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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 14 September 2008
Before writing this review I had a read through some of the others that had been written. I was most interested by the one star reviews, irritation at the inclusion of the authors memories, and the categorisation of the recipes by colour. The organisation of the recipes by colour, I feel, is quite a nice novel touch - certainly pleasing on the eye. As for the inclusion of the authors memories? I thing this is one of the nicest things about the book. Tessa Kiros has an evocative way of writing and I can lose myself in her words (or they draw up my memories). Everything is interspersed with gorgeous photos.

As for the recipes - there is a lovely range. Some fairly simplistic admittedly, but plenty to inspire any cook. Tessa has a way of writing the recipes that I really enjoy - it almost feels as if she's looking over your shoulder talking you through it.

Recipes included:

Chicken escalopes with tomato and capers
Rosehip semolina puddings
Pumpkin pizza
Orange juice and olive oil cake with pine nuts
Mandarin jam
Fried custard squares
Penne with prawns, cream and tomato
Pomegranate sorbet
Green bean souffle loaf
Vanilla cake
Chocolate pannacotta
Apple bread with sugar and cinnamon topping

A lovely book to cook with, or curl up with.
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VINE VOICEon 8 September 2006
I love all things red, so this cookbook with the red girl's shoes on the cover was bound to catch my interest. It is as pretty to look at inside as out, with clear photographs of the food that actually looks like the finished article intermixed with nostalgic photos of childhood articles. The arranging of recipes by colours could be twee, but is actually very appealing. Do you need a stripey recipe? Look it up! The recipes are basic family favourites, but Tessa Kiros sets out that idea at the beginning. They are all eminently cookable and eatable. I love to plan a whole months menu from one cookbook, but usually give up one week in because it's too complicated, too expensive, children start to refuse.... With Apples for Jam I am on my second week and there hasn't been a dud recipe yet. If you're after a recipe book for dinner parties, adult meals, then this is probably too pedestrian for you, but if you have a family of young/er children to feed and keep happy, this book has it all from pasta options to brown bread ice cream via chocolate bread(!) and enough chicken recipes for a week (and I should know...)
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on 14 May 2006
I am a big fan of Tessa's other two books, and this one follows Falling Cloudberries (FC) really well. It is full of gorgeous, pictures, snippets of family life and easy family food. It has the same feeling as FC in that it still feels as if you are looking through someone else's family written jotter, and I really like that.

I have many many cook books, but I can see myself using this one a lot, mainly because the recipes are appealing, easy for family suppers and I know my little one will eat the food! In the few days I have owned this book I have made 6 recipes, all wonderful - with about 90 other recipes marked to try!

If you like Tessa's writing or if you are looking for a good family cookbook I would say buy this book!
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on 2 June 2006
Usually, I am the picky type of a book-reader. I not only need a good content or an interesting narrative. I also love hardcovers, stylish design, good-quality paper. To some people it might soud weird, but I feel that if I pay good money for a book, it should be good in all respects.

Well, Apples for Jam is a perfect example of a perfect book. Glossy pages, arty photographs that make you so hungry you want to chew your own tongue, children's funny drawings that bring out the very best in you and make you smile...

And on top of that, recipies that you actually are going to want to try! In just 2 days I have already cooked 3. And to do that, I didn't need to stock up my cupboard with weird ingredients like I had to with most of the "fancy chefs'" cookery books. The recipies are down-to-earth, simple but divine. Sometimes it's just 2-3 main ingredients, but the combination of flavours is fantastic. Some of the recipies are fun, some are healthy, some are more fiddly - but all of them are thoroughly explained. The magical bit is, with this book, whatever you try cooking out of it, works out the way it should - there is no plus or minus a spoon of flour, everything is pretty exact.

Therefore, you are guaranteed a delicious meal, a good mood and a happy smile.
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on 23 May 2006
A wonderful book. Much more than just another cook book. This is the first book I have read by Tessa but I will buy the other two straight away. I could not put this book down, so very entertaining. Fantastic recipes and editorial snippets between, taking me back to innocent childhood and life the way life should be.

The recipes are fabulous. I have tried only 3. as yet (all totally successful) but I intend to have a go at many others. If you love family life, cooking and are a true homemaker, this one is definately for you.
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on 28 January 2007
I got this book for christmas, after it caught my eye in the book shop due to its cute cover. I have to say a am not disappointed. Even though the order of the recipes (according to colour) doesnt make them easy to find, and the layout of each recipe isnt that easy to read, I still absolutely love it. I love the photos, I love the drawings, I love the little descriptions she gives for all of the recipes. It makes me feel nostalgic. The recipes are simple, but all of the ones I have tried have been really lovely. I will keep this book for a very very long time, and even when I am not cooking I am often flicking through it.
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on 22 February 2009
This book is fantastic... I love to cook and I love how this book is full of simple family recipes with little surprises here and there.
You don't need to actually go to India or remote parts of countries to get the ingredients for the recipes either.
It's organized by colour, which personally I think is a novel way of sorting it out, but if you are looking for a specific recipe, they are all listed in the index anyway.
I loved this book so much; I bought it for my sister. She hardly uses anything else, and we are always having days when we make some new recipe from it.

Fave recipes so far:
Banana Bread
Peppermint crisp pie
Beef stew
Lemon sandwiches with raspberries and cream
Pumpkin Pizza
Lamb and green bean casserole

This book also tells you how to make simple homemade things like:

Strawberry Jam
Toffee Sauce

I am about to buy her other books :D
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on 6 June 2006
As a collector of cookery books I think this book is special. It is beautifully set out in "colour" sections - refreshingly different. You want to pick it up to browse, but best of all the recipes work. I made 2 within the first two days and have several others I can't wait to try. It is everything a cookery book should be and more. A very worthy successor to "Falling Cloudberries." The mango sorbet is delicious!
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on 27 August 2015
I'm sorry but I have to say that, from a visual point of view, this is the very worst cookbook I have ever tried to read! The printing is pale grey and very small, with lines so close together that, for me, the book is impossible to read. The lists of ingredients are in even smaller print, with the lines all squashed even closer together. Why, oh why has it been designed as if to deter people from actually reading it?
I may be doing the book a great injustice, the recipes may be brilliant, but I shall never know because I just had to give up trying to read it - it was giving me eye-strain and a headache!
I recommend you don't buy this unless you are very young and have 20:20 vision!
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on 12 February 2007
This is a very pretty cookbook. There are lots of nice pictures. I was initially attracted to it for that reason. Also the recipes seemed straight forward and appealing, no fussy ingredients. I do like the book but I find the way it is organised by color a bit confusing. Additionally, the author has chosen to include many of her own children's drawings and her own memories of her childhood. These are sprinkled throughout and while they may mean something to her, they are distracting and rather sappy and overly sentimental, not a good addition in my opinion, just annoying. Overall, not bad, but I expected much more.
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