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Customer reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars

on 17 April 2012
This is the third expansion in the Mirkwood cycle in the lord of the rings lcg. I am not going to list the cards however the most interesting are

-Prince Imrahil New Leadership hero, has the ability to read once per turn when a character leaves play (good combos with sneak attack and disposable allies). 2 Will 3 Atk 2 Def 4 Hp

-Radagast A neutral ally, one of the Astari and known to be a friend to the animals of middle earth. Radagast has the ability to accumulate resources much like a hero which can then be spent exclusively on creature allies. He is a solid inclusion in an eagle deck. Costs 5 and it does take him 5 turns to pay that back however he can help in the late game to pay for expensive eagle cards. Alternatively he can use his resources to heal creatures.
2 Will 1 Atk 1 Def 3Hp

-Haldir of Lorien Lore Ally, A very solid ally for the Lore sphere Costs 4 but comes with Ranged and sentinel making him very solid in multiplayer games. 2 will 2 Atk 2 def 3hp

- Llandroval, Tactics ally. A cost of 5 eagle with the ability "After a hero is destroyed return Llandroval to its owners hand to put that hero back into play with 1 damage token". Solid ability and good stats but a high cost card and I have never managed to use that ability so far.
1 Will 3 Atk 1 Def 4 Hp

The scenario in this pack is excellent and focuses on assisting a wounded eagle (wilyador) while collecting Athelas plants from the encounter deck in order to heal him. He acts as an Ally card and takes 2 damage each turn (also treachery cards often target him) He has 20hp but this can drain away quickly so healing him is essential.

The quest is very thematic and a lot of fun. Possibly the best set in the mirkwood cycle.
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on 4 July 2016
Love this! Great new mechanic of a wounded ally who gets steadily worse as the game goes on, and you get punished for healing him. You have to find Athelas, just like you had to find clues in Hunt for Gollum, but there are mechanics to help you get to those cards quicker. One of the best of the first cycle in my opinion.
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on 18 January 2018
Good quality
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on 21 October 2017
Received the spanish version intead of the annouced english version.
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on 27 July 2017
Ordered eager to add it to my collection, but was disappointed when it arrived and wasn't in english even though it said it was in the description and the picture displayed was also in english.
review imagereview image
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on 12 March 2013
If you're playing the "Shadows of Mirkwood" series of adventure packs in order, "A Journey to Rhosgobel" is the third stage, coming after the brutal "Conflict at the Carrock". The story has our heroes encounter a wounded eagle, which needs taking to see Radagast at Rhosgobel, to be treated with the medicinal herb Athelas before it is too late.

The second adventure pack to feature an ally in the enemy deck, "A Journey to Rhosgobel" revolves around the eagle character Wilyador, who unlike Grimbeorn from "Conflict at the Carrock", joins the players immediately and swaps ownership each turn. With 20 hit points he certainly seems like a tough cookie, but he also weakens at the end of every round, a nice mechanic which puts pressure on the players and forces them to attempt to complete the quest quickly, rather than hanging back and building up their forces. There are relatively few new enemies in this set, but a handful of dangerous Treachery cards which can have devastating effects.

This scenario is definitely a breath of fresh air, with a very specific mission which thematically fits rather nicely. Nevertheless it is still a bit of a mixed bag. The most common complaint is that this mission is, moreso than normal, extremely dependent on the luck of the draw. Healing Wilyador essentially relies on finding Athelas cards mixed in the enemy deck. Whilst there are a few locations which can help, the proportion of these cards is still very small. I haven't played it solo, but I can imagine that only drawing one card from the deck would make it even more difficult. The scenario has a difficulty rating of 6, which puts it marginally easier than Dol Guldur and Conflict at the Carrok, but I would argue that the rating depends entirely on how the cards fall. A good shuffle, and you can find all the healing cards you need for Wilyador in the first few rounds: a bad shuffle, and he'll die long before you find a single one, and there's virtually nothing you can do about that.

In terms of the player cards, this set offers a fairly decent selection. The hero in this pack is Prince Imharil (Leadership), a character very similar to Aragon both in terms of stats and ability, and overall a useful alternative, if perhaps fairly bland. There's no song in this pack, rather a neutral ally, Radagast, who collects his own resources which can be spent on bringing creature allies into the game, or healing ones already there. If you've been playing these adventures in sequence, there are also a few more cards here which will make some of the earlier inclusions more useful, such as the two cards which allow you to look through the top X cards in your deck for an eagle or Rohan card from "The Hunt for Gollum" adventure pack.

Overall this is a decent expansion pack, which adds some useful cards to the player decks, and offers a unique adventure with some nice mechanics that add tension, and force the players to consider their moves carefully. Unfortunately, it's rather more luck-dependent than previous adventures, and could probably have had more playtesting and a little tweaking to hit the note. This is one of those adventures where players will find themselves honing a deck specifically to the case in hand, and may even then still fail because they cannot find an Athelas card, or too many Treachery cards appear in a bunch. If the luck of the draw is one of the things that put you off this Lord of the Rings card game, it might be worth skipping over this particular pack.
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