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on 3 October 2015
Absolutely beautiful deck beautifully presented. The box contains a 39 card deck including an extra man, and extra woman and a card for The Diviner. The cards are small (85mm x 55mm) which I found to be a perfect size for easy handling. The artwork by Virginia Lee, is a genuine masterpiece of design. Each picture appears as if in a crystal ball in an apparent frame of twigs with a little playing card at the top above the crystal ball and an apparent 3D representation of the suit symbols in each corner.. You would think that with all that on such a small card it would seem cramped, but the genius of the design is that it doesn't seem cramped at all. Nothing has been sacrificed or made inconveniently small to save space. In fact you get the impression that Ms Lee had all the space in the world and used it to get all the lovely things she could think of into it.

The book, by Caitlyn Matthews, is a small paperback (170mm x 120mm) of 160 pages. Each card has its own double page spread with a hires colour reproduction of the card on it. The keywords are voluminous and divided into categories: Impact, Keywords, People, Love, Work, Finance and Business and Well Being; a section called Compare lists cards that are opposites or related eg 17 Stork is changes that happen to you whereas 22 Path is choices you make; Playing Card is a sentence or two about the significance of the playing card; [card] in Story points out folkloric and cultural references of the card. Finally there is a list of a dozen of more combinations of the card with other cards.

There are a number of useful spreads leading up to the Grand Tableau, including sections on Knighting, Mirroring and the use of significators all concisely explained. Then there are Playing Card Meanings, the use of Houses in Timing, mnemonic rhymes and summary card meanings. Caitlyn Matthews has packed it all in just like Virginia Lee has.

You may regard this book as a distillation of the divinatory parts of the author's Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook. This book however is quite enough not only to get you started but to keep you going for years as well. Unless you want to delve into the intellectual world of Lenormand practice you really don't need anything else.

There is also a large printed sheet which opens out into a paper reading mat for laying the cards out in the Grand Tableau, in which the entire deck is laid out for general readings. Each House (where each card is laid) is decorated like the card itself but with a number in the crystal ball instead of an image and a blank playing card above it. As with most such mats the cards obscures these numbers when laid out but beginners will soon get used to that.

The cards are so utterly usable and convenient in size, that it is a pity they don't have a box of their own that you can use to take them with you separately in a pocket or handbag. I found a lovely silver cigarette case in Camden Market into which they fitted exactly but a box in the style of the cards would have been nice.

I am not going to deduct any stars for that. I only thought of it because the beauty and cleverness of the cards had completely spoiled me. Only the most ungrateful beast in the world would give this deck less than five stars.

I don't want to put ideas into the publishers heads but in my opinion this deck is worth fifty pounds of anybody's money so buy it quick before they catch on.
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on 19 August 2017
First off the packaging is great. A sturdy carton holds cards, book and tableau layout sheet. The cards have a great weight to them. They are also small which makes them perfect for large layouts.

The good stuff stops there though as the images, as beautiful as they are, are way too dim. The key image nearly blends into the cards background. The sun image which by rights should shine brightly is evidently a red dwarf at the end of its life. They are either a bad print or the dimness was intentional as though they are faded by time.

Whichever it was it was a bad decision. Well certainly for me as I cannot use them. At least six other reviewers both here and on Amazon.com have pointed out this issue so I am not alone in this. Should Watkins Publishing ever undertake a reprint then I hope the cards will be as bright and vibrant as they deserve to be.

I was going to show two images. One from the artists website showing the images in their true vibrant colours. However the camera in my phone makes the real matching card seem just as bright. I tried tweaking the image but unfortunately you will have to just take my word for it.

Thank goodness for the remarkable Rana George Lenormand deck. The images are a world away. They virtually jump out at you. Something that can never be said about The Enchanted Lenormand which is a great great shame. I think I will email the publishers this review and see if they can throw any light on the issue.
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on 10 October 2016
I am a great fan of Caitlin Matthews and the idea behind this deck and the accompanying book provide a great 21st Century version of the Lenormand oracle, with 2 added cards to allow for significator cards when reading a same sex relationship and an additional Diviner card. Some criticism has been aired regarding replacing card 36, traditionally the Cross, with the Crossing so as to be relevant to all spiritual paths. I suppose a long term user of Lenormand, as when tarot cards are changed or renamed for little apparent reason other than to be different, but I think there is a valid reason here. The paintings work for me, although the detail is somewhat subdued by the small size of the cards and I am sure the full size originals must be stunning. Beautifully packed it a sturdy outer box, all in all a great deck at a great price.
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on 1 March 2017
The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle exceeded my expectations really. Owning more books by this author, I wondered. Book is lovely, clear and good info, the cards themselves are really beautiful, and the small insert at the top of the cards, giving the playing card equivalent, is very helpful. I'm very pleased with my purchase. L.B.
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on 6 March 2017
Wonderful box set. Pleasantly surprised, the book that accompanies the cards is packed with a wealth of knowledge and more than just your average L.W.B. The cards are not too big and not too small I really like this size card they are smaller than playing cards (pocket size) making them more ideal for grand tablau spreads. I appreciate the thought that has gone in to both the design artwork and content in this set and would recommend to anyone interested in Lenormand. This pack is suitable for new and seasoned readers alike.
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on 20 June 2017
Absolutely fabulous! A joy to work with. Love the clarity and setup. The "crystal balls" work wonderfully - they draw you in and engage. Caitlin Matthews instructions are on the spot and her instructions work. In fact, after reading the booklet, I ordered her "large" Lenormand book and found it extremely useful. In fact, I put all other Lennie-books away. I am now concentrating on the Enchanted and Matthews "system" for learning.
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on 10 August 2016
Love, love, love these cards!
They come in a lovely sturdy box with a great informative guide book. The cards have a simple but quirky retro crystal ball style look to them, which I love. Would highly recommend this lenormand box set, it would make a lovely gift too.
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on 16 December 2015
This is a beautiful set. Well presented in a solid box for storage and well protected ease of access to cards and book. A good variety of spreads are illustrated and there is explanation of the cards and layouts. Each card has beautiful graphics and back design. A lovely gift to yourself or a lucky recipient.
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on 7 March 2014
I am very pleased of what I received! The book has enough information and explanation. The cards are small but very handy and beautiful! The art itself is very pretty! I recomend this to everyone who is interested and is looking for beautiful and handy set of cards!
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on 29 April 2017
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