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on 10 February 2015
I have mixed feelings about this book. Despite how much I have grown to cherish these characters, this is most definitely not my favourite book in the series so far.

It is fast-paced and down to the point, but the story didn't draw me in as it had with the previous, which remains my favourite. I felt it was rushed in sections, though it is very well-written.
The one character I grew to care about was Dawson. He is so interesting and just different, you know? With introducing new characters I have found that their motives can be of either a) wearing a false facade and working for the bad guys, or b) appears suspicious to others when really they're genuine. I was a little weary of Dawson to begin with because I kept thinking 'That was way too easy. They wouldn't have just up and let him escape.' But he proved to be sincere.

Onto Kat and Daemon. I have a major bone to pick regarding these two, and also Jennifer. Kat and Daemon's relationship became so soppy I wanted to roll my eyes at times. Sometimes it was cute when Daemon got all testosterone-y when Blake was around, because, originally, that was the Daemon I'd fell in love with back in Obsidian. I'm not so sure about this vulnerable Daemon. Often when a male character (like, say, Jace) opens up, I get all watery-eyed and whatnot, but I didn't cry once reading this.

The reason for my giving this 4 stars is strictly due to the sex scene. It was written terribly. Hey, I know, I'm no author or anything, but I have my own opinion, whether anyone cares for it or not.
For starters (spoiler up ahead) Kat had just been shot in the stomach. Surely that would hurt, right? When she moved ... with him ... afterward, she felt nothing but upon waking after the agonizing incident she winced as her stomach 'pulled tight.' I know this is fiction and Daemon can heal and all but something
like that doesn't just disappear. Daemon could've at least kissed the scar on her stomach; it would've made it a whole lot more romantic, in an odd way.
Secondly, the sex was basically 'Daemon was on top of me and I felt this, I felt that, Daemon had protection, hours later, blah blah...' the end. There was hardly any intimacy in the endearment itself, plainly just describing how Kat felt, her reaction to him and how their hearts beat crazily. I mean, come on! I was seeking something physical. Like, did Daemon even move at all? I always had the impression he was rough in bed but now I just feel deflated. Given the obvious fact it was Kat's first time, their first time, it should've had more oomph and action. There wasn't even any lip biting!
What made it even worse was the fact that the second time they did it it was just basically hinted at, and I freaking hate that. Where's the spark? Oh, right. They've had sex and now there's no need for sexual tension anymore. Wipee.

Blake is such a creep he made my skin crawl. I felt Kat's disgust, it was that potent.

I have a massive crush on Luc. I know that's incredibly wrong, because he's, like, 15, but my God is he a seductive creature.

And damn, it concluded on a major freaking cliffhanger. Major, as in, oh-my-God-this-cannot-be-happening.
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on 4 January 2013
I won't claim that I'll remember this series for the rest of my life, but the author's certainly talented.

The Lux series is really addictive, I know I said that about the first and second book...but that's the point, they really are more-ish.

In Book One, Obsidian, Katy and Daemon were always arguing, and in the moments that they weren't there was a lot of sizzling attraction going on. Katy learned about the evil Arum and the history of the Lux, and I really liked her character and felt for her having to go through hi

In Book Two, Onyx, Katy and Daemon's chemistry strengthens, but sometimes they admit their attraction and sometimes they reject each other. Mix into it Blake who makes Katy wonder if she could be with a 'normal' guy and there's a lot more tension. The annoying thing is that Katy also starts to get frustratingly stubborn. She ignores her intuition, keeps things from her friends and seems to argue just for the sake of arguing...sigh. However, in the background we get a better inclination that the Arum aren't the only 'bad guys' in town.

So now we're up to speed, in Opal Katy and Daemon are more a pair than they've ever been before, although that doesn't mean they don't still bicker, there's lots of heated 'debate'. Their relationship though is much sweeter now, with each reassuring the other more often now, rather than letting mutual insecurity get the better of them.

The characters start to show different aspects of their personalities here, with Daemon showing more consideration and Katy's powers are growing. She's also less frustrating in her actions. Katy's relationship with Daemon may be improving, but her friendship with Dee took more than a knock and here we get to read about how each girl is affected.

I don't want to ruin the plot so I'll just be vague and say that Katy and Daemon go on a rescue mission. In order to break into a secret facility they have to work with questionable characters, and the question isn't really whether they'll be singed along the way, the real question is who's going to be doing the flame-throwing - metaphorically - and just how deep will the burn go.

Overall: A mix of sci-fi, rom-com and action-adventure means that Opal like the first two books is a page-turner.

Favourite quote: "You really shouldn't trust a soul in this game. Not when everyone has something to gain or lose."
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on 24 December 2012
Visit my blog:[...]

Sigh. Guys, I decided not to do one of my 'normal' reviews and instead do a '20 reasons why' thingy. I just LOVE this book so much, I can't even write a proper review.

So here's 20 reasons why you should read OPAL: (not that you need a reason :P)

1. I'm gonna say this again and again and AGAIN. Jennifer L. Armentrout is one hell of a writer. There's no secret that she's my all time favourite author ever (well duh. Have you read my 2012 End of Year Book Survey and noticed how half of the answers were of JLA and Opal? Yep.) and God knows how she does it but every book of hers just keeps on getting better and better. Her awesome, addicting and tight writing is just WOW. If we're like this with OPAL, we're all going to be mindblown by the time this series ends.

2. The plot and story was action-packed, fast paced and holy god INTENSE. It was definitely more complex and we're thrown in immediately. And it's not just that, there's a lot of humour and funny moments thrown in there. So everyone's happy. :)

3. The characters are what make this LUX series one of my ultimate top series ever. I was dying to get back into their world and be with them again! I wanted to kiss some of them, hug some, slap some *coughAshcough* but overall, they provided the most entertaining and memorable cast I've ever read about.

4. KATY AND DAEMON. I can never ever ever get tired of reading about them. They're definitely my favourite YA couple and I could continue reading about them always. Their relationship goes through many stuff, but their love for each other always had me grinning like an idiot :)

5. DAEMON. Our favourite alien bad boy is back. And OMG. Isn't he the swooniest? If you didn't think so, after OPAL you most definitely will. We get to see many different sides to Daemon. Even more so than in ONYX. We get to see him vulnerable, protective, jealous (always my fave!), romantic, sweet and everything. He made me swoon 99%, but that doesn't mean he's not jerky or sarcastic anymore, because he still is. God, I want my own Daemon. Too bad my neighbour is 80 years old. Too badddd.

6. I just continue to love Katy more throughout this series. First, she's a book blogger. Then she's dating a hot alien. There's more, but that's all you need to know.

7. Dee! If you've read ONYX (well, you have read it, right??), then you must know that Dee won't be the same ever again. She's not the same Dee in OBSIDIAN or ONYX, but I appreciate how her character changes and continue to grow throughout this series. I admit, at the start of OPAL, I had very mixed feelings about her, but in the end I adored her again. There was this one scene when she was so kickass and I was like `You go, girl!'

8. Dawson! I feel so much for him! He was so sweet and charming and nice before, but obviously after the events that happened, he's not and won't ever be the same. I grew to love him, but not as much as Daemon :)

9. There's a certain character that needs their ass kicked. Preferably by Daemon. That should be enough to make you want to read it. :)

10. There's a LOT of sexy, steamy scenes. Nuff said.

11. There's a lot of lines that I loved. Here's one of my favourites:
"Maybe because I never wanted Ash, and I wanted you from the first moment I saw you - and before you start, I know I had a bad way of showing it, but you know I wanted you. Only you."

12. And:
"You've got to understand that you are who I want. Not Ash. Not anyone else." Yes. So Ash, get the message, yeah?
13. I stayed up until 2am for this. It got delivered on my Kindle at about 12am and I just HAD to read a few chapters. Then woke up (on a Tuesday) to continue and after school, I practically raced home to finish this until the night. You should know I don't do that to any other book. SPECIAL.

14. This book made me cry twice. That's good, right?

15. There's a prom scene! And a date scene! And a club scene! *swooon*

16. Umm. Have you seen the cover? His face. His eyes. His hair. His HANDS. Dear god, his hands. (Yeah, I kinda have a thing for hands.)

17. You'll find out if Daemon says the four letter word. Or not.

18. The ending. *CRIES* Dear god, the ending. It's just...*cries some more* Completely torn me apart. It was tense, heartbreaking and suspenseful. Hell, I didn't think I was evenbreathing. My head hurts. My heart still hurts after days of finishing it. You guys know I'm not an emotional person, I rarely cry with books, but THIS. I finished OPAL late in the night, and that scene had me bawling and crying into my damn pillows.

19. There's a cliffhanger at the end of OPAL. But trust me, it's all worth it. And even though I want to knock down Jennifer's door and demand her to give me ORIGIN right now, I still loved it. I really couldn't see the book ending other than what she has given us. J

20. Umm. Let's see. What else should I say to persuade you to read OPAL? Well, other than the fact that it's my Top Book of 2012? ;)

AND THAT'S IT. SIGH. I really wanna go talk to someone about this book. Have YOU read it?
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on 6 January 2017
I'm really getting into these books.
They are different for me. I'd never read Alien books before thinking I wouldn't like them.
But I was wrong. This series is good I'm so team Deamon. I love his cocky attitude and his devotion to Katy his kitten as he calls her.
I'm excited to read the next book.
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on 7 March 2014
What a cliffhanger! I can't believe it. I admit the story went so slowly throughout certain parts but then the ending made up for it and left me gasping with horror and wanting to find out what happened next, so it was devastating to turn the page and realise that was it, and I would have to go get the next book. I sort of knew what would happen in the ending, I had an idea about it which was proved right, but Armentrout took the story even further than even my idea on it which was what shocked me. So if like me you find the book going a bit slow, stick it out and keep reading, it will be worth it.
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on 5 January 2013
I genuinely have never cried so much at a book. That's it. Its done. It's over. I never expected such a beautiful and heart wrenching ending. Because it was truly, deeply and irrevocably beautiful. It depicted a true love, one so real that it made you feel a part of everything. In some ways, I'm glad it ended the way it did, because Luc was right: You can't trust anyone, when everyone has something to gain and something to loose.
It showed the honour and courage in a person. The longing and wanting to be able to trust someone no matter what. The deep urge that compiles you to keep faith, when deep down you know everything is on the line. This book shows that sometimes, you can gain from that raw emotion, but other times, you loose everything you have and everything you wish for. And when you find that one person (or alien as it may be in this case), it depicts such a love and understanding, that shows no matter how annoyed you get, you'd give everything to save them, because they ARE your everything. It shows the jealousy that is underneath everything, the protective streak that runs through your veins even though your at a bliss with everything you have. This novel shows that you can't always be entirely happy, too many things get in the way of that, but sometimes, love is enough to keep you hanging on.
But most importantly, Opal tells the story of a real pain that comes from never quite getting your happy ending.
Because no matter how alien you may feel, you're still only human.
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on 19 November 2016
As much as I enjoy this series, it's not one I seem to enjoy reading back to back. I got a little bored with some of the same stuff happening in this as the last. That being said the ending has me very intrigued as to what is going to happen next but I dont currently own books 4 and 5.
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on 14 January 2013
I don't normally leave comments for books but I needed to with this series. It has had me hooked since reading Obsidian. I have read all 4 books now and I am missing my Daemon and Katy fix already and I only finished Opal an hour ago :(

I would recommend anyone to read these books as they are so easy to read and funny too. I did laugh at Daemon's one liners and his huge ego was very endering lol

Normally in these types of books I never warm to the female lead but I have to say I wish I had a Katy in my life. Jennifer has written her so well you would like her to be your friend except when she get's mad and blows your windows out.

I can't wait till Origin is released now. The only thing is that with the ending of this book being sad I am now thinking the next book may be very serious and not as lighthearted as the rest but I could be wrong. I hope so because I love Daemon's playful side so here is hoping that will return in the next chapter!!
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on 3 January 2013
I thought this book was far better than the previous one in the series. I liked Katy in this, i always love Daemon :) And even the other characters seemed better in this book. There were the moments in the book where i started crying, which alarmed the people i was near to, and i laughed, sighed, and another at the end when i could have punched someone.
At the end of the book i was crying, there are cliff hangers then there's this type of ending when it takes a few hours to process and then you have to read it again and again.
Overall i thought this book was much better, and i can't wait for the next book to be released :)
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on 3 December 2015
Oh dear, they've succeeded in separating Katy and Daemon, just when things were getting good. Off the charts sexual chemistry, love these guys so much, just need to get to the next book, I'm not happy with the end of this, didn't go how I'd planned. Excellent story and writing as with the previous books.
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