking about, from personal experience as well as thorough research. The warnings and tips are very useful. It's the kind of book that all parents of young children (and those who plan to become parents) should read, because dangers are in places where you might not expect them. Also very useful for everyone who has any health problems (which nowadays applies to most people).
Some people might not be happy with the contents of this book, but it can be hard to convince people that they have been fooled. Still we all need the warning that we live in a toxic world and that we should do something to protect ourselves.
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on 15 July 2014
Dearest health-conscious readers,

I’m addressing this review specifically to you because if you were a fast-food aficionado and glued to your couch 24/7 it is unlikely that your interest would have been be piqued by this book. That being said, regardless of whether you are at the beginning stages of embarking on a path to health and wellness, or you have spent your entire life eating organic foods, getting regular exercise, and keeping your footprint on the planet at an absolute minimum, there is a morsel of enlightenment in every crevice of this gem of a book. But, before I share with you the exceptional merits of this read, I felt compelled to offer a rebuttal against Dr. Leen’s negative review, because for someone as “educated” as he claims to be, a lay person could fall victim to the bias that he purports. Although I too have academic qualifications from which to speak, in this particular review I speak from the credential of experience. As a survivor of what I call the “c” word—I refrain from using the actual word that the letter represents because I believe that words have power, but I digress—I think my opinion (albeit humble) will lend credence and veracity to the knowledge that I obtained from my line-by-line reading and analysis of Toxic World, Toxic People.

Point 1: If I told you that there is a detox supplement on the market that makes you sick and was not proven to be effective or safe for human consumption, would you take it? What if I told you that I would make money if you bought it? I’ll bet there is no way that you would try it. And I’ll bet that you certainly wouldn’t give it to your child! But that is exactly what Ms. Rodgers asks you to do in this book. This is preposterous and unequivocally untrue.

Point 2: I’ve been a customer of Amazon for over 15 years, and this is the first book review that I have written. I was very disheartened by the inaccurate and misleading “scientific evidence” presented in this book. I was compelled to write this review because some of her recommendations are down-right dangerous. Why should you believe me and not Ms. Rodgers? I have been unable to find any of her qualifications on these issues. What are my qualifications, you may wonder. I have a PhD in molecular biology, and over 10 years of experience working in health-related research and public health. Ms. Rodgers never claimed to be a medical expert. What she does reveal is that her experience (anecdotal, notwithstanding) and research has led to the conclusions that she draws and presents in the book. She also admits that each topic is not comprehensive (because the book would have been a gazillion pages long) but she points you to the additional resources so that you may conduct your own investigation. Furthermore, what she reports as being “scientific evidence” is backed by references to the “scientific studies” from which she extracted the information.

Point 3: About sunscreen, tanning beds and vitamin D.

The Environmental Working Group tested sunscreens, most of which contain oxybenzone, and found that it can actually be skin-cancer contributing, while wreaking havoc on the endocrine system--the regulator of hormones and glands with a focus on mood, metabolism, and sexual function. Ms. Rodgers points out in her book that sunscreens contain toxins. Additionally, she claims that by using sunscreen, the body fails to receivs the signals indicating that it has had enough sun exposure. Sunscreens also limit the absorption of vitamin D which the body needs for proper function. The point is that one should be mindful of these things and find ways to prevent and circumvent the potential adverse situations. Tanning beds, used wisely, correctly, and in moderation, is proposed by Ms. Rodgers as a possible alternative.

Point 4: About the use of Zeolites

In over 400 pages of text, there is a single paragraph regarding zeolites. I repeat, a single paragraph. Would you consider that a hard-core sales pitch? I’m really starting to question the credibility of someone who had to look that hard to find a “concern” about the Toxic World, Toxic People.

Point 5: About vaccinations

I will admit my bias here. I do not believe in vaccinations for one reason—AUTISM. The decision to vaccinate or not is deeply personal, and should not be taken lightly, but as with all research, I caution you to identify the sources of the information that you gather and whether or not there are any hidden agendas behind how the information is presented.

Point 6: About scientific studies and resources

I don’t have to tell you that “scientific” studies can be written to “prove” whatever information the people behind it want to sell. Neither the pharmaceutical industry nor the government is there to protect us, and unfortunately, we cannot rely on them to tell us the truth. Toxic World, Toxic People does an excellent job of revealing hidden areas of toxicity in our environment, our bodies, and our minds.

I am a year out of surgery and refused chemotherapy and radiation. I learned a lot about things that I can do to continue on my journey to health and wholeness by reading Toxic World, Toxic People. It is comprehensive, insightful, jaw-dropping and eye-opening book, but don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself.

Oh, and please don’t allow the unsubstantiated one-star review from a questionable (at best) “doctor” to deter you from buying the book that should line every health-conscious person’s bookshelf.
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on 9 July 2014
This is a really great book if you want to understand why so many people are sick and depressed in the world today. Whilst the medical community poo poo books like Toxic World Toxic People, its because they haven’t had the training to look at toxicity in an in-depth way. They are told that unless you are literally poisoned in one sitting by something that accumulation of chemicals just doesn’t happen.

But if they aren’t testing people for this, then how can they know?

The arctic circle has become the most polluted area on earth, with the animals and Eskimos testing so high for PCBs and mercury that scientists are incredibly alarmed for the rest of the world. If the arctic circle, once thought of as so pristine is now so toxic, what does that mean for the rest of the world’s health?

Surely it means that that is also affecting us as well? Anna’s book goes into detail about where Toxicity is coming from and also offers solutions for how to try and decrease exposure and to get the chemicals you have, out of your body. Its very well researched and referenced and also is very fascinating reading especially about depression and how anti-depressants generally do more harm than good (and have been linked to suicides and murders!) and how chemicals are triggering off the mood disorders in the first place.

It was interesting to read how sick the author once was, she was labelled as severely depressed and with a personality disorder but after reading her book, its clear to see she is not like that anymore. Makes you wonder if there is a lot to what she is saying considering the medications she was once on, which she said made her far worse and it was only when she came off them, detoxed her body and ate well, that her mental state was able to become balanced. The medical community like to say that only their drugs will sort out mood problems!

With over 100 Million people in the USA on psychiatric drugs and relying on medications in general, no wonder Doctors and Scientists don’t like the information she presents in this book. Its a big threat to big pharma! Whilst it is a very controversial book, you have to wonder why so many people are wanting to look outside mainstream medical circles. Could it be that they aren’t getting the help they need? I believe so. I highly recommend anyone to read this book, it offers a whole library’s worth of life changing information. And there’s even a huge parenting section in the book that is also incredibly important and valuable to read. Its such a huge book that you don’t actually have to have kids to benefit from it, but judging by the fact that most people do end up having kids, you can read half of the book and then leave it for the time you are going to have kids. its that big! I love how the author has tied in two big epidemics Toxic illness and toxic parenting. She’s right that these are two huge problems in society today and hardly anyone is really talking about them in the media.
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on 13 October 2014
Thank you for this Invaluable book which will improve the lives by teaching how to overcome and avoid toxins for the most at risk our children. Your book is an excellent eye-opener for the Toxic world we Inhabit. Thank You
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on 10 October 2014
This is a fantastic book - combines informative & very in depth information about what to avoid in food, cosmetics, health and every day home care products; there's a reference section where you can look up suppliers and recommends accessibly priced alternatives. BUT what sets this book apart where it addresses how we can be better parents and live more ethically. This book really does give you the tools to live a more conscious, happier and healthier life.
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on 12 December 2015
What a fantastic book. So informative, truthful and educational. Sometimes it's hard to accept the truth to differ to what we have been taught to think is right, so it offers me much peace to know there are people like Anna who are working hard on informing us on why to make the correct choices and educate ourselves. As a mother to be and transitioning health enthusiast, I am deeply grateful for such information. Phenomenal, highly recommend!
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on 17 July 2014
Once and a while you come across a book that dares to stand its ground and say what it does on the tin. When many books bow down to the pharmaceuticals, or skirt around the truth, Toxic World Toxic People, hits the corporations and our denial straight on like the crashing steam train that it does not try to deny it is. Are you brave enough to come out from beneath your rock of denial and face the light of the truth? Go ahead i dare you.....
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on 10 October 2014
Fantastic!!! This book is so informative and the author is clearly passionate about this subject as a lot of hard work has gone into the book. It's easy to read, full of useful information and I am enjoying putting it into practice as I prepare for my new arrival in a few months. It's amazing how small changes can make a big difference and I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to create a healthy inner and outer environment! :-) x
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