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on 2 August 2017
Excellent book and thoroughly makes sense ... I have MS and refer back to various chapters very often
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on 12 September 2010
dear everyone who is touched by MS and happens to browse and find this book... please buy it! ..and please, join the forum on the overcoming Multiple Sclerosis website.. I promise, you will never regret... when I got the diagnosis earlier this year after a terrible attack, I was frightened, confused, disoriented, totally in a dark and scary place... this book and website saved me, and I have changed my life in so many ways and am happier and more hopeful about the future than in many years... I am especially grateful that this book covers so well not just diet and exercise, but also meditation and mind body healing. I believe that to be totally essential, and am healing my life. thanks, George...

B, Oslo
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on 20 February 2015
It's the usual good diet advice, which benefits everyone, not just MS patients: no dairy, no saturated fats, fish oil good, vegan with linseed good.
This book's USP is that it's evidence based, & so these recommendations are backed up with studies that suggest lactose is implicated in Parkinson's & type 1 diabetes too.
People don't want to give up their favourite foods though, they'd rather take a pill than eat a healthy "restricting" diet. Me too, cheese is my only indulgence, and also maybe the damage has been done already so quitting now would make no difference. The food industry is very powerful, as is the pharmaceutical one: they won't be backing any research that will cost them sales. An MS pill will make money, a clean diet won't.
I'm going to quit dairy for 6 months, to give it a try.
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on 2 September 2010
I have had MS for 10 years at the benign end of the scale. I have for the most part stayed very well but recently lapsed in my health care and stopped exercising, started drinking cows milk, put on weight and suffered from bouts of depression. I had my second relapse just 3 weeks ago and realised how much I've strayed from well-being in the past 2 or so years.

As a result of the relapse I found George Jelinek's website and subsequently bought the book after listening to some of his radio interviews. The only other book that I've read that gave me hope like this was Judy Graham's MS A Self Help Guide when I was first diagnosed. That book was a real life saver at the time but Jelinek's book, 10 years on, is a real beacon of hope in what is, for us with MS, sometimes a dark and frightening place. I'd become complacent over the years and forgotten that I could control the progression with diet and exercise and most importantly, hope. I found his research very thorough; the ideas about connecting my mind and body through meditation and counselling refreshing. I switched to a vegan and fish diet as soon as I read it and severely cut down all saturated fats from my diet as far as is possible. Everything I've eaten on this regime so far has been delicious. I also rejoined the gym and have started taking time to meditate.

I'm nearly recovered from the physical effects of my relapse and thanks to reading this book I have started to recover from the psychological effects because I've realised that I'm able to have some significant control over this disease and that realisation is the most important part of the recovery.
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on 16 April 2015
I bought this book for my sister who has MS. She has found it a valuable source of information, especially as it is written by a doctor, who himself is an MS sufferer. He provides excellent advice and looks at all options and treatments, not just specifically from the medical profession, therefore, I think the book would suit a large audience affected with MS.
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on 11 September 2013
When I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting MS in June 2013, I had no real idea what MS was. Fortunately my fiancée had anticipated the diagnosis and had done lots of reading, and we were both fortunate that she came across this book.

The main strands of the "overcoming multiple sclerosis" regime are set out in detail - diet, exercise, sunlight/Vitamin D and meditation, along with detailed evidence of how following the regime should greatly slow down disease progression and attacks of the disease. Diet, in particular, focuses on the Swank study, which studied patients over a massive 34 years (followed up at the 50 year mark). The results were clear. Follow the diet, low disease progression. Don't follow the diet, bad disease progression.

The book also covers vitamins and supplements in detail. It also looks at particular disease-modifying drugs in detail, though as the book was written in 2009, this will gradually become more out of date.

Whilst it seems churlish to find fault with a book which might save your/my life, it's only fair to note that it was written by a doctor/professor and goes into the science in a lot of detail. As a layman I found this could get a bit much and sometimes difficult to translate, though on the whole George does make the book easy to understand.

Some information which is not in the book is contained in the excellent accompanying webside, [...] such as how to reduce your dose of fish oil over 9 months (see FAQs). The site also gives updates on disease-modifying drugs and is a very active forum for the MS community, which is actively run by George.
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on 8 July 2012
I was diagnosed with MS two years ago, and immidiatly went on line to find out what I could about it. After a couple of months of reading all I could, I came across this book, which is now my bible.
I try to stick to everything Dr George says, and without his book would have gone down the road of becoming a cripple,instead of a fighter.
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on 31 August 2013
As a PPMS sufferer of 7 years I found this book a breath of fresh air after being told by consultants there was no treatment for this condition. It is easily readable and is a thorough and balanced review of many pieces of MS research. Prof Jelinek pulls all of these together to reach his conclusions on how to change your lifestyle - diet, exercise, meditation and supplements - to slow, stop or reverse the effects of MS. He is very measured and even-handed in his assessment and does not say 'this is the answer, this is what you need to do'. He presents the facts and his views on them and lets the reader make their own judgments. I have been using his diet for almost a year - it is v hard to tell if it has slowed the MS down as the progression is v slow anyway - but I have lost over 2 stone in unwanted weight which is a bonus. More importantly the mental impact of following Prof Jelinek's recovery program has been enormous - I am more cheerful and have a much more positive attitude to life. I also have more energy and need less sleep. I would heartily recommend this book to anyone with MS - it should be compulsory reading!
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on 19 June 2014
Gives a comIplete overview of MS and how each individual can take some control of their lives after diagnosis.I have had MS for 25 years yet did not know a lot of what I read here. Of particular interest is the fact that anyone with any kind of inflamatory disease should keep off dairy products totally. This I have now done and it is not hard to do. All in all a very good book and worth every penny.
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on 11 July 2010
As a homoeopath - I read this book in the hope of better advising my patients in their quest to get well and stay well as gently and deeply as possible. This book is a phenomenal resource for anyone who has either had that first devastating diagnosis, is caring for an MS sufferer or is a health practitioner like my self who wants to be better educated on what is happening in the treatment of MS today. George Jelinek manages to deliver all the information in an easily digestible format whether you just want just the quick reference bullet points or an in-depth analysis of current research findings in the field of MS. All the research data and terminology is effortlessly dissected and re-presented to the reader so they fully understand what is presented with excellent references and resources to investigate further if you wish.
His personal journey with MS really authenticates the information contained because you understand it is as important to him as it is to his readers. He has walked the walk and talked the talk of the contents of the book and is living proof that you can re-write the script - you don't have to be another appalling MS statistic of disability and depression.
I would even suggest that its a veritable 'must have' for all people to read in their quest to have healthy, balanced lives. I intend to distribute it widely and will encourage it as essential reading to all of my patients in the future.
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