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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 February 2012
I found 'existence' interesting and easy to read, the blurb was great and made me think this sounds like something new. I loved the whole idea that he is death and the fact that we know but Pagan doesn't.
However, there are a few things that annoyed me about this book though with the first being the strange names, the author was trying to be original I know and maybe they aren't strange in America but the word Dank just reminds me of mould. Another thing is how fast everything moved, this does add to the excitement and suspense but Pagan meets Dank for five minutes, falls in love with him and already it's all 'let's die for each other'. Their love just feels a little bit unexplored for me and in the end a bit Bella and Edward from Twilight. By the end of the book I don't feel like I really know much about the other characters. Pagan, on the other hand is well drawn out, there are times I want to shake her and other times I feel sorry for her.
There's the odd bit of cheesiness (I'm sorry but songs in books just aren't my thing, so that's more personal rather than a criticism) but honestly I really did enjoy this book. I think it's a promising start, there seems to be room for a sequel which I probably will buy. So anyone who's on the fence about getting 'Existence' I definitely say give it a try, it's also a great price on kindle! :)
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on 19 November 2012
So, let me begin by confessing that I am not a storyline snob; I enjoy a nice bit of cheese just like the best of them, but flavourless cheese that could be compared to eating a piece of rubber is just not the way forward... I'll leave my cheese simile behind. The characters lacked any real depth, very difficult to relate to any of them on any level. The book in my opinion is poorly written and in such a competitive market I can assure you that you will find a more engaging read.

I did read to the end and fair play to the author there is a little hook at the end to encourage the purchase of the second book, not enough for me I'm afraid.
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on 14 December 2011
Ok, I just stayed up until 2am to read this book. I loved it. It was a beautiful love story between 2 characters who should not be together. It was full of twists and turns with a big cliffhanger which was only revealed in the last few words. I love the character "dank" and can't wait to read the sequel. This is the first book I have read by this author but have just downloaded her other books, and can't wait to read them!
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Gosh i loved this book, what a touching heart felt read...

I Loved this book from the first page, I connected with it straight away, loved the characters, Dank is just wow.! And is definitely at the top of my list of book boyfriends.

Pagan i thought was lovely, and i fully understood her, some may say she is winey and over reacting to a broken heart, but for me she has seen souls all her life, but then Dank ( whom she assumes is a soul to begin with ) arrives in her life, he is the first one who has spoken to her, but to top it all off he is beautiful and he is Death. He interacts with her on a special intimate level, i loved the parts where she would be kissing leif and she would hear that low rumble growl... or when she would be doing something or saying something silly she would hear that low chuckle........ I found the singing to her at night so touching.

The connection between them was lovely. The ending was so emotional, ( you will need tissues.! ) AND I MUST SAY WHAT A CLIFF HANGER.

For me it was a wonderful read I fully recommend Existence, it's a fast paced page turner, full of forbidden romance, Love, sacrifice and sexy hot Death.!

I am flying on to book 2 Predestined ( Existence book 2 ) desperately seeking what Leif is, if he isn't human.!!
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on 30 April 2013
OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME? I ran with this book trying to be forgiving, I kept telling myself not to be so spiteful and hateful toward it as I believed this was self published. I mean... if grammar was a living, breathing person, I'm pretty sure he would go and jump off a cliff after reading this.

But really??? Someone read this and decided to publish it? I'm pretty sure the family cat could have done a better job at editing. For example... is it really necessary to say three times in a paragraph how someone's eyes made her feel? There was just SO much waffle.

Don't even get me started on the characters names.... Pagan, Leif & DANK????? What kind of names are those? It doesn't say mysterious, sexy, intriguing or death ... it makes him sounds like a problem you'd have at home with leaky pipes. "Honey, the pipes have burst, we have Dank in the basement again."

So lets start on Pagan.... She's a moany, whiney, selfish waste of space. Through pretty much this whole book she's seeing this guy called Leif, star quarterback and really good boyfriend, sweet, kind & thoughtful. Pagan decides she doesn't love him and she only has eyes for Dank. However she decides to string him along for the whole story. She uses him to make herself feel better and the poor guy doesn't have a clue. This is the same girl who actually has the gall to call another girl `Kendra' the school ****? Pfft. At least she's honest instead of trying to pretend she's a timid, good little girl.

I was genuinely going to rate this as a 1* ...I have only rated this as 2* due to the last 2 chapters. Its just a shame Pagan didn't actually die and end of this selfish farce.
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on 15 November 2015
Pagan can see lost souls. She ignores them, they don't speak, all is good. Until one day an extremely sexy soul talks to her. Dank. Dank is no ordinary soul though, something that Pagan soon learns, and this is no ordinary love story. Gosh, how I love Dank. Love the writing. Love the story. Just. Love.
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on 28 July 2013
I must admit that I only purchased this book because of the hotty on the front. It is the same guy from the Lux novels and I instantly was drawn to the cover. After reading the description I decided to go ahead and give it a read. I am glad that I did. Existence is a good read. I must say that I am disappointed with the length of the book but that is just because I like having a book that is more than 200 pages. But this probably would have made the story drag and boring so I am not complaining too much.

The story itself is great. The idea of death himself roaming the Earth as a hot guy is both frightening and enticing in my opinion. The relationship between Pagan and Dank (An unusual name in my opinion but I came to like it after a few pages) is an entertaining yet dangerous (for Pagan) one.

The twist at the end really surprised me and made me want to read the story again. To try and see if there were any clues. I couldn't find any even though I knew what happened in the end. I really want to buy the second book is there is one!
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on 10 September 2015
After reading the reviews of this book I wasn't sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed it. It was easy to read and had a few surprises along the way but be warned, it ends on a cliffhanger that had me immediately downloaded book 2 so I could carry on with the story.
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on 8 January 2013
What a brilliant story I was hooked from the beginning I loved the characters the story & wow what a cliff hanger. I loved this book so much I stayed up until 2am in the morning to read it & because of the best cliff hanger I have ever read I had to get out of bed & buy the next book straight away I couldn't wait & all this on a work night I was so tired the next morning but so worth it. I love the vampire/paranormal genre but it has been so long since I found a book as good as Twilight & Vampire Academy I enjoyed this book just as much, its been a long time since I've read a decent paranormal book. So happy that kindle has introduced me to this amazing author & thank you to the author for sharing your story. : ) x
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on 4 March 2013
This is quite honestly the worst book I have ever read. I understand that the story is about a teenager, but it doesn't have to feel like it's written by one. There is some wonderful teenage fiction out there, which can be enjoyed by adults and teens alike (Patrick Ness springs to mind), but this is just awful. There is no depth to the storyline, and the main character falls in love with a "spirit", who is basically stalking her, in the space of about 2 days - very Twilight, not normal. Equally, the main male character is called Dank. Dank! As in, this prison cell is cold, dank and dark. Not the name of a romantic interest. I wouldn't recommend this even if it was free (which it was on iTunes). Seriously, read something else.
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