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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

on 16 July 2013
I did enjoy this book but it wasn't by any means perfect. Someone whose reviews I follow on GoodReads said that this book was pretty much like the author had decided to re-write Twilight. The thing is, some parts were too familiar: a new girl in a small town, inexplicable group of people that are ostracised by 'normal' people, hot/cold male lead, and the girl always seeming to find herself in perilous situations that could have easily been avoided or foreseen.

What carries this book for me is the dialogue. It's snappy and sharp. And whilst I didn't always like Daemon, the chemistry between him and Katy is brilliant. And I loved his sister, Dee, too. And I liked Katy's other friends, even if there wasn't much development of them.

What I also like is that Katy is essentially one of us. A blogger. An avid reader. And she is relatable and in that respect, likeable.

This was a fun read and I'm already onto the next.
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This isn't a bad book. Just isn't for me. I wasn't a fan of Twilight and this is very much Twilight fan-fiction, but with massive plot holes.


1. Insta-Lust: I loath insta-lust. It's just not my thing, particularly when the hero treats the heroine badly but she still swoons over him. Have some SELF-RESPECT.

2. OTT swooning, angst, whinging and wobbles. The heroine is either crying over the hero (like seriously grow a spine woman) or is swooning over him. I hate that. Why can't we have strong heroines? Even her occasional backchat is ruined by her constant need for his approval. She whines about "why do you hate me so much?" - WHY DO YOU CARE?! HE'S A T0SS-POT - MOVE ON!!!

3. Way too Twilight-y

4. Plot holes galore.

(a) if you're trying to keep a low-profile surely you'd have average looks? Why do these Lux people choose good-looks? Also why not drive and behave with more discretion if your hoping to "fit in"?

(b) considering how obvious the Lux are with their powers, surely their opponents can easily find them without needing humans with the "Lux trace" stamped on them? They just have to monitor all the Men in Black wandering around the location. Duh

(c) if Lux people are Light, then their energy source would be light i.e. why eat junk food? Like plants they'd need light and water.

(d) again if Lux are made of light, and look like light then how can they be attracted to humans? It's like us being attracted to non-humans. The science is whacked.

If anyone knows even a tiny bit about Physics would notice it. It's a shame we don't have more female teens in sciences - but if they're into this stuff then not surprised.



1. heroine's background story relating to her dad. That was so sweet. And how her mum still loves him. Beautiful.

2. heroines curvy looks.

3. Hero's hostile reacting to heroine was hot (it's a shame she constantly drooled over him), otherwise it would have been perfect chemistry.

Altogether not a bad book but I DNF'd it as I was struggling to read around 65%. It just lost my interest.
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I was hooked right from the word go. With a quick paced intriguing story line, gorgeously exasperating aliens and a heavy dose of sarcasm that had me laughing out-loud, only to then re-read the passage again; I incredibly enjoyed Obsidian and finished it in less than a day!

The main character Kat, is a young teenager who keeps to herself but who is most certainly not afraid to fight back if provoked, and no amount of drop-dead-gorgeousness will save you from her blunt and to the point opinion!

Daemon is not that different. But when you add to the equation his unworldly good-looks and the "I don't give two jots about anything" attitude, he'll exasperate even you! Only to then win you right back the next moment with a winning smile and something beneath all the alien machoness, that you can't quite put your finger on.

When these two meet Jennifer L. Armentrout brilliantly describes the chemistry/irritation between them making it almost palpable! One of the reasons I couldn't put it down was because I honestly wanted to know if they were going to gauge each other's eyes out, agree to disagree or allow the spark to grow into something. As the story develops, so does the interaction and the intricacy of the relationship. Whilst initially they clearly get on each other's last nerve, events force realisations upon them, opening new perspectives and insights.

I found Obsidian to have a very good balance of sarcasm, action and romance with a steady extraterrestrial background theme. I admit that I guessed some of the twists and turns this story took, but some really took me by surprise!
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it. I would say that I'm looking forward to the sequel (Shadows) but I have already devoured it :p (a review of the sequel is to follow soon). So I will say that I am absolutely itching to read Onyx to find out how this thickening plot that Jennifer L. Armentrout has woven proceeds!
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on 24 September 2017
Honestly one of my favourite book series ever! If you are a mortal instruments fan then you will definately love this. I had previously read it in the library but I love it so much that I had to get the entire series! Really really really good, theres character development, a good plot and some brilliant characters, making it amazing! As far as the copy I bought, it came in good time, I bought a used one and it was in good condition, a little marked on the cover but good quality none the less. Recommend highly.
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on 8 November 2015
This is my review for the whole series. It's obviously aimed at young adults but it would appeal to anyone who likes paranormal romances. The storyline moves quickly and I loved the two main characters,Katy and Daemon. Essentially it's about an alien race that's lived among us for thousands of years, and Katy stumbles across the secret when she falls in love with one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole series.
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on 12 January 2017
A fabulously different read. I particularly loved the tension between Katy and Daemon, it held my attention throughout the whole book. I'm looking forward to the next instalment!
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on 15 February 2014
Really, really, really liked this.

First young adult alien romance I've read but I have to say that if all aliens look like Daemon then bring them on! He might have come across as an a**e sometimes but he had a reason for it and in the end it didn't matter anyway.

Great story, cant wait to read more of the series!
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OOHHHHHH WOW.... is all i can say, just WOW,

Love Jennifer L Armentrout's books so much, "The Lux Series" is my favourite

I have now ready the whole sereis and can say it is BRILLIANT!!!!! if you haven't already Read it.......
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on 3 March 2017
Intense read....Jennifer had me on there of my seat throughout the whole book. What could possibly happen next...can't wait to get stuck into book 2!
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on 29 April 2017
Very nice book, different from others supernatural novels for young readers.
Very enthusiastic readying. Can't put it down.
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