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on 3 February 2012
This is well written and researched. I could not put it down and would easily say that this is the best book on LBJ that I have read in years. Worth every penny.
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on 8 June 2013
There are many surprising historical details in this compelling account. I would recommend this book to anyone because of all the questions it raises which few other people are asking.

However, it seems to miss the mark of absolute proof by hair's breadth, just like any other JFK assassination account - both 'conspiracy' and 'lone nut' arguments. Despite this, it has a ring of honesty - the author owns up to his short-comings, but sites all sources of quoted material and has extensive notes at the end of each chapter (which i consider to always be a good sign).

I still have two major questions which this book didnt answer:
Where was the assassin who got the frontal shot? Surely not on the grassy knoll who would have had JFK in his sights in profile.
Even though it now seems likely that LBJ planned and executed the plot and cover-up, is it not possible that someone in higher authority had to 'green light' the assassination?
Though this is an excellent book, questions like these seem to remain unanswered.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 November 2011
Many if not all the stories in this book have been published elsewhere before but that alone does not make them true. Nelson made this book interesting because he weaved the stories together in a form that is captivating. He keeps them short and pacy. He implicates Johnson in the stories by constantly weaving his own opinion and inferences into them, e.g. "Meanwhile, as Johnson was manipulating and sabotaging the president he had sworn to support, John Kennedy thought that he had neutralized Johnson by putting him into the vice presidency".

Nelson shows that LBJ was one man who had the motives to have JFK killed. He shows (by his own inferences and conclusions) that LBJ was a nasty, wicked, and ambitious man who was extremely close to the FBI director, J Edgar Hooover. From that angle, Nelson also pointed out all the (old) stories about the dirt that Hoover had on Kennedy and how Hoover helped Johnson in many ways, from compelling Kennedy to name him his vice presidential candidate to suppressing evidence concerning the assasination.

What is, and has always been, controversial, was the belief that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman. Nelson rethreads all the dubious evidence and investigation procedures to show that Oswald was one small cog in the assasination masterminded by LBJ. Nelson criticizes the Warren Commission for discarding or ignoring vital evidence, eg the secretary who saw Oswald in the same building Oswald was stopped by a police officer shortly after the killing. Why this was so critical was not explained. We might infer that Oswald was not the gunman. That leads to the crux of the flaw in this book. Oswald might not be the real killer, he might have been one of several killers, there might have been a conspiracy by various people to kill Kennedy, but Nelson has not shown any evidence that LBJ was the mastermind behind it. He merely shows that LBJ had the reasons, the meanness, and the closeness to do it, and therefore, because no evidence connected him to the assasination, he must have been the mastermind. So, although the book was interesting to read, the title is misleading and the assumptions in the book are a little suspect. It may be interesting for readers with the curiosity, time, and energy, to read and compare the first edition of this book which was published in 2010 and completely withdrawn from sale in the first part of 2011. The second edition was published by a different publisher, "professionally redone", according to Nelson.
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on 12 October 2013
I have read over 30 books on the assassination, including other books discussing the lbj theory. The argument is very persuasive, especially the cover up and the reasons why lbj would allow it to happen, as always it's more about the before and the after and not about dealey plaza at all. I believe there was a conspiracy perpetrated at the highest level of the American establishment including lbj/FBI/CIA/military/mafia, all with the aim of taking JFK out and replacing him with lbj, this book superbly argues this point a must read for any conspiracy buff.
My favourite new bit of information, was the coward lbj ducking in his car even before the first shot was fired, as shown in the altgens photo
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on 22 January 2012
This is the book we've waited 50 years for. It justifies everything we-who-were-in-USA-then all said instantly & for the first week after JFK's assassination, but then suddenly no one was allowed to mention. Revealing new stuff about LBJ's Texas past, too, and clear explanations of his pre-presidential scandals. Book repeats itself, but as it's in tidy mini-chapters you can easily use the index to just read the area you're interested in or just skim any repeats as you peruse this very readable volume. Excellent!
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on 3 July 2014
Great, very informative.
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on 25 January 2017
Utter garbage
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on 22 February 2012
In this second edition, Philip Nelson, has tidied up what few linguistic loose ends there were in the first and added additional fascinating material. He manages to improve the few parts of the first edition that may have let the rest of the book down somewhat, and retain the rest of the highly polished prose.

One of the many strengths of this beautifully written book, and also something Nelson fully acknowledges, is that it builds on the excellent and groundbreaking work of people like Meagher, Lane, Weisberg, Lifton, Fetzer, Weldon, Mantik, Hancock, Horne and others - works that have looked in painstaking detail at various aspects of the assassination and its aftermath.

Nelson, virtually alone amongst authors on the Kennedy assassination doesn't write as if in a vacuum. Instead he explicitly builds on the works of the authors mentioned above. He develops an overall case, based on the available evidence that weaves previous investigations and analyses into a cohesive and utterly convincing whole.

In the process of doing this, he uncovers the full extent of the role played by the individual who is the real heart of darkness at the centre of the conspiracy: the person whose future depended on the removal of JFK, and also the only person who would be in a position to control the cover-up: Lyndon B Johnson.
For those who have read about the assassination of JFK, analysed evidence available in books, articles and online, LBJ has always played a central role, particularly in the post-murder cover-up. Block by meticulous block Nelson builds his case against Johnson, and in the process shows us that Johnson wasn't only aware of and gave tacit approval to the assassination of president Kennedy, he was the driving force, the 'controlling mind' to use a legal phrase, of the murder. Kennedy was by all accounts the last in a long list of murders committed on Johnson's behalf.

It's refreshing that Nelson also appears to have no [left-wing] political axe to grind, contrary to some other authors, which makes his work all the more credible.

Given the decades that have passed, the destruction of evidence, and the continuing cover-up in the name of `national security', this may be the closest we shall ever get to a complete picture of the planning, execution and cover-up of the murder of the United States' 35th president.

An outstanding achievement.
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on 8 July 2015
A gritty well written book . It builds the case up slowly then leaves you thinking . Could it of happened this way .another one to be debated over the years to come
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on 9 November 2015
I don't normally do reviews, because I wonder who might read them. I applaud the people who do. This is such a courageous book. It says a lot of things which the facts have been mired in truth and what the powers might be would call logic.
This must have taken a great deal of work to disseminate the forty or so years of the fictional historical accounts of Johnson as written about by the many historians who have been paid or coerced by the security services to write distortions and to gleam through all of the double-speak of the fabricated documentation.
It asks many questions which many have thought were not really necessary to ask, as they think the answers are obvious, well this book shows otherwise.
It is inspirational to all free-thinking folk who do not accept the reality they see foisted on us.
I am very nervous about writing this but am no longer afraid.
I will carefully check the bell on my pixie hat for listening devices and the wheels on my tricycle for explosive devices.
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