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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 July 2014
This novel is accessible women's fiction, with a darker edge. It's narrated by Saffron Mackleroy whose husband was murdered 18 months earlier. Saffron has a lot to cope with: her 14 year old daughter has just shared a big secret, Saffron has a difficult relationship with food, and her husband's killer has started writing to her and threatening her family. Can she hold her life together and recover from her husband's devastating death?

Dorothy Koomson has an easy, readable style and is a good storyteller. However the novel is incredibly farfetched - we are supposed to believe that Saffron knew who killed her husband from the start but didn't turn the murderer in because of a big secret involving her daughter. By halfway through I was losing patience and by the time the secret is revealed the book fell completely flat, as the 'secret' is really small and contrived. The ending is also wrapped up far, far too neatly for my liking.

It's an ok read, but this lack of plausibility makes it unsatisfying.
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on 28 September 2014
I miss the good old days where a DK book promised you good, simple story lines and deep, intricate characters who led full lives on and off the page. Where is the soul that was in Marshmallows For Breakfast or Goodnight Beautiful? I'm missing it in this book (and actually in the last three). It is an interesting enough premise, but there was not much growth in any of the characters. Felt a little cheap. I think we're falling further and further down the 'thriller' genre hole and losing the magic that made me fall in love with DK to begin with.

Here's what I really want to say. I love DK, but she writes the same four characters in all her books. There is always the black, insecure female protagonist who is best friends with a white woman who always turns out to be vicious and betrays her. There is always a white male love interest who is purely for sex, and a black male love interest who has a heart of gold, but who she never ends up with. I want to see something different, I want to see DK write a book with different characters.

I hope the spark that was in the earlier novels returns, until then, I think I'll look elsewhere.
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on 11 January 2014
Thank you to the wonderful publication house Quercus for kindly sending me a Hardback cover of this twisted novel. Psychological thrillers aren't usually my cup of tea and I requested it, thinking it was a love story which it kind of was, but holy moly! What a novel.

From start to finish, I was hooked. The letters from the husband's killer were just incredible and they even made me look around at my surroundings, just in case...

The prologue and first chapter were both jam-packed with drama and the big reveal about Saffron's daughter, Phoebe, was extremely shocking and I absolutely loved reading about how that particular storyline unfolded. It did at times take over the husband's killer storyline but once the letters began to arrive, the two combined perfectly.

In terms of the killer, very little was revealed and I did have my own ideas right from the beginning yet I was wrong about who the killer was. In my opinion, I think more should have been revealed as I finished the book only knowing two things about the husband's killer - the gender and why they murdered him.
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I love Dorothy Koomson's novels, and I've always thought of her as such a talented author and one of my favourite authors, so I was so excited to start The Flavours Of Love.

Saffron Mackleroy's husband Joel was murdered 18 months ago, and since then Saffron has been trying to work on and finish The Flavours Of Love - a cookbook that Joel started before he died. But although everyone thinks that Saffron is coping, the reality is very different. Things take a turn for the worse after her 14 year old daughter confesses something to her, and then her husband's killer starts writing to her claiming to be innocent...

You look at the cover and initially think "What a gorgeous cover!" expecting perhaps a romantic story, but what you actually get after you've read the description and the book is such a richer and darker story that pulls you in immediately. I read The Flavours Of Love in two sittings, I wanted to do it in one but unfortunately on this occasion sleep won that competition but as soon as I woke up I had my head buried back in the book, and WOW. Just WOW.

The novel is brilliantly written from the first sentence, I could feel the terror in my bones and the tension radiating from the pages. I instantly had so many questions - How did Joel die? Who is the murderer and why are they writing letters? And what has Saffron's daughter confessed? I was HOOKED and I just had to keep reading because I wanted to know.

There is a bit of moving backwards in time and then to the present day again, but Dorothy does this with such ease that the story flows naturally. I especially liked that the letters had their own part in the story and I'll be honest, they were chilling to read, I could almost hear the sinister tones in them and I raced on, my heart beating wildly. The Flavours Of Love is such a clever novel in that it is not just about Joel's murder and the killer, but there are so many more topics and issues effortlessly woven in, such as family problems, coping with grief, the loss of a parent, careers, and cookery too.

The characters are fascinating in their own ways. I warmed to Saffron straight away as I really felt for her with her loss, and her life as he struggles to keep her family together and going after such a terrible event. And at the same time, I was desperate to know what she was holding back. I LOVED the addition of Aunt Betty, she provided a refreshing mood and I loved her moments in the book, I don't want to say too much but in many ways she made the book for me.

The Flavours Of Love is gripping, full of suspense and will bring out many emotions. A thoroughly brilliant book!
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on 12 January 2014
Firstly I'd like to thank ED Public Relations for sending me this book to read and give an honest review. I've enjoyed books by this author in the past and was excited to see where her latest book would take me...

A very intriguing prologue began this story of life, loss and turmoil, I was taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and can easily say that it was my favourite book by this author!

Flashbacks were slowly feeding me information about That Day and those that came before and after, I thoroughly enjoyed putting together all the pieces of the puzzle. There were references to a secret between Saffron and her daughter Phoebe, I thought I knew what the secret was but when a mysterious letter arrived I began to rethink my theory. As the letters continued I found myself struggling to understand why Saffron kept it all to herself, this was a side of the story that didn't make sense to me.

A whodunnit that also involved Phoebe kept me guessing throughout, I loved how the author managed to surprise me as I read through the book. I was captivated by the way Saffron dealt with everything that was thrown at her, I felt that it was written in a believable manner, in fact the authors writing really jumped out at me because of its honesty.

About halfway through there was another serious issue thrown into the mix, this wasn't my favourite part of the book but it did give me a better insight into Saffron's character. Another character I have to mention is Aunty Betty because she had such a fun, vibrant personality, she brought a touch of humour to an otherwise serious storyline.

This was a gripping mystery with many different factors that kept me entertained throughout!
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on 16 January 2014
Dorothy Koomson is an author well known for her ability to produce a novel crafted around the secrets that can bring our lives crashing down often with devastating circumstances. Her latest novel ‘The Flavours of Love’ promised the same. The blurb on the book gives a strong promise of a story where a woman’s husband has been murdered and her daughter confesses something about his death which coincides with letters arriving from his killer.

The book starts in a rocketing fashion when Saffron is asked to attend a meeting at her fourteen year old daughters school whereby she is told her daughter is pregnant. The book then settles unto building up the story really nicely. The reader is brought quickly up to speed with the story that Saffron’s husband Joel was murdered 18 months previously and the murderer was never caught. This is all tied into the mystery of how her daughter Phoebe got pregnant and by whom.

It was one of those books that gripped instantly one minute I was 1% in and the next I’d barely caught breath and I was 25% of the way through and I just wanted to know more. It felt like there was a huge secret within that needed to be resolved and I wanted to know what it was. If only that had been true…..

I struggled a little with this book because I just could not understand why Saffron would make the choices she did regards her husband’s killer. I don’t want to spoil the book for others but it just didn’t make sense to me how she could do that even for the sake of protecting a child which she wasn’t even really needing to worry about. There was so much procrastination and too little action for me. I’d have had the whole thing done and dusted much much sooner.

I found the story of her daughters pregnancy better written and more likely to ring true in real life and this did help to redeem the book. And believe me it was very well written and nicely brought together but it was all a little frustrating for me as I wanted to shake the main character by the shoulders and tell her to stop wallowing in her own pain and start doing something.

Frustrating book.
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on 21 February 2015
I have read all but one of her past books and enjoyed them greatly. This one is very different to her previous books, but equally enjoyable. I was slightly worried when I bought it, from the title and the blurb about writing a cookbook,that it was going to be like a few authors have done recently and been a substandard story padded out by a load of recipes, but I couldn't have been more wrong! I read this in one afternoon, and it's not a small book! I loved that the story had so many different threads, all being revealed in different layers, and none of them had predictable endings, I changed my mind several times about how I thought things would pan out. Some readers might not like the fact that it is not her usual style, but I really think it works and can't wait to see what she does next.
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on 9 February 2015
This is one of the best Dorothy Koomson books yet. The story is told, partially through flashbacks, which blend seamlessly into the current ongoing events. How Saffron copes with the murder of her beloved husband and the problems with her teenage daughter Phoebe, is not revealed until quite a way through the story. The constant threat to their safety is drip fed through the book in the most chilling way. On the face of it this is a story about normal people leading normal lives but with all the undercurrents of family life, particularly in the face of tragedy. An excellent read with twists and turns, a brilliant use of language and the occasional flash of humour.
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on 22 August 2014
Disappointingly slow moving and repetitive. Reading on kindle, I thought I was accidentally turning back pages but no, the same thought processes occurred time and time again. The food theme was not really used much in the book. Apart from the blackberries on the floor, over and over again!
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on 11 April 2015
Absolutely fantastic - another brilliant novel from Dorothy Koomson. The author makes you feel like you are actually living the woman's life. She always tackles major issues that happen in real people's lives and does it with such finesse, I couldn't put it down. It's like a modern day Catherine Cookson but so much more. Keep them coming!
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