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on 14 February 2016
For me this book should have been a five star book, if only it wasn't for the end. I hate it when a book is part of a set amount of books, like a trilogy, and it ends on a cliff hanger! Its sooooo rude, frustrating, annoying and makes me stamp my feet in anger cause I just want to know what happens without having to wait for more!

Rant over.

The Hounds of Avalon carries on the theme of the end of the world is nigh and the only hope lies with the 5 brothers and sisters of dragons. This book carries on with all the suspense, drama, highs and lows that the first two books have made you come to expect. This book doesn't disappoint in that respects. Mark Chadbourn can certainly make you feel like the rest of your life will wait while you just read one more chapter, followed by another, and another until half the day as gone and you find that you haven't gotten out of bed yet!

The Five are all having to deal with their own personal demons and problems all the while stumbling toward a collision with the powers that causing all the problems for the entire world. The monsters are getting scarier, the hero's more wearier and the betrayals deeper. Some characters for the original 'Age of Misrule' trilogy make a welcome appearance.

Overall this book, and the entire series ticked almost all the boxes for me in terms of building an amazing world with characters that are believable and a story line that takes over my thoughts for the duration of the time that I am reading. But as you can guess the end was a problem for me. But I guess only in the fact I now need to read more books before I find out the ultimate end to the quest to save the world.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone that loves fantasy. But with the caution of having the next set of books ready to go at the end.
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VINE VOICEon 23 July 2009
This pacey and action packed fantasy novel is part of series (something that could be made clearer on its cover) set in a post modern Britain, where gods and monsters from Celtic myth menace the remnants of humanity.

The setting is definately strong enough to support a number of books and is an interesting backdrop for the story in this volume.

Characters are well established and generally sympathetic. The amorphous "non existence" the heroes team up to fight is a rather uninspiring villain , but many of the human cast members are scheming and self serving enough to be interesting opponents for the main characters.

The single sex scene, where a man is forced to make love to a beautiful woman to power up a magic spell is rather unfortunate.

Best episode for me features Staffordshire's National Trust stately pile of Shugborough Hall as a gateway to the Otherworld. Good fun.
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on 28 February 2011
This is his sixth book set in this version of our world, I have read the first four, but not the fifth, as yet - one of the characters from the fifth appears in this novel - and it seems her story is the fifth novel, but might not be that interesting.

Anyway, this was good, and more in the vein of the third novel of his `first' trilogy. However, the ending perhaps cheesily sets up yet another likely to be trilogy about what happened to Church from the first 3 novels, when he went back into the past. That was a bit annoying. Presumably that will hopefully end the whole thing back in the present time.
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on 1 July 2005
Chadbourn's previous novels were cover to cover tension, action, emotion and sensuously descriptive prose. I expected no less from this most recent installment.
"The Hounds of Avalon" seems almost a slow starter, with gentle character building and dialogue dominating the earlier chapters, but it's not long before the novel explodes into a colourful tapestry of storylines that suck you into the book, entranced and unable to put it down (I read it in a day, non-stop!)
The Third in the "Dark Ages" Trilogy, this book serves as the sequel that binds together the seemingly unrelated "The Devil in Green" and "Queen of Sinister", as well as the previous "Age of Misrule" trilogy, bringing the extended story to its climax and completion (or is it?)
Read it, but not until you have read the previous 5 books in Chadbourn's apocalyptic fairy tale.
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on 28 November 2006
In Hounds we finally get to see what the Government have been up to since the Fall. Just as the Church failed to deliver the goods in Devil in Green, the Government don't appear to be much cop here. In an attempt to "recruit" the help of one of the Brothers of Dragons they end up shooting one and leaving them for dead. Way to go! As if the Brothers and Sisters of Dragons don't have a hard enough job already. With dwindling numbers they set out to find the original Brothers and Sisters from The Age of Misrule series. Hounds of Avalon is a great adventure. I was happy to see the return of some of the old gang; their presence is sourly needed as they face an enemy more dangerous than any before.
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on 4 August 2006
I can't believe I've finally finished the Age of Misrule and Dark Ages series!

These are by far the best books I have read all year. They're well written, with a great plot; plenty of action; and characters you really care about. They truly are books you cannot put down. It took my four days to read the first three books, and 6 days to read the second three (only becuase I had to go to work).

The Queen of Sinister only gets 4 stars, simply due to the fact it's got a slightly slower pace than the others. All the others get 5 stars.

Mark is now one of only two authors that I will buy in hardback.
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on 2 September 2008
...as it leaves you wondering why on earth MC didn't finish the storyline. He leaves it up to the readers own imagination as to how the Brothers and Daughters of Dragons are going to overcome the Void.

Fortunately however MC is writing "Destroyer of Worlds" which will complete the trilogy! Yes, Mark Chadbourn wrote "The Dark Age" as a triology but requires four books to actually finish the series...go figure.

The Dark Age series is not too bad, but I much prefered the Age of Misrule.

Please note that Mark Chadbourn has also written 'Jack of Ravens' which reunites us with the original Brothers and Sisters of Dragons.
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