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on 5 May 2007
So the latest edition of Lonely Planet's Europe guide is out.
There have been definite improvements over the previous edition!
Most importantly, this book now covers ALL European countries, including little-visited Belarus and Ukraine. It has basic coverage of European Russia, too.

The prices and other practical details really seem to have been updated specifically for this book - unlike in certain earlier shoestring guides, which simply seem to have been compiled by picking info from the already published (then few years old) individual country guides.
So the info in this one is pretty correct as of 2006 state of affairs - that's when it was researched. Be prepared for some changes, of course, especially in some of the still rapidly-changing Eastern European countries.

The contents include the usual practical details all LP guides provide: not just an overview of sights and history, but practical matters like accomodation and transport details, all with actual prices (remember, these do change!), as well as useful info on things like getting visas and crossing borders.
Coverage of individual countries definitely varies though.
You will still find that the most popular Western European countries are covered in pretty good detail, certainly enough for an "All-Europe-Trip", while coverage of Eastern European countries is much more brief, in case of less visited ones really sketchy - hence the 4 stars only.
For more obscure countries like Belarus or Ukraine, this guide only provides detailed info on the capital and at best one or two other towns/cities, or perhaps just a brief overview of the rest of the country.

So this book is great value if you are still in the planning stages of your trip, and simply want to have an overview of the entire continent, prices, visa matters and all, to help you decide where to go.
It will also be an adequate guide to take along if you are planning a whirlwind tour of Europe, concentrating on the more established tourist destinations, with only brief forays to less visited countries.
However if you are planning to spend any length of time in Eastern Europe, I definitely recommend getting LP's separate guide to that region alone - it covers it in maybe three times as much detail as this book.
If you have a specific interest in a few countries rather than the whole continent, get the individual country guides to those ones.
But if you have only a summer holiday to tour the continent, you will probably find this book has enough information for you.

Have a good trip!
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on 17 June 2016
This was very good on tips on how to travel Europe at minimal costs
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on 31 March 2017
This was our right hand at all times during our InterRail through Europe. Wouldn't have been without it.
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on 29 March 2010
Anyone buying this book is surely going to be travelling around Europe for a long time - several months to a year perhaps. I am travelling for a year (by bike) and I am a bit disappointed with this book. The basic information for countries is good and that's why it gets two stars. But the rest of the book has been really lazily written. The suggestions for nearly every town/city are the historic town centre and the main cathedral. If you use this book you will be "all cathedral-ed out" in no time. I can get this information from a TIC. I do not need a 1kg book to tell me. There are many interesting places I have passed but missed (because they were closed etc) that this book should have told me about. Sort it out Lonely Planet - cut the mindless waffle and add more places of interest and cheap places to stay.
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on 17 January 2008
This is the second lonely planet book that I have bought, the first being south East Asia which I found invaluable. The book is a little big not exactly pocket size BUT it can answers nearly everything you need to know without giving too much away so you still get the adventure. Packed full of places to see, phone numbers, where to go for emergency help. Ratings for hostels and much more

All in all this is a great book and I am looking forward to using it later this year when I go travelling Spain & France on my Motorbike.

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on 9 September 2008
I love this book; I really do. Not only is there a whole wealth of interesting USEFUL information about every member country of Europe for travellers, but there's also a background on the continent, including its history, cultures, religions, currencies and loads more.

Excellent organisation means finding the information you want about a country is easy and the way the information is brought across in an energetic and exciting manner that really gets your juices flowing as it were.

Hell I read this book even if I'm not planning to go to the country in question just because is so interesting to read and at over 1200 pages you will definitely get your money's worth out of it.
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on 7 March 2012
I heard about this book on radio 2, so I decided to find myself a copy, I couldn`t belive my luck when I found a copy on Amazon for the price I did, it`s full of useful infomation about getting around Europe for as little as possible, it shows you places to eat, sleep and see, includes maps and guides, all in all a very useful pocket guide.
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on 7 August 2009
I bought this book for a nearly 3-week trip around about 10 European countries. The information was useful and helped me plan the trip and decide where to visit. However, if you're visiting anywhere for more than a couple of days then you will need a more detailed guidebook as this only contained an overview of the main places to visit in each country. The information about France and Spain was particularly brief - for some reason the book provided loads of information about specific locations like Paris, Barcelona and Madrid, while ignoring huge (and equally popular) regions of both countries.

The 'On a shoestring' theme of this guidebook was useful as it provides information about the cheapest places to sleep and eat. However, since I was driving around Europe rather than backpacking, I found that they took this theme too far by assuming that most of the readers will be using public transport. The authors focussed largely on towns and cities accessible by public transport and provided less information about the countryside in each country.
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on 3 September 2009
It is great for travelling round europe, tells you all the best sights to see, gives you history on the places you visit and tips and ideas on nights out, places to stay etc. The only downside is its very fat and heavy so will weigh down your bag!
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on 4 July 2009
This book disappointed on the first few days of our trip through Europe (2700 miles through 8 countries in 10 days). There was no mention of the champagne region, nothing on our first city stop and little more than 1 paragraph on the alps or dolomites. Apparently Chamonix is the only town in the whole of the french Alps.
So, we used the local tourist information to great effect. They were incredibly useful, without fail. Carrying around this huge brick of a book would have been immensely annoying if we weren't in a car. Only on day 9 did we find some handy information about a destination - Innsbruck. Until then it had been entirely useless. Sadly the campsite it directed us to at the end of June was closed until later in the season. We found one which was much much better a few miles away thanks to the sat nav.
All in all, the worst travel book I've used. It seems to focus on capital cities, so if you're touring those, fine. But I would hazard a guess that most travellers stop at places between these. Big heavy, rubbish. The handy phrases in the back don't even include "May I please have the bill?"
May I please have a refund...
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