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on 18 September 2016
Great game and interesting mechanics with it's own specialised dice. I played this through with my friends at the pub and we had a great time with it. It's well laid out and explained very easily. It comes with a bag of dice - which are just about numerous enough but you will probably want to buy another bag if you enjoy the beginners game and move onto the core game. The dice mechanics whilst at first are daunting are much easier than they seem and are explained with ease in the book. It also comes with tokens that whilst made for the events of this pack could be used for other game as well - especially the Storm Troopers and Tie Fighters. The map it comes with is good quality and also helps new players visualise everything much easier

If you enjoy Star Wars, and RPG's then this should be a must buy.
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on 6 February 2016
I love it because it's Star wars, BUT it is an entry level game to role playing, as such it is for beginners. I did find it extremely helpful as although it uses various types of dice that have strange symbols on to help you create the feel of the movies and there are clear explanations of what the symbols mean and how to use them.

My main gripe is that there are no rules for creating characters, fortunately it's amazing what you can find on the internet and I was able to customise the pre-generated characters before play.

Also as Edge of Empire core rulebook is currently out of stock I had to purchase the Age of Rebellion core Rulebook, which does not include Smugglers, Explorers and Bounty Hunters, lets hope they keep the information on the internet.
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on 29 June 2017
Excellent starter box for Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.
This specifically is for the Edge of the Empire book which is the 1st part of the Star Wars RPG series.
Comes with Star Wars Dice (this makes it worth it for the price). Includes a mini campaign, pre-generated characters, some rules, maps and tokens.
If you get this for 15-20 pounds it's worth every penny.
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on 29 May 2017
Arrived on time, but box was a bit damaged (just a few dented conners) Conscience of box was undamaged. As for the game itself I might update once I have a game.
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on 23 January 2013
In August of 2012 the Beta softback book of the new Star Wars roleplaying game `Edge of the Empire' was released to give excited fans a chance to preview, and be involved with the development of, the rules of the game. Four months on and they have released the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game, a boxset designed to not only introduce gamers to the system but new gamers to the hobby.


The box is a simple flip-top container with rulebooks, help sheets, character folios and a counter sheet. There's also a packet of fourteen custom six-, eight- and twelve-sided dice.

Upon opening the box the first thing is a four page pamphlet saying `read this first' in large letters. The sheet details the what a roleplaying game is, including a two-page script-style example, an example of how to use the maps and tokens and then finishing with the scroll up for the adventure book, `Escape from Mos Shuuta'. As with every book and pamphlet in the box the pages are glossy in full-colour, with excellent artwork. As ever, Fantasy Flight Games have outdone themselves with the presentation.

Moving on to the Adventure Book, marked with `read this second', the adventure `Escape from Mos Shuuta' begins after a brief introduction that has more information on roleplaying, the contents of the box and how to use the book in play. The entire book is the introductory adventure that acts as both a walkthrough of how a roleplaying game works and how the rules work. It takes the group through the adventure step by step, explaining how to use the different aspects of the adventure in play. There's the general text that talks you through the adventure, coloured text to read to the players, more that explains the rules and then sidebar notes for extra information and advice. The adventure is split up into six encounters in the settlement of Mos Shuuta on the world of Tatooine, where they'll fall foul of Teemo the Hutt; straight away we're on a world that no doubt everyone knows and is familiar with, so setting the scene isn't too hard. Each encounter takes the players and the GM through plenty of incidents that will need each of the rules in the book, making sue that everything is covered so that the group has been given a good runthrough of the game system. The starship combat encounter at the end rounds out the adventure and by the end the group should be well versed ion the rules and how they work. There's a handy reference sheet on the back, too.

After this there's a single sheet to read called `The Long Arm of the Hutt', which acts as a sequel to the introductory adventure and is available as a free download from the Fantasy Flight Games website. On this sheet there's also an advertisement for the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook, a 400-page hardback book out in Spring 2013.

Next you've got the rulebook which goes into detail about the rules including more information on the game engine and how to interpret the dice rolls and advancing your character. There's section for expanding combat, skills and talents, followed by equipment, starships and vehicles and a very modest adversaries section.

Then you have four eight page character folios; Oskara, a twi'lek bounty hunter. Pash, a human smuggler. 41-VEX, a `droid colonist. Lowhhrick, a wookie hired gun. Each booklet has duplicated stats with the initial character and the character that can be used in further adventures, another sheet for use and a talent tree. At the back there's a brief character bio. These four characters are the only player characters in the box as there is no character creation system in here. More on that later.

The large poster-sized maps are next, with one side the adventure's YT-1300 freighter in a landing bay, and the other of a cantina, the spaceport control and a map of Mos Shuuta. These are designed to be used with the bag of counters that finish the boxset, coloured markers of friends, foes, monsters and starships.

All in all there's a decent amount of stuff in this box.


I'm not even going to bother to go over the quality of the product. The card of the box is little on the thin side but that's my only gripe; the presentation is excellent and everything is clear and concise.

As an introductory game this is a good product, both for existing and new-to-the-hobby gamers; everything you'll need is in here to be able to run a roleplaying session, and the adventure guides you through the game system piece by piece, explaining rules, offering advice and supplying options and hints. The character folios give you all you need to play a character and the rules are marked out clearly on the sheets for GMs and players alike. The first gaming session is an all-in experience as the entire group learns the game, so the GM isn't swamped with pressure. This also means less prep time; if the group is willing to invest a chunk of time in learning the game together they can quickly move onto further adventures. There are other adventures that the characters can have, with a downloadable adventure from the Fantasy Flight Games website, and there are plenty of adventure seeds included to continue the game; you'll certainly get quite a few games worth out of this as the system allows for the characters in the game to advance as they experience the galaxy. This is, of course, a jumping-off point into the full Edge of the Empire game.

My major problem with the boxset is that there are no rules for creating your own characters. The four characters supplied with the game are good and cover the basics of a mixed gaming group but after a while the players will no doubt want to play with something else, and create their own personalities. You can use new characters created from the main rulebook, including the Beta book, but there seems to be very little point. If the box had even included the basics of character creation, or a way to modify the pregenerated characters to suit a players preferences, then that would have added plenty of options immediately and extended the gameplay of the box. There's nothing stopping gamers from adjusting the characters and their backgrounds, but having those very options or the character creation rules to hand would have been a bonus.

The Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game is a very good introduction to the roleplaying hobby and Fantasy Flight Games' newest RPG. It explains the rules clearly and, for old-school gamers like myself who like their dice numbered, it really helps with interpreting the symbols and their meaning. It also captures the feel and adventure of the Star wars universe really well, so even though I do feel as if the character creation rules should have been included to expand a gaming group's options, I have no problem recommending this to new and experienced gamers alike.
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on 28 March 2013
Picked this up because I was semi interested in the Warhammer fantasy box, and the future release of Edge of a Empire, but was not fully convinced over the dice aspect of the game. The Warhammer box is a very high buy in price for something that may or may not pan out as something I'd enjoy.

So I grabbed this, as the cost made it a viable test product, with the bonus I can keep the dice when EotE launches as a book later this year, so will effectively save back some of the cost of this product as I will not need any dice.

Rules wise, I won't go into too much detail, but I was impressed, enough that I will probably be picking up Warhammer at some point and I will definitely be getting EotE on release.
Although not your typical roll playing set up due to the unique dice style, it works well, and will work well hand in hand with the actual role playing when the game gets going. Although I'll admit its not one hundred percent neccesary, the good luck and bad luck situations that can come up based on the roll can add a surprise element to the DM/ST/GM running the game, giving you something else to keep you on your toes and inspire the story.

The characters are standard created fare, and as someone who is not a fan of created characters I skipped over them, and just nabbed the stats to make up a stand in of my own. I also ignored the mission, just using the rules as given to run my own short game, but thats a general flaw of mine, and not the games. To many others I am sure it would be a fine little intro game, and from my flick over it seems to do a goood job of introducing the concepts of the new fragment of the Star Wars universe we will be playing in come release.

Obviously without the full book its hard to fully gauge exactly how good the final EotE product will be, but there are promising glimers of light in this pack, and I am hopeful it will be a fun game, unique dice design and all.

Okay on saying that, its not going to replace traditional dice based RPGs anytime soon, but its a fun alternative and certainly worth a groups gaming time. The fact its Star Wars is obviously going to be a boon to any fan, and from what I've seen. This will be more fun than the D20 version of the Star Wars RPG, maybe not beating West End's version, but that is like gold dust these days, so this will be a good compromise.

Basically I'd certainly recommend it to fellow RPG fans, and in particular those with groups who want a 'chill out' game to accompany a more serious mainstay game when the GM or players fancy a break/time out. To any Star Wars fans who do not have the good fortune to own the West end version, this is looking like the best version in a long while, and I am really interested in seeing where FFG take it.
They have done amazing things with the 40K lore and universe for its RPG, I am hoping for some of the same for Star Wars.
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on 9 February 2015
A good starting place for people wanting to try roleplaying games for the first time, but severely lacking as part of an ongoing adventuring toolset. I'd recommend this pack for people wanting to test their feet before plunging into the Star Wars roleplaying universe, for experienced gamers the kit is only really useful for the set of custom dice you get with it.
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on 26 April 2014
I'm pretty sure everyone knows the story for the original Star Wars movie, well, Edge of the Empire lets you play characters similar to Han, Luke and Leia at this period in galactic history. And what an iconic starting point, Tattooine.

The beginner box is one of the best I've seen for an RPG for a long time, with a "learn as you go" adventure for the GM accompanied by the beginners rulebook, but one of my favourite parts is the full colour pregenerated character folios. These have the information on characters designed to run with the adventure and extra pages showing how the characters expand as they adventure continues.

The dice may look a little daunting at first but the narrative style of play soon becomes intuative and great fun to play.

Having played this from the players side and enjoyed it immensely I was eager to get my own copy and begin taking more players on this fantastic journey.
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on 1 February 2017
An awesome introduction to the game, very easy to follow, it's explained simple enough a 5 year old could understand it (my group never having played a game like this before really benefited from this). awesome durable cardboard hero counters with a plethora of enemy counters to help visualize the story, along with detailed maps printed on very thick stock sturdy paper, with the exception of the box being on the flimsy side the quality of the this product is flawless. lastly It has a cool story line with plenty of room for improvisation if you wanna make it more your own. The only negative I would say is it comes a bit short on dice, you probably want to buy an extra pack of dice for a more smooth gameplay experience.
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on 14 October 2013
Being a Star Wars fan since I was little I thought I would buy this and surprise my husband. It's a brilliant game and is very helpful in setting the scene for newbie gamers or if you're just new to the system.
This is truly value for money despite the fact that the box fell apart. Nothing a little craft glue doesn't fix.
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