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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 26 August 2013
Just what you'd expect from this author, great characters, drama, romance and sensuality, but a special mention for the humour. The frat house boys and their sensitivity training, hilarious! Cannot wait for Toby's story.
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on 16 August 2013
I chose my rating for one main reason. The spelling in the book is horrendous, something which drives me insane. One word consistently wrongly spelt incorrectly was, and I quote"anywho" instead of anyhow, if this book had been proof read, how could this not be noticed? I am regularly asked to proofread writings but there are a group of about five of us, and the item written has been marked where the error is, prior to being passed onto the next person. In these days when spell check is so common, less and less errors are found, but unfortunately not in this book which kind of spoiled my enjoyment of the story.

One thing I was happy with was that the end, where we find out who the perpetrator was and why, really kept me gripped. It is just a pity that we heard no more about Uncle Monty, and whether or not he apologises to Collin, and accepts who/what he is and his situation regarding the family business. Too many loose threads left dangling in mid-air.
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Sweet Young Thang Anne Tenino.

ARC supplied by Riptide.

I've recently discovered M/M romance, I love all good romance and find that the M/M genre can be very sensual and erotic, and the romantic side can be very moving. However as with any romance I don't want pages and pages of just sex, but a decent, interesting storyline and Riptide excels at this type of book. Its the first time I've read any of Anne's work, and I enjoyed the way she wove together a sensual romance, along with a mystery plot involving the two main characters, and yet included lots of other people to keep the story fresh and interesting. I'm a UK reader so sometimes the intricacies of the US higher education system and the ages of the students take some working out. Add in the Fraternities and Sororities and it takes me some time to work out how everyone fits in some stories. Thankfully however Anne manages to give that information as part of the story, so it was easy to follow and work out how it fitted to the plot.
This isn't just a simple romance, but included a fire and potential bomb threat, the mystery of who and what's behind it, homophobic stances and bigotry, kidnapping and the subtlety of mental bullying by way of expectation of older family members, and of course the ever present dangers and risks of "coming out" as Gay, and what affect it has on the life of that person. I always feel how difficult a decision that must be, people want to just be what they feel they are, but the weight of others expectations and the influence upon schooling, employment, friends and family must make that a very hard choice, and one that needs strength. Anne shows us here just what can happen when that decision is made.
The characters are excellent too, from Collin, the gay but not Out young man who seems to be one of the respected and responsible students, the typical frat brothers, Monty, Collins uncle and a typical homophobic bully, to paramedic Eric and his supportive friends. Eric is older than Collin and worries about that, he's a lovely man though and the attraction between them just can't be denied. He quickly falls in love with Collin but though Collin cares deeply for him he's not sure if its actually love he feels. Eric takes care of him, supports him when he needs it and in general is the perfect boyfriend. The other students quickly accept him, and when of necessity Collin has to reveal his sexuality to his friends and family Eric is very supportive. The fallout however is what Collin expected from his uncle, though his friends were very accepting, but a number of them were gay anyway so had guessed about him. The fire and bomb threat was thought to be homophobic and related to the House's (TAG) recent change in policy in openly welcoming gay members, many of the alumni were convinced it would lead to trouble and quick to blame the fire on it.
The way Anne describes the way the students gathered to see the fire and disasters it produced was typical of what happens, chairs are set out, drinks brought and people set in for the show as if its their entertainment right. Some people just want to watch the drama of anything played out regardless of how the people involved feel. I think that shows people at their worst, sadly it happens in reality and added a touch of real life to what is a fictional story. Little elements like that added to the reality of the novel. There were some pretty sensual sex scenes too, but they fitted well within the story arc and were well written, not the stomach cringing scenes we sometimes see. Still, one moan, a personal prejudice here, I hate "twee" expressions and every time Eric called Collin sweet thang or baby (another of my triggers...) it felt wrong to me. I think its a US/UK thing - here we rarely use the term Baby as one of affection other than for kids; Honey, Darling, Sweetheart - all of those I can deal but Baby - and now Sweet Thang - no thanks :) just spoils the moment for me.

At £5.45 for 329 pages its not a cheap book, but as with all Riptide publications it has a good story line which makes it well worth reading and re reading. To me that makes it good value. I'd rather pay more for a book I'll enjoy and re read, than have a cheap one that is really a waste of my time reading it as far as enjoyment goes, and will be dumped soon as finished.
Stars; good solid sexy read and four stars from me.
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on 25 July 2013
I loved so much of this book - the TAG fraternity boys are truly awesome but the line that got me, that summed up how this book made me feel? Paul's slip up at the party - perfectly awesome!!
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on 10 August 2013
I loved this third installment in the TAG series. I really wanted something nice for Colin after his appearance in Frat Boy and Toppy and he certainly got it. Can't wait for TAG#4.
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on 10 June 2014
Great characters and storylines
Well recommended - thanks it's a good addition to series
and I am looking forward to the next.
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I enjoyed this. There was a story as well as the sexual relationship with an older guy. I would read another by the same author.
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